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  1. drjskatre

    100 percent enlargement

    No shortcut. I found the solution in the answers above. Thanks for the help..
  2. drjskatre

    100 percent enlargement

    Thank you very much for help.
  3. drjskatre

    100 percent enlargement

    Thanks friend, it is working......
  4. drjskatre

    100 percent enlargement

    Hi Sean P, Thanks for the reply. I understand the concept of resizing. My problem is that I cannot view the image at 100 percent size for noise reduction by pressing "alt-control-0". I can see it 100 percent by pressing 'control-+', but not by the other method of using alt-control-0. It is minor problem, I just notified. Regards,
  5. drjskatre

    Layer mask does not work

    Thank you very much. I will recheck everything. You people are very helpful.
  6. drjskatre

    Burn tool does not work

    Thanks for help. I will check. Regards.
  7. drjskatre

    Layer mask does not work

    Thanks, I checked and everything seems right. Please check the screenshots sent as an answer to the first suggestion.
  8. drjskatre

    Layer mask does not work

    Hi, Thanks for help. Attaching herewith couple of screenshots. In the first image, i am trying to paint with black on the white mask, but there is no effect on the mask. In the second image I have inverted the mask and tried to paint with white without any effect. Curiously, when the mask is revealed by clicking on "alt and mask" and painting with white on black has no effect again, but BLACK on black mask has the desired effect, however, since I can't see the original image , it is hardly useful. When the mask is NOT revealed, there is no effect by painting with either white or black. Am I doing anything wrong? Please help.
  9. Hi, I am using latest version of Serif Affinity Photo, 1.7. For 100 percent enlargement of image, I tried 'alt - control - 0',but it doesn't work. However, 'control-0' reduces the image to the screen size alright. I use windows 10 home edition. Please help.
  10. Hi, I am using latest version of Serif Affinity Photo, and I have noticed that the burn tool does not work at all. I am using windows 10 home edition. Please help.
  11. Hello, I recently purchased Serif Affinity Photo. I noticed that the layer mask is not working properly. Whenever I try to paint with black, no effect is seen. When I invert the mask and try to paint with white, nothing happens. I have NOT ticked " protect alpha" in the context bar, and there seems to be some effect only when mask is revealed by pressing 'alt' and blending mode is changed to 'soft light'. Obviously the image is not seen and mask cannot be accurate. Please help. I am using widows 10 home eddition and latest version of Affinity Photo, 1.7