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Develop Persona vs Photo Persona (Affinity Photo)

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One of my biggest struggles with Affinity Photo, as well as with other photo editors, is to make a decision wether I should do the majority of my adjustments while developing the RAW file or later in the photo persona. For instance, right now I am working on an image which needs quite a bit sharpening (details), straightening, cropping, heavy exposure and withe balance work, and a gradient overlay to further adjust the sky. 

I could do all this in the develop persona. But I could also do all this in the photo persona with the benefit, that I can change my values for a specific adjustment whenever I want. I assume there must be a benefit of doing some adjustments in the development persona, but I don't see it. What am I missing?
I would like to know what kind of adjustment work you guys are doing in the development persona versus the photo persona for RAW files. Thanks!

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For me, my workflow is to first edit RAW files in the Develop persona as much as possible, getting the exposure, sharpening, noise reduction done there before transitioning to the Photo persona. Photo persona I usually do more of the fine-grained editing (removing small objects, filters, selective edits, etc). 



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