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  1. @stereooptics I don't want to be too picky, but this is not a Vector Eraser. What is shown in the video above is a trimming feature and is commonly found in CAD programs. As far as I know, “ClipStudioPaint” has such a tool and “VectorStyler” has it too. There it is called “Trim and Join” tool.
  2. @angier .... "Typography is my crack." ... I thought you would like this saying These are people with a passion love the movie too also worth a look is "Christoph Niemann" from the same series
  3. @angier Here is another who understands perfectly why you can never have too many fonts 🙂 Worked in digital printing and many customers had their own fonts. At that time I used the font manager that was part of the CorelDraw suite to keep track of that fonts. For all font lovers, some time ago I found a video about Paula Scher that you might like. Here the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCfBYE97rFk&list=PLuctemCzX-m4svPpBctWUp0oG__Lhglq9&index=6
  4. @amoraleite you could take a look at the "Cavalry" vector animation app here a Link: https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/ There is a free Version, all you need is an account Note: Instead of saving "Cavalry" will "render" to file but is pretty much the same. It can render .svg as output the result can therefore also be used in Affinity Designer
  5. For vector motion graphics i like to mention "Cavalry". There is also a free Version, where only a Account is needed. Here a Link: https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/ Exporting your graphics its a bit unsual, you need to Render it.
  6. I like Coreldraw also for this reason in my last job I did a lot of tracings by hand with it i can say that VectorStyler does also a pretty good job
  7. @slizgi in case you may not know its also possible to create a Pattern Brush from a Blend in VectorStyler (even from multi Blends) as you can see in this Tutorial here: https://www.vectorstyler.com/forum/topic/2089/playing-with-blend-in-pattern-brush/2
  8. ok then let's say way back as I read, the wish exists since 2014 my first Coreldraw was Coreldraw 7 (Pc), that is from 1996 has a blend tool more than 20 years back Magix Graphics Designer (Pc only) is from 1995 ( formerly Xara ) has a blend tool from the beginning more than 20 years back I would also be happy if Affinity would add a Blend-Tool to the Designer, but I am still wondering
  9. Although I totally understand the need for a blend tool, or rather I'm wondered that it hasn't been installed yet. I am surprised at the unstoppable optimism of some people that a tool that has been wanted since 2014 will soon be included. And that it would be even better than in other programs where it was included from the beginning. Well, I still like to be surprised. But I can't share that optimism.
  10. @SBOWMAN3 I think it would be a difficult task to develop this. That's always the problem with proprietary file formats like .cdr or .ai. It would be a wise step to save files also in a non-proprietary / open source file format like .svg. Which may not have the special features, but the vector curves will always be there. I don't know how old your Corel Draw files are, but I once heard that "Libre Office" (Open Source) can open older .cdr files. Another Option may this online Tool here https://www.zamzar.com/convert/cdr-to-ai/
  11. ... Any ideas ? ... Not really, since I don't do animations A while ago there was a discussion about APNG in another forum and a few apps were mentioned that can export it. Here is the list. Clip Studio Paint (has animation) Photoline Krita (also has animation) (I heard that Krita needs to have the free FFmeg installed. to save APNG) Maybe you can import your PNGs into one of these programs and save the result as APNG. I am on Window, where i would try to automate such a Task via "AutoIt" or "Autohotkey" maybe there is also such a Tool on Mac.
  12. @Momento you may take a look at the "Cavalry" App (PC/Mac) (it does Vector animation, kind of Mograph for vector graphics) there is also a free Version instead of export you must render your result to save it
  13. Well, I have no problem sharing even unusual ideas. So here's one. How about grouping all the shapes that will probably need to be replaced, and only color the one you use in the appropriate place. The other shapes/symbols with no colors and no outline would be invisible. And it would be easy to color what you use at a time.
  14. @GripsholmLion Well, I think you are not alone. If there was the possibility in Affinity Designer surely everyone would like to use it. Of course nobody knows if Affinity will ever implement it. So for the time being we have to look for a workaround. Or to hope that such things can be realized with scripting once it is implemented.
  15. Just some thoughs of mine not really shure if i am right Instead of move them manually Would group them and do a Horizontal Flip in your case not work ? Then double click on the single Object and do it once more for every single Object To switch the position for something like this a additional vertical flip is needed To use Symbols may also be a way ? Double click on a Symbol, Paste another Shape in it and double click on the old shape in the Symbol and delete it.
  16. Forgot one App, as you mentioned "Procreate" (iPad). I would take "Paintstorm Studio" ( iPad / PC / Mac / Linux) instead for Pattern making. Again only Bitmap Patterns are possible, because it is a Painting App like Procreate. But it has a seamless Mode for creating seamless Pattern. A Symmetry and a nice Kaleidoscope Tool, so you got some Tools to play with, for creating patterns. And for 20.- Bucks on PC/Mac/LInux) and 13.- on iPad there is nothing to complain. Here theire Website https://paintstormstudio.com/index.html
  17. I'm not quite sure what you are looking for? A way how to create a seamless pattern ? Apart from using adobe illustrator ? Its possible with Symbols in Affinity Designer to create seamless patterns. But the problem is, as far as I know, you can only create Bitmap Pattern Fills in Affinity Designer. In Procreate as well. . . You mentioned the iPad, i think the option are a bit sparse on the ipad. you can look at "iOrnament Pro" and "Amaziograph" Also worth a look is "Nception - Distortion Effects" its a kind of live mirroring via the ipad/iphone camera with could result in interesting pattern. Also only Bitmaps. . . But to create true Vector based Pattern Fills PC/Mac is the only option i guess. VectorStyler (PC/Mac) offers true Vector based pattern fills and has many Tools to develope Patterns. There are some Examples in the Tutorials section at the VS Forum.
  18. own also a copy, is a kind of swiss army knive of vector graphics to me
  19. you could use open half circles for this (mirror it, scale it a bit and so on)
  20. I don't know if Serif will ever allow to import a 3D format, such as .obj. I would use ClipStudio Paint instead. You can import .obj files and with CSPs Vectorlayer is also possible to use vector graphics
  21. You can also have a look at this post of mine where I mention also yet another program which have the feature you like and a few more https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/150962-add-ability-to-precisely-vary-width-of-a-stroke-at-any-given-point/
  22. It is cumbersome to use. I never understand how somebody could offer such a Shortcut. My patience already ends when i should use two control keys. E.g. Shift+Alt+Anykey. So, any solution that will reduce the keys is a good one to me.
  23. Indeed, this is the case. My main vector graphics application was CorelDraw. I still have a copy of CorelDraw 2021, I like the symmetry feature and of course I have a copy of Affinity Designer on PC and Ipad. More than a year ago I discovered VectorStyler and it is now my main vector graphics program. Because of its features and i am still impressed. But more important the developer is very open for new ideas and how to make the Software better. Its sometimes already in the next build.
  24. @Bobby Henderson could recommend to download and try the demo of Vectorstyler
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