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Very very bad incorrect hyphenation on Spanish language

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Hi. As far as I understand, for the supported languages, Affinity apps use Hunspell dictionaries (included inside the app). Please, correct me if i'm wrong.

Is there any possibility to use the system ones? Because the included Hunspell Spanish (es_ES) dictionary seems to have serious issues on hyphenation, causing a lot on incorrect/forbidden partitions, and we are receiving a lot of corrections from our customers and a lot of time wasted on reviewing documents and manually sorting those errors (which can amount to hours on some long documents). We are not talking about obscure terms not included in dictionary, but pretty basic partitions in very common words, like partition in the middle of syllable, which is a clear NO-No in any language.

We have tried to download the last updated dictionaries but those issues persist.

We have verified that this only happens within Affinity apps. No other app in our computers makes these hyphenation errors. Also we have checked that this is not a local issue, as all five macs in the studio have the same issue.

And yes, we checked to be using Spanish spelling and hypenation languages in Character panel settings.

Also, by checking the installation instructions for dictionaries that Affinity offers, it only seems to talk about the .dic file, not mentioning the .aff file if the language offers it. May this be an issue of Affinity not using the .aff information, which includes gramatical instructions complementary to the .dic? Just guessing here.

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I was curious and I have tested Hunspell Spanish hyphenation in Apub. See the attached files. Using my configuration, there is only a mistake in the whole test file and I was able to reproduce the same mistake in LibreOffice, because the problem lies in the Hunspell Spanish hyphenation rules, not in Apub.

I hope this helps.

Spanish_hyphenation_test.pdf Same_hyphenation_mistake_Libreoffice.pdf

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3 hours ago, Pedrober said:

Please verify if you are using this version of the hunspell hyphenation file, located at \Users\~\Library\Spelling\es-ES.

hyph_es_ES.dic 5.45 kB · 1 download

Hi Pedrober. It seems that the version you shared does a better job or is much more updated that the version I obtained. It is clear that the issues come from the Hunspell dictionary. Still some errors, but much less than before. At least now is making "predictable" errors on three character syllables, just like the error in the PDFs you shared.

The version used by default on the apps is much much worse. If Affinity is using embedded .dic in the supported languages I suggest to update it, because the results are abysmal. Still not 100% perfect but now I have one or two errors in the current document I'm working on which is "to expect", not 50 or more as before (hunting for autohyphen errors on a 300 page two column document is a torture).

So thank you very much! You saved me a lot of precious time in a very loooooong and thick document.

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On 1/5/2022 at 3:38 PM, Pedrober said:

located /(root)\Library\Spelling (not the user directory)

I don't have a Spelling folder there. Would I create one then?

How do you make Affinity use this custom folder and dictionaries instead of its own built-in versions (app > contents > ...) ?

macOS 10.14.6, MacBookPro Retina 15" + Eizo 27"

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