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Repeating Canvas and painting for seamless textures

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There already some good stuff in AP for making seamless textures but 2 additions would make it Great!

1) Have a toggle for repeating the canvas display, this way you could preview the tiling of your texture and check for seams and bad repeating patterns. (even a texture with perfect seams can look terrible tiled)

Texture with no seams:



Texture viewed with repeating canvas:


Yuck, horrible tiling!


2) Wrap all painting operations so painting over the edge of the canvas wraps round to the other side. (this would make creating tiling textures a breeze)

Tiling.JPG.845d9d9c2fa3db3ea4d0e5c7b9be99ab.JPG (You'd want to do this while using a repeating canvas)



Passive :)

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5 hours ago, Medical Officer Bones said:

Krita. Free option - copy your texture to Krita, turn on Wrap Around Mode (W), and use the clone brush. Infinite wrapping canvas.


Hi Medical Officer Bones,

I tried this and it seems to work very well. Thank you!


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