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I have searched but could not find any mention of using color charts for color correction in photos. I apologize if I have, inadvertently, overlooked one.

I see that I can use a single white pixel or patch to help correct white balance and, indeed, this is helpful but I am wondering if I can do more. I have the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 color patch and used to make test shots with this in the photo. I know that other software has a very simple way of using the entire chart to optimize white balance correction. Though tedious, I could enter a list of true colors and then select the corresponding pixels in the photo. Does anyone know of an add-on or separate software that would take this information and return the optimized color temperature and tint correction for Affinity Photo. Having such a tool would enable me to get a good starting point for my processing of RAW files.

With thanks,


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Hi @RobinMcL :)

Unfortunately I don't believe there's such a tool/plugin for Affinity currently, however our devs are working on an integration feature for Spyder devices currently and we hope to include this in a future release.

In the meantime, I'll move this post to the feedback section of our forums for our devs to see and consider - I hope this helps!

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Thanks for moving my comment to this forum. Here I will take the opportunity to give a better idea of the user interface I feel would be very helpful.

I made a mistake. Since I had not used it for a while I got mixed up with which SyderCHECK I had. I have the 48 patch one. However, I think it would be nice to support both the 24 patch and 48 patch charts. BUt I would like much more flexibility.

  • The ability to work with several common charts (Datacolors 24 and 48 but other too).
  • The ability to select a subset of colors from the chart rather than them all. (I may have an image where certain tones are utterly critical but others are not.)
  • The ability to design and store my own custom chart.

That would be fantastic. In the meantime,...

Great product.

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