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  1. Yes I have a Huion tablet. Will read the prior threads on this issue. Thanks.
  2. I have the same experience with this and the previous beta as well.
  3. picolo

    Luminosity Masks

    Thanks Smadell for these macros. Really useful. :)
  4. Hi Sean, I have had this problem since the first beta and have also experienced the magenta cast as well. I recall quite a few others have also highlighted this issue so it may not be peculiar to my pixel size. Anyway, thanks for looking into the problem, hope for a resolution soon.
  5. OK done. Yes it's only the original jpeg which seems to have this problem. When I resized it, saved, and tried it again on Viveza, the colours were back to normal, if that helps you understand the problem.
  6. Can you try and see if you can download here: http://i724.photobucket.com/albums/ww241/shuipeng/Vi%203%20ori_zpsr800cokt.jpg
  7. No the file is only 9.37MB. Tried both the basic and advanced uploader.
  8. I keep getting a Upload Skipped (Error500) message when I try to attach the photo file.
  9. I also have the same problem with Viveza. Seems to bleach the colours out. Files attached.