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Luminosity Masks

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The Luminosity Mask macros are actually Luminosity Selection macros. The selection itself is the end result. The macros were recorded in 3 steps:


1) On a given pixel layer, Blend Options are chosen to limit the opacity of the layer's pixels to a specific luminosity range. (For instance, the Lights 1 macro varies the opacity of the pixels from 0% to 100% such that the percentage of opacity is the same as the percentage of any pixel's luminosity. In effect, this is a straight line from lower left to upper right in the graph within the Blend Options panel.)

2) The "Selection from Layer" is a selectable menu item from the Select menu, and selects the visible pixels in the layer. In the case above, pixels are selected between 0% and 100% based on their visible opacity. Remember that at this point in the macro, the "visible opacity" of the pixels has been changed by Step 1.

3) The third step uses the Blend Options panel to return the opacity of the layer to normal, but does not change the selection.


The result of the macro is a selection based on luminosity. If you change the curve within the Blend Options panel (in Step 1) you can change the degree to which the Luminosity Selection favors Lights, Darks, Midtones, etc.

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Thank you SMADDELL.

But i do not understand how it works. And before reading all here (my english is not so well) i want to know, if i´m on the right path:

Is the non-selected area a little bit selected? It seems so. If use an eraser (100%hard)  booth will erased, but it seems that the selection will more erased than the non-selected area.

Is that the way it works?

OSX 10.13.4 / (just) Affinity Photo (always last official release)

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