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  1. Could you make that every slice (whole document as well) will remember it's export directory? It's really annoying to change to a corresponding directory whenever you need to export a slice in different document. This would be 1000% UX improvement in the workflow. Just remember a last used directory for every slice out there, that simple.
  2. Hello @SPaceBar, thank you for the reply. I have captured the video - this time, it took quite long before it hung. Also my findings about the 'hover hint' is not clearly visible ;). Sometimes it hung instantly whenever I want to do something in the slices. I must try it a few times... It's somehow random. If you are unable to reproduce I can probably share the design file in the end. http://cloud.dozd.eu/s/XCgESX9i4zQG73L
  3. I am having same problem - AD stops responding when manipulating with slices. The UI freezes. I think it's somehow linked to the hover hint displayed when you leave mouse over a field. If I manage to do the actions quickly and move mouse constantly (to prevent the hints to be shown) I can do the work. Sometimes it works for a while but it stops responding very frequently. I have tried current beta ( and the issues is still present there. Tell me If there's a log or something I can attach. I don't want to attach my design file though...
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