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  1. Is there a way to get the name of a photo, I put into the original using Place, to the metadata when exporting it, please?
  2. This is it!🤪 😀 The basic premise is that a deselect of all layers is performed before selecting a layer. Otherwise, the setup later somehow affected. I don't think that dialog should work like this. Thanks a lot!
  3. I inserted four photos from the same batch with different variants of the layer arrangement. Everything was processed by the same macro, yet the result is different. I also insert a macro. Thanks a lot. (these are not my pictures,🤐 the customer took them) DSC03658.afphoto DSC03665.afphoto DSC03928.afphoto DSC03965.afphoto m2OuterShadow.afmacro
  4. I would have to manually rename the layer in two thousand photos. If it does not bulk.
  5. Hi Andy, thanks for the response, but I don't understand much. Within each set of layers for a each photo, the name "Background" is unique, isn't it? In addition, it does not work as specified, even if I set the "second layer from below". This should not depend on the layer name.
  6. Hi, I want to ask about the problem when choosing a layer to apply the effect (outer shadow) when setting up a macro. After starting the macro recording in the dialog, I select the layer name (Background), record the actions, save, etc., then apply the macro in the Batch job. However, the effect is inserted either into the Levels layer above Bckg or (if this layer is not there) into the Pixel layer with a white background below Bckg. Never to the layer I chose. It seems supernatural to me.🥶 Even weirder is that I tried it in a few photos at the beginning and it worked well. I also tried to sel
  7. Something new about this problem? It's crazy - I need to process 2k photos. Some help? Macros doesn't help with it.
  8. Hi, dropper in Affinty Photo - Layer Effects - Bevel/Emboss - Outer - Highlight, Shadow - Colour doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Win 7 Thank you.
  9. Is there something new about solving this problem, please? Thank you.
  10. Hello, I'm starting with Affinity. Please help. I am trying to select the bright background by using flood select. I set as in the tutorial https://vimeo.com/130975378, ie. New - Contiguos checked. After that I click and drag, the selection will appear with a number of dots in a row in the same location, even when you drag every other way. I have Windows 7, Aero is running. Thank you. I have already solved.
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