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  1. I stand my ground on Apple ... I never upgrade before x.3 and probably won't do big sur until I have to get a new Mac with Mx silicon... MAS = Mac App Store
  2. Why I buy direct when I can... and I will not purchase through an affiliate program PERIOD!!!
  3. Based on Serif's release history and need to add some parity features I suspect it will be Q3/Q4 2021. I doubt it will be much later than that unless 1.9.x releases have some major updates. For me publisher was purchased direct from Serif and AD, and AP were from the MAS. When 2.1 ish is available I plan to purchase direct and skip the MAS... Ps. I never do a x.0 upgrade, with Apple I don't upgrade until x.3
  4. Go to Paul Reiffer's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Paulreiffer/search?query=affinity You will have to search for round tripping to Affinity Photo, but it is covered in one of his video. The thing to remember is C1P and AP are tools designed for two completely different scenarios. No different than LR and PS other than LR and PS share the same raw converter (Camera Raw). Most photographers primarily use either C1P or LR (or one of the lesser applications) to develop their images. For example a production wedding photographer will only use AP for a handful of shots all the others will be developed in C1P. Once you really dig into C1P and AP you will be disappointed by APs raw converter, it is not bad, it is just not in the same league as C1P...
  5. When I checked out Eagle, I quickly abandoned it because of its "file Structure". Not linking files is a deal killer for me. So far I have been relatively happy with NeoFinder, I am still trialing it but it seems to work fairly well... It simply links files.
  6. Yeah, it is never a good idea to update MacOS before a x.3 release... I suspect that M1 is going to be spectacular, but will definitely wait for a couple of years for them to get the kinks worked out and more RAM available to the system...
  7. That is great news!!! I bought Publisher direct and the other two apps through the MAS. When the next major upgrade occurs (2.0) I will purchase AD and AP direct, not through MAS.
  8. I think, for now anyway, NeoFinder will work reasonably well as a DAM, certainly not as integrated as it could be but reasonable... To carry this discussion one step further Serif also desperately needs to create a tool to effectively manage: brushes, macros, styles, overlays, presets, LUTS, etc. Basically a DAM for all of the affinity add-ins "Affinity Add-In Manager"... ...And please make the add-ins work across all of the applications!!! For Capture One you basically drag your add-in to the style folder (Including LUTS). Capture One reads the assets in the Capture One folder in application support and you are off to the races. (MacOS centric, it works very similar in Windows). See attached (yes I know I have a lot of styles and LUTS, it is a disease, hahahahah). This would be the easy way for serif to allow users to effectively manage their add-in assets...
  9. NeoFinder is quite a nice application. I hesitate to purchase software from a one man show, but it is still very nice...
  10. Call LR whatever you would like but referring to it as a DAM is disingenuous and illogical... I am just speaking for me, but without a DAM that catalogs all of the digital assets used in the creative process utilizing Affinity's apps I will move on to greener pastures. I sincerely hope that Ver 2.x of Serif's Affinity Suite brings commonality of add-ins, add-in management, and a DAM, but I am certainly not holding my breath... Edit: Each of our positions have been articulated, at this stage there is nothing to be gained from engaging with you, so I will no longer respond to your replies...
  11. I admit nothing, you will not put words in my mouth (so to speak) DAM = Digital Asset Manager. If added to Photo then AP is an application with DAM capabilities, not a DAM. If it is a stand alone application that works through Studio Link then it is a DAM Lightroom was created as a RAW converter/developer with DAM capabilities because it was the only way to manage the great numbers of digital images people were creating. While the DAM functionality is a component of LR, it is in its core a RAW converter/developer. There are a number of commercial DAMs available that are not components of another application, they just don't really support Affinity. Serif needs to create a DAM that manages the digital assets used across all of the Affinity apps (in actuality it needs to support nearly all creative apps, people don't just use Affinity tools). Affinity based would be a good start. Without the ability to effectively manage the very basis of why Affinity apps exist (the graphic asset) then there is no reason to continue to use Affinity apps, certainly no reason to pay for upgrades to 2.0... I am not sure why during the planning for the app family they didn't make the assets compatible across the range of apps... ...just very poor planning, or designer and publisher were afterthoughts.
  12. You have no case to rest... First of all Lightroom is NOT a DAM, it is RAW Converter/Developer (with built in DAM functionality, just like C1P) and it is a wildly popular application. Adobe Camera Raw is shared by both PS and LR and it is what makes round tripping between the two application far superior to AP and other Raw Converters. Neither LR nor C1P would not be usable without the DAM functionality. I would be happy with a Studio Link DAM for graphic assets used by all of the affinity apps (I have not changed my position on that subject). Affinity's DAM "Affinity Asset" would be a welcome addition to the Affinity family of apps. I personally have several hundred thousand photographic images and untold numbers of graphic elements, my collection(s) are not large by any stretch. There is no way to manage that many photos without a DAM, the same is true of graphics elements. There are a number of 3rd party DAMs for graphics elements that don't play well with Affinity's tools. If Serif wants the Affinity apps to be truly usable by pros, then a full featured DAM is the price of entry. Now if you want to carry this discussion one step further Serif also desperately needs to create a tool to effectively manage: brushes, macros, styles, overlays, presets, etc. Basically a DAM for all of the affinity add-ins... The suite needs to include: Affinity Photo (paid) Affinity Designer (paid) Affinity Publisher (paid) Affinity Develop (paid) (Better yet partner with Capture One, so the raw converter is the same and skip this app altogether) Affinity Asset (paid) (for photographic and graphic assets) Affinity Add-In Manager (free) I suspect we are in violent agreement...
  13. ^^^ The fact remains that the majority of users would benefit tremendously from a DAM. A small fraction of users not wanting this functionality for themselves is fine but wanting to block it for everyone is frankly selfish.
  14. Here is another from Thomas on Panorama stitching using Capture One Pro and Affinity Photo...
  15. This is a very good Capture One Pro to Affinity Photo Roundtrip tutorial by Thomas Fitzgerald... Enjoy ...
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