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  1. 2019 old for a Mac???? Hahahahahahaha Sorry but NO, a 2019 Mac is very serviceable and will run the Affinity applications just fine, he may have to update MacOS, but the hardware is no problem.
  2. Update: I left Capture One and went with Adobe so I installed both LR and PS. So other than needing to go back to a few images that I have edited in AP2 I have transitioned back to PS nearly entirely. I really hated to do that but there was just not a Serif solution
  3. The interesting part is Serif is nearly there with the develop module in Affinity Photo, by extracting that module and attaching a credible DAM to it they would have a great competitor to the other Raw Developers. Alternatively they could simply create an add on DAM for AP2. If I go with LR/PS then I will use PS not AP2 (which I have a license for) because of the Camera Raw integration between the two is much better than round tripping between AP2 and LR. Maybe Serif thinks the photography segment is too small to add a Raw Developer app and I respect that, but it drives some of us to other solutions.
  4. This is as good of a place to put this as any. I sent this to Serif outside of the message boards with regard to the current Capture One Pro licensing debacle. I am a retired engineer, strategist, marketer, investment banker, and now photographer/creative. I use Capture One and the full suite of Affinity products. As I am certain that you are aware Capture One was/is popular in part because they had a robust perpetual licensing model (plus a fantastic product). Many of the same reasons that Affinity apps are very popular. Capture One has made a move to force users into a defacto subscription model and ANGRY does not begin to explain the sentiment of the ~50% of users that are perpetual licensees. Opportunity The opportunity for Serif is for "Affinity Develop", an application that is a competitor to Lightroom, Capture One, DxO, etc. While not a trivial task to develop, the core is already done in Affinity Photo, simply strip out the develop module and wrap a DAM around it and you are ready to go. I would hope that Affinity Develop (as I like to call it) is in actuality fairly far along. Now would be a GREAT time to "leak" that news. Threat The threat is much more subtle, like many C1P users I am now looking at alternatives such as DxO, LR, Topaz Labs, RawTherapee, and Dark Table. If people bite the bullet and return to Adobe (I am an Adobe refugee from the subscription licensing model) then not only do they get Lightroom but also Photoshop and LR for iPad. Thereby deprecating Affinity Photo. I am trialing all of the app mentioned above and am leaning toward moving back to LR. It would be fantastic to have a complete Serif Affinity suite including "Affinity Develop". Roundtrips between it and Affinity Photo would be much more elegant than LR and PS and it would mimic (hopefully better) Adobe's camera raw. Here is some of the anger directed at CO. https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/7998068628637-Changes-to-the-way-licensing-updates-and-upgrades-work-FAQ Alternatively a simply a DAM created for AP would be sufficient. As primarily a photographer, if I chose to return to Adobe (their subscription is much more favorable than CO's) then PS will displace AP. I would rather be horsewhipped than return to a subscription model but CO is forcing our hands. So come on Serif, show us photographers some love!!! As an aside once the move is made to LR/PS that customer for AP is probably lost. The transition from C1P to LR will be painful and most won't want to make that kind of transition again anytime soon. I would drop C1P like a hot potato if there was an Affinity solution.
  5. I have the same question... I purchased AD and AP from MAS and Publisher from Serif. I also want to transition all of the licenses to Serif. I suppose worst case just delete the MAS apps and install those from Serif's store. I try not to purchase apps from MAS but direct from the publisher...
  6. Even if you are in the throws of coding version 2, you still have to fix the major issues in v 1.xx…
  7. But they are fulfilling a need that Serif refuses to acknowledge. As software development goes competing in that space would be a fairly trivial mattet…
  8. My suspicion is that decision has long since been abandoned... Like the DAM that was also promised in these threads.
  9. Thats is what I said, intra-revision updates are required to be free inter-revisions you can charge for but it also has to be a new release. In actuality Apple is trying to stem the flow of developers from leaving the MAS… So you need to read the thread before commenting, it has already been discussed that the Affinity apps should currently be at v3.x having been through two major paid upgrade cycles… They have not…
  10. The challenge with MAS is that Apple takes up to 30% off the top and all updates within a revision, i.e., 1.x, 2.x etc must be free... So to rev to 2.x Serif must in essence release a new AP product. (I suspect Serif is paying closer to 15%). Two of my Affinity apps came from MAS and one direct. If I were to update in the future, I would do them all direct... I stopped buying from the MAS some time ago, I prefer for the developer to get the revenue that Apple skims...
  11. 100% agree on the raw engine issue, there is a learning curve to move between raw developers. I posted a couple of years ago that if Serif would create, a credible highly integrated [with AP] C1/LR competitor with a built in DAM, I would switch immediately from C1. All because of the raw engine integration with AP. That did not and apparently will not happen. Adobe's photo plan is $US20/month which includes LR and PS (cheaper than C1's subscription). I have already repurchased the subscription and over the next year will transition completely back to adobe... Therefore I will not be do a perpetual license upgrade nor a subscription to Affinity apps, of course I am just one user and they could care less. But at least I am a data point... Edit: I hate to transition away from C1P, its raw developer is so much better than anyone else's, but I am doing it because of workflow... (Plus C1P is stupid expensive)
  12. C1 offers either a perpetual license or a subscription, your choice. I use the perpetual license but usually upgrade every other yearly cycle... I suspect each Affinity app will be ~$3.99 US per month and all three will be $9.99 ish per month...
  13. I can think of 4 right off the top of my head that would be good acquirers and a few that would be good targets. (But acquisitions are exceedingly hard to make work, with 80% outright failing). Regardless this is probably the path to survival. Serif does not have the bandwidth to complete the needed features to their existing products much less the capacity to add the needed products to their suite. I do understand their need to generate a consistent revenue stream, I suspect that they will quickly transition to a subscription model as well. As you so aptly pointed out the customer base is cheap and will not tolerate much of a subscription cost. Surely Serif knows that the Affinity apps should be at rev 3.x right now, having generated two major upgrade events. They also need to abandon MAS, but that is another discussion altogether. Not all of the customer base is $$$ oriented, when I left Adobe, LR was a hot mess and its future direction was in question (Adobe royally screwed up the strategy for LR and had to do a hard about face, once again that is for another discussion). I transitioned to C1P and loved the app, they then lost their way, but with the new leadership they are back stronger than ever. Neither Serif nor C1 have tight integration with the needed companion apps. Adobe does. I am happy to pay Adobe's subscription rate to have access to a credible solution. So a frugal customer base not willing to pay for ongoing feature and new app development does not bode well for a long-term stand alone company...
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