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  1. I will try the same image again and save it with layers, and get back to you. Thanks for your support. Regards, Jitendra
  2. Seems impossible. It was the stack of 25 images, and each image was a 50 mp file from Canon 5Ds. After merging I saved it in the jpeg format. I don't see a way to find .afphoto file.
  3. This suggestion looks useful. I will try both methods of merging layers and see. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi, I noticed a peculier behavior here. After merging the layers the contrast is reducing, it is more noticeable in the central area. Please go through the screenshots and let me know if I am doing anything wrong.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. However, I have not applied any feathering. I checked again, but no, no feathering applied. Regards, Jitendra
  6. Hi, In a monochromatic image, I was trying to apply selection to the mask and then use gradient mask. I was expecting sharp edges of the selection, but when I inspected the mask by pressing 'alt', I saw that the edges of the mask were quite fuzzy, as if applied blur. This is not what I want. Could it be possible that some blur is applied to the selection by default? If it is so, how to avoid it? I have latest version of Affinity Photo and I use Windows 10. Your help will be immensely useful for me, Thanking in anticipation. Regards, Jitendra
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Chris B. I will certainly try and let you know. Regards, Jitendra
  8. Thanks for the answer chris B. I use mediaum thumbnails.
  9. Hi, I am very satisfied with Affinity Photo and I have stopped using other softwares. However, I am facing two problems quite often. 1) While using Levels and Curves adjustment layers, many times I do not see the histogram in the adjustment window. 2) Many a times, layer thumbnails remain grey and do not show the small pixel image, also mask thumbnail also remains grey and it becomes impossible to know if the mask is white or black, and I have to check by pressing Alt + click on thumbnail. please help. Regards, Jitendra
  10. Thanks for this ...working nicely.
  11. No shortcut. I found the solution in the answers above. Thanks for the help..
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