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  1. Hi to all, if your new to affinity photo it’s hard to know what programs work with affinity photo. If you have found a program that works with affinity photo can you please let others know. I was looking for creative presets but apparently these won’t work with affinity photo. https://www.dealfuel.com/seller/artistic-photo-effects/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Paid&utm_campaign=Artistic+FX if you know of software or plug ins that work I would love to get a list of what works. Thanks to everyone. Brenden
  2. gonecamping75

    Message to owners

    Yeah the spyder products are good. Needed if you use a lab to pint your photos. My lab use the Sam calibration so it’s good can’t wait until affinity offers its use in affinity programs
  3. gonecamping75

    Message to owners

    They should include spyder series as well, I don’t use xrite. But they should include all.
  4. gonecamping75

    Message to owners

    Users please ad your comments we need ‘this feature, if your editing photos you need to be able to set the grey off a reference.
  5. gonecamping75

    Message to owners

    Please let’s talk about how we can make this happen. Please just don’t say we’re we get asked this all the time. This is the most important feature that is not part of affinity photo and we need it. It needs to be discussed.
  6. Dear Affinity team, I love your product you have made an easy to use product I have begun at the same time trying to learn Lightroom and affinity. Affinity is far easier. But is very frustrating to see people asking for affinity to get the tool to allow us to manage colour by clicking on the grey reference in the photos. For products like spyder pro 5 colour checker. Clicking on the grey card in photo etc. You have a powerful tool but the fundamental of colour is guess work. Please please make it possible for people to be able to manage colour workflow. I cannot believe this hasn’t been a priority every aspect about every application is colour, photography is all about colours. Getting them right, correct for printing. You have given us a powerful tool but the one thing that’s most important is missing. Users need to be able to adjust colour just like lightroom, and even use the colour checkers that spyder pro 5 uses. Thanks
  7. Can you please implement the same function like Lightroom where you can take a photo with the colour squares and grey card in the photos and take the photos in affinity and click on the grey card to set the colour. Please make it compatible with spider colour checker. I cannot believe you have people wanting this to be a feature of a 100% photographer based application but it’s not a feature. Please we need this. I need to work through a correct colour space workflow. I don’t want to be guessing adjusting using sliders. I need to be able to click on the image and click on the grey swatch to set the correct colour. My computer is colour correct. I need it to work with affinity photo.
  8. Seriously this needs to be implemented. Affinity photo is an awesome product. But fails with setting the grey card using the picker. Please. Please get this happening
  9. gonecamping75


    So when is AP going to create presets that we can use with the program like the ones on offer for Lightroom.
  10. Affinity photo needs the feature of being able to set the white balance using the grey colour picker to click on the grey cards in the photos. This is the most important feature we need. If you can do the white, black and grey like photoshop. When will this be a reality? Thanks
  11. gonecamping75

    Colour checker support

    Hi Stocker, Ever since find affinity photo I have loved it. I have even told other photographers to check it out. I find it hard that one of the most important tools to manage colour accuracies is not yet available. Can the developers tell us when this feature will be available? I absolutley love all affinity products, but having no way to use the colour checker. I don’t want to have to buy Lightroom. Please include spyder range and the other colour calibration tools. Thanks brenden
  12. Hi Members, i am having trouble finding if affinity photo supports colour checker I have spyder pro 5, and it has the colour checker tool link below. https://www.digidirect.com.au/accessories/colour_calibration/datacolor_spydercheckr24__584240?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9NbdBRCwARIsAPLsnFahsDlo2Xkd8DTCRyF_tdU_ZbUc4nZFgJCfSuikiEhzPVIkSJaE1y8aAunvEALw_wcB Lightroom has a feature within the software that supports its use. Does affinity have a similar feature? Thanks Brenden
  13. gonecamping75

    calibrate colors

    Please don’t forget the spyder range to be used with the data colour. Like in photoshop
  14. Dear Affinity users, I am new to Affinity I found that you could convert photos to look like drawings. After the update some of the steps were missing... Is this still possible in the updated version. Can someone let me know the new steps. As the new live layer is no longer there? Gaussian Blur Filter. Thanks BJ

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