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  1. The short answer is no... Serif uses LibRaw as the core raw handler then wraps its own develop algorithms around that. AP is certainly not as good as LR, C1P, or DxO...
  2. That was the challenge (and still is) with Capture One Pro. Their catalog system is similar to Adobe's but it is unreliable. So, many of us (current and former C1P users) simply use sessions or have a large number of catalogs (both defeat the purpose of an image DAM)...
  3. I have been using NeoFinder as well. It keeps reasonable track of my 1.25 to 1.5 million graphic assets.
  4. You are right, as a photographer, Affinity is no longer for me, I switched back to Lightroom and Photoshop. I must have DAM functionality. If I were a working graphic designer I would have to have DAM functionality as well. Serif has created reasonable tools for the hobbyist, but few working pros would be able to use the tools. For the photographer it would be a near trivial task to create a lite version of AP with a DAM called Affinity Develop, but for all of the apps they desperately need a proper (better than Bridge) DAM. I presently use NeoFinder, at least all of my digital assets are catalogued. Edit 1: As an aside, when I went back to Photoshop, I was shocked at how far along the product had progressed, masking shocked me the most. Serif really needs to up their game... Edit 2: As a company Serif has "hung their hat" on creatives, and not providing a way to manages those assets in their apps is unconscionable. I have close to 1 million raw images, many thousands of edited keepers, many thousands of shooped images, and untold numbers of graphics elements from AD. How would you propose managing those assets without a proper DAM? I wish them well...
  5. Undoubtedly, Serif has spoken loudly by their actions. Of course it is also possible that they know they desperately need the app in their portfolio and simply do not have the capital to support its development and marketing. For me it was not a huge deal. I simply switched back to Adobe, both LR and PS. I no longer use Affinity Photo, Photoshop is so far ahead it is shocking. But I would still have purchased Affinity Develop had Serif chosen to create the app. The integration between Affinity apps is very compelling.
  6. Dude that is precisely what we are talking about Serif doing, ("create a photo management/storage/database/photo development app"). All we are asking for Affinity to add to AP or create Affinity Develop with the these features photo management/storage/database/photo development. The core of the app is done Affinity Photo, wrap a DAM around it and you are done.. I and the others are precisely on topic, I am not sure why you cannot comprehend that. Maybe you just want to argue inane points on the internet. This is the last response to you, I DON'T CARE ONE IOTA WHAT YOU THINK!!! You are now blocked
  7. There is the pedantic part again... Any raw developer, C1P, DxO, or Affinity Develop is a light room alternative. I am sorry the nuance of the discussion is hard for you to follow.
  8. Nope not at all, you are simply being pedantic and not listening to what people are asking for, I want Serif to complete the suite of apps (that 5 years ago they said they would do). I don't want a LR clone, I want develop module with a DAM, that conforms to Affinity standards, not Adobe's standards... In fact I am back to LR and PS. I will no longer use AP because it is not integrated with LR like PS is
  9. Unfortunately you don't understand the nature of a raw developer. Each app developer has their own proprietary raw development engine, Adobe uses Camera Raw, C1P and DxO roll their own as well, AP uses the open source LibRaw. Each of the engines develops the raw image differently (that is why C1P made such headway against Adobe, their raw developer engine was much better). The raw file is immaterial the magic is how you develop that file...
  10. That is not what is being discussed here, I understand that the Affinity apps have lesser features than do the Adobe app. I am ok with that, I simply want a photo developer that is similar to LR, C1P, DxO, etc that uses the same raw engine as AP... Then you have seamless integration among the various Affinity apps. Without that app it forces one to move to another solution.
  11. All ACDSee does is link to different editors, what we are talking about is tight integration between the image developer and the image manipulation apps, i.e., LR and PS both use camera raw and raw images are developed the same between both apps. That is not the case when, for example, round tripping between C1P and AP...
  12. You have missed the point in its entirety... 🤦‍♂️ Most of us are here because we didn't want to participate in a subscription model, most are very happy with Serif's Affinity perpetual model. A number of us left Adobe for Capture One because of the switch to subscription only, then Capture One made the switch to a de facto subscription model. If we as photographers return to Adobe then we get Lightroom and Photoshop so that leaves Affinity on the outside looking in. It is a much more elegant roundtrip between LR and PS than between LR and AP or C1P and AP/PS. The raw developers among LR, C1P and AP are massively different. The reason we as photographers are so hard over on an Affinity Lightroom replacement is because the raw engine would be the same and moving between Affinity Photo and Affinity Develop would be seamless. For me it not about the cost, but being able to provide the best content. Edit: So what I did is ditched Capture One Pro, because of the switch to de facto subscription (you can still buy a perpetual license but it is a point release only), for the Adobe Photography package that includes among other things: Lightroom Classic Lightroom CC Lightroom Mobile Photoshop Mobile 1TB Storage Some other goodies Now Affinity Photo sits unused, camera raw is the raw developer shared between LR/PS, roundtrips are seamless and OMG, the power of PS is mind boggling, the masking tools of LR and PS are nothing short of amazing. Photoshop is lightyears ahead of Affinity Photo. Would I purchase Affinity Develop if they were to offer it? Of course, I would love to try it, but it looks like I am back with Adobe for the foreseeable future.
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