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  1. Is there a reason for this? We have pen + touch? Seems like an obvious add on. Or, do we have to wait for Adobe to do it first?
  2. Sometimes I like to flip the screen when I'm retouching on my surface book 2. Are there plans to be able to switch Photo/Designer into tablet mode on PC?
  3. Hello! I'm a Capture One user. I've been exporting tiff files & doing heavy retouching in AP before rounding back to finish color edits/crops/batching in C1p. Then i saw this and I'm wondering if i should: a) switch to PSDs assuming they're "better" b) continue using tif files because they work just fine c) ask you guys why the 2 best Adobe competitors aren't working together on making this workflow C1p-AP-C1p using afphoto files I'm going to be honest. If Serif wastes development funds on pushing a Lightroom competitor into an overcrowded market (rather than a legit asset manager like bridge) I'll be pretty disappointed. I'm sure no one cares. Serif already has >$100 from me & I'll rush the queue to get at that publisher sweetness when it comes either way. But, real innovation & working with industry leaders (as serif has with x-rite) is what I'm looking for.
  4. This exactly... I use a Surface Pro 4 & plan to upgrade to a Book 2 soon. All of the touch + pen stuff from ipad applies to surface/2-in-1 users on windows.
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