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Designer - add Trim tool

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What about trim too? Something like in AutoCAD? You have 2 crossed lines in vector. With this tool you click to one line and its trimmed, so parth of line where you click is deleted to to close intersection with other line. This can be big help.

How people do you it now? Im clicking  in line with Node tool and click to broke line and one parth of line I delete. Problem is snap to intescection point. Snap dont work very well. I have to click other line, then end of celection and fast click to line that I want trim. If I draw something like building in perspective view, I draw many lines from perspective points. Its many cutting its want many time. With this tool its can be do soooo easy and fast.

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I also hope for the a bolean trim function. The few bolean functions offered makes for awkward back-engineering to do a simple task. A trim function can result in cleaner files, and less garbage overlap piling up. When working in wireframe the piled up overlapping objects can look like a rats nest. Please add a trim bolean function.

Okay I'm back to update and add that I had not used the Shape Builder Tool before. After decades of working with the "Other" software my practise is going through massive change. After purchasing and struggling with Affinity Designer V1, my enthusiasm waned. Then finally purchasing a new mac some months back and swearing off the "Other" subscription sucking software(rentier capitalism). My point being that the Shape Builder tool is doing a lot of what I used the old trim tool(bolean) to do. Still working with a larger cluster of shapes does get a little like picking fly s**t out of pepper.

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