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  1. Nowadays, fortunately, there are Vectorizer online apps, even for free. A popular search engine will surely help if you ask "Vectorizer Online" And the free open source App "Inkscape" had also such a tool.
  2. One can find it a bit strange what Affinity sells as a vector program. On the other hand, I find the mix of some vector and bitmap functions quite handy from time to time. But I have my doubts that, if you are interested in more vector features, that you will find them in Affinity Designer. Like to be surprised. Btw Vectorstyler will be difficult to top in this area.
  3. That many companies have switched to flat design, does not mean that every user likes it. And whether a user interface is easy to read does not depend on a flat design. After all, we live in a 3-dimensional world and are used to and adapted to this look. In any case, Flat Design gets a thick 3-dimensional Dislike from me.
  4. one relative simple and easy Trick to fake a Eraser in Affinity Designer is to overpaint a Stroke with another Stroke/or Shape which have the Background Color If you dont need a Vector Grafik as Output you could convert it in a Bitmap then. If you need a Vector Grafik then maybe the following Steps could help. Shapes could be cut with a Boolean cut. Unfortunately, this does not work with open Curves/Strokes. Or I do not know how. For me Affinity Designer always closes these curves, which looks stupid. You can avoid this by converting all lines to Shapes with "Expand Stroke". Menu Layer. Then a Boolean Cut will works. -- BUT -- Expand Stroke work only with a Vector Stroke and not with Brushes --
  5. Isnt the swatches panel not useful to transfer your colors to a gradient ? All colors of the Documen are listet in the top of the Swatches panel "Recent list". So its possible to transfer them from there into a gradient. On the other hand, you could also create a palette from the document colors, also from Images, in the Swatches menu and use this palette then for your gradients. Swatches menu > Create palette from document
  6. Well, it's always the question of what you get in return. I own a copy for a year now and can say that in terms of features VectorStyler is hard to beat. And on top of that the developer listen to the users and is very open to ideas for improving the app. It's not that I don't like Affinity Designer. I like it. But other reasons than features that have been requested for years. As you could see in the Forum.
  7. can recomment "Amadine" Vector Graphics App (Mac/iPad) has a Shape Builder Tool, its call "Fusion Tool" even on iPad ! this work since the latest Release 1.4 also as a Fill Tool
  8. @Rastupin in case you only need to import SVG/AI to export it as DFX and you may dont know i like to point you on two things First is "MOI 3D" a little Nurbs Modeller - would import AI/PDF, EPS and Export as DFX Here the Link: Moi 3D Homepage Second as far as i know Blender could import SVG and Export as DFX dont know if its really helpful, just thoughs that came into my mind as i read your post above
  9. maybe it is not false to have expectations, there is always hope But a little bit strange. As i see it right, this promise is from 2018 is 4 years ago.
  10. you could also take a look at VectorStyler and try the Demo it has a Trim Tool, a Knife, Vector Eraser and also Slice capabilities and a few things more Btw did not using the Slice by myself the other Tools work as expected
  11. Well, I don't have high expectations for Affinity Designer v2. What can I expect ? If we waiting for years for some basic features like Blend, Envelope Deforming ? And no, I do not believe that it will take years to develop and program something like this.
  12. May I ask if you have Vector Objects or a Bitmap when you export such a result ?
  13. Did not mean Affinity Photo as an alternative, but of course other vector graphic programs Take a look at this Thread / Post here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/113642-free-transform-perspective-warp-tools/page/15/#comment-868645 Not really shure at the Moment but i think "Amadine" (Mac) has also transformation. You mentioned a good point. Marketing, I think Affinity is good at that. Because selling people a vector graphics program that doesn't offer such basic tools is quite an accomplishment. Well, I've stopped expecting much from Affinity. If something comes along, so much the better. Still, I like the isometric mode in Affinity Designer and the ability to have a pixel persona in a vector program. So that you can paint textures on vector shapes with pixel brushes. And Pixel Persona works even in isometric mode.
  14. No Problem. That you where not aware of the commands "Merge curves" and "Separate curves" explains a lot. Since the video has apparently helped that is so far solved.
  15. If you look a little closer at the posts in this forum you will notice that these requests for certain tools appear repeatedly. For years. Affinity doesn't say what's coming next. But in the meantime, there are alternatives out there. You'll find them if you read these posts. Or do a little googling. I own and love Affinity software, for other reasons than tools like this. But I'm not one who wait a for years. When I need a tool like this, I use other software.
  16. I do not want to sound impolite, but i have two questions. first question: Are you completely new to vector graphics? second question: Have you tried the recommendations at all? All of us here would like to have a perspective Distortion Tool in Affinity Designer. But fact is there is none. Anyway, some simpler things can be done in Affinity Designer although somewhat laborious. As far as i can see, your case could be done the in the way descriped above In my example above I used a simple repetition of rectangles to show the principle how this could be done. It doesn't matter that each rectangle should be colored differently. If the whole thing has the right perspective, then you can resolve everything and give the individual objects their color Even a curve could be done at the edge with a corresponding object an a Boolean cut.
  17. I just want to say that I think a lot of things are so well summed up in your post. Very well said.
  18. Dont know if your Picture is just a Example what you miss. But if your Problem is to put these Stripes in a Perspective then try the following. Create your Stripe Pattern Select all Stripes and do a Layer > Geometry > Add Then select all top Nodes with the Node Tool. Activate Transform Mode for that Nodes. Hold the STRG-Key (Win) (guess Command-Key (Mac)) while moving the most right or left Node. (the round Nodes in the Picture) See Picture here
  19. I have tried importing some .CDR Files into Inkscape. It only works with simple designs, blending doesn't work and some other Corel specific things. I always miss in such statements which .CDR Versions can be imported. The Inkscape manual is kind of outdated but mentions CDR versions 7 to X4 there. In my experiments I used CDR version 2020, those Files were also imported. But as i wrote above only simple Designs. Could be that parts of your design are not displayed, or in the case of blends only the start and end object would be imported.
  20. Well, I think it is very unlikely that Affinity Designer will ever import Corel Draw files. As a proprietary file format (Corel's own file format) it might be difficult for other developers to develop an import Cdr Format. There is also little information about it. Btw. it has always been advisable to save your files in an open file format wherever possible. There exist also some Online .CDR Converters per Example "Zamzar" https://www.zamzar.com/de/convert/cdr-to-ai/ There are others too, search for "online cdr converter"
  21. One Idea of mine, though perhaps a bit curious. You could also use the Feature "Text on path" for optical guidance to subdivide the path. Maybe on a copied version of your path.
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