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Dimensioning tool, please!

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I wish top add my name and voice to the above requests. I am a structural engineer in UK and I have used Draw Plus for years to convey ideas, provide technical drawings and to illustrate calculations.  I want now to be able to use  Affinity to produce my technical sketches etc so need the dimensioning and scaling routines.  It is a real disappointment that Affinity with all its power and ability cannot provide the basic functionality of dimensioning which all drawing and sketching packages should have.

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I'm an Affinity Photo for iPad and Desktop user but I use Designer on iPad only.

If I had this for Designer I'd go for it on the Desktop too for sure. It's really the only thing making me stand because, as an Architect I need this for everyday work and even if the vector tools I use are rudimentary compared to Designer, they allow dimensioning...

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Same here. I’m trying to convince the exhibit company I work for to switch to Affinity products. We need to have the dimension tools to make it worth it. We could save money by dropping down to a couple Adobe licenses instead of a handful. C’mon Serif! Let’s get this done!! 

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Just bought Affinity Designer after researching vector drawing tools for a Mac. Expected it would have dimensioning since that is standard on so many other tools. Couldn't find it anywhere and bumped into this thread looking for it.

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On 2/26/2021 at 1:55 PM, Jay K Elemenopy said:

Let me be quite clear about this: Affinity, you are losing out on MASS ADOPTION of Designer as a production tool for this ONE SINGLE FATAL DRAWBACK.


True.   I am baffled why a company would invest so much to develop this product and omit such a basic function.  I've emailed support twice in the last year and still there's no word on when this will be available.  I paid for an affinity license over a year ago, but until they add dimensioning to the app I will continue to use Intaglio as my primary drawing tool.   

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