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How can I cut the thick frame (stroke) of a rectangle diagonally?

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PixelPest thank you very much for the 2 file you send me.

I prefer the first file because the frame is more balanced.

Although I looked at the history  I could not recreate your design

Can you please explain to me how you did it, maybe a step to step instruction

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Hi @anemos,

I've had a look through @PixelPest's file (many thanks for this!) and created a screen recording showing the steps I believe that were taken:


This is as follows:

  • Create a Rectangle, adding the stroke width and settings you want
  • Select the Rectangle, the using the Fill tool add a gradient that spans across the objects diagonals
  • In the gradient editor, set the colour for each 'half' of your object at each end node, then create 2 new 'stops' and overlap these in the centre - this ensures the gradient has a 'hard line' rather than a blend of the 2 colours
  • With the Fill Tool still selected, change the Context Toolbar option from Fill to Stroke, then draw a diagonal gradient for the stroke
  • Repeat the same colour options as before, this time in reverse
  • You can then use the Fill Tool to move the Stroke Gradient Nodes on the object so they match with the fill

I hope this helps :)

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Here is a fun way... You will have to tear the various layers apart to see what is going on.

The underlying geometry is a horizontal rectangle with a diagonal rectangle overlaid.
The diagonal rectangle has the blend mode Negation, so inverts the black and white of the fill and stroke of the horizontal rectangle.

These two rectangles are enclosed in a 3rd rectangle which clips the diagonal to the correct dimensions.
Ensure that the inner horizontal rectangle has its stroke set to Inside, so that we can still see it.

Finally a gradient map adjustment is used to colour the black and white geometry.

The benefit of this approach is that everything remains easily editable...

Want to change the stroke thickness? Just change the stroke of the Inner rectangle.
Need to reposition the diagonal slice? Just move the diagonal SLICE rectangle.
Different colours? Change the colours of the Gradient Map.

And it all moves and resizes as a single object.

Hope this helps!


Diagonal Invertion by Gradient Map.afdesign

Win10 Home x64   |   AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3.7GHz   |   16 GB RAM   |   1TB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 1660   |   Wacom Intuos Pro

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