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  1. I was saddened when Aperture was discontinued as well... I would have loved for the Aperture IP to have made its way to the Pixelmator or Affinity teams. It would have been a great start to a killer and modern DAM/Developer. BUT that would have delayed the adoption of of Apple's own Photos
  2. At this stage it would be in Serif's best interest to forget the DAM (that ship has sailed) and make sure that AP works seamlessly with Capture 1 Pro, LR, On1, Luminar, Photo Mechanic etc... Of course for the most part photographers that use Adobe CC Photography will not use AP anyway as Photoshop is included with the subscription (the only way to combat that was to have a companion DAM)...
  3. There are only a handful of viable commercial DAMs Lightroom (Adobe just made a massive strategic error IMHO with Lightroom) $9.99/Month (includes photoshop) Capture One Pro $299 or $20/Month On1 Photo Raw $119 Luminar $69 There are others but they are not in the same class (as well as a number of apps)... I completely understand why serif decided to work on publisher instead of their DAM but Lightroom locks photographer into Photoshop, typically forgoing the use of Affinity Photos or Pixelmator. Photoshop is included with CC Photography for $9.99/month, both use camera raw and it is an easy roundtrip from LR to PS. The first DAM supplier that is able to read LR edits and reliably apply them will win... Unfortunately it won't be serif
  4. I completely agree that LR CC is indeed aimed at the "smartphone" photographer, but I suspect the data subscription model will be so lucrative that they try to shift everyone to that platform... Because there has been such a lack of alternatives the subscription model has been very successful. I suspect the 1st competitor that comes along that can import LR edits and has a stand alone poduct, will be wildly successful.
  5. The problem arises when you need to 10 or 15+ TB of data...
  6. LR CC requires that you store your files on Adobe's cloud (a significant cost for large amounts of data)... I for one will NEVER allow my IP to be stored anywhere but on media that I explicitly control...
  7. I think we are arguing on the same side... I think the challenge with Serif is that the number of developers is quite small and they are very aggressive on the feature set that they would like to deliver. They may have bitten off more than they can chew...
  8. The money is in hosting customers data... LR Classic CC will go the same way as LR perpetual licenses... Once LR CC has feature parity with LR Classic CC, LR Classic will be as dead as making buggy whips... IMHO...
  9. With the Adobe's announcement of Lightroom CC (and cloud only storage) and depreciation of Lightroom Classic CC is it time to strike with Affinity DAM while the iron is hot...
  10. If my memory serves correctly, LR6 will be the last stand alone version of LR
  11. Exactly, if one is locked in to LR then by default you are also locked in to PS... I really do like the affinity products, but for photographers they are incomplete without a DAM. I am going to have to re-up my CC Photography subscription and therefore over the next year or so will add many thousands of photos to LR. At some point switching becomes impossible Unless of course the DAM will import LR edits
  12. Yup, that would be my whole point, if Publisher is 2 to 3 years late, then how many years are we away from a DAM... My understanding is that the Affinity software engineering team is very lean... I wish the pixelmator boys had been able to acquire the rights to Apple's Aperture, then for us photographers many of the problems would be solved
  13. Unfortunately it is time for me to reup my CC Photography subscription, so that means tens of thousands of additional images over the next year locked into lightroom and photoshop. At this stage even if serif were to release their DAM it would be nearly impossible to switch (unless they import LR edits). PS. Announced in 2015, supposed to be in beta in 2016... It is late 2017 and all we are hearing is crickets... Sounds like the project was killed to me.

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