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Found 218 results

  1. Lauriano Creative

    I Have A Dream

    I made this poster as a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and his "I Have A Dream" speech. I read and listened to his speech until I got what I thought was the perfect quote. I tried to keep the poster nice and simple because I didn't want to distract people from the message. These are crazy times and we need to remind ourselves and each other that we're all equal individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and all those other things that prevent us from treating each other with respect and kindness.
  2. I have two Publisher documents that I would like to merge, or certain pages (a whole document of regular pages, master pages or any variation) that I'd like to add / import from one into the other document. Again, any variation on it being a full Publisher document, a PDF or just master pages, but I'd like some way to re-use master pages without having to do a document A copy, open Document B to paste, then back to Document A to copy next master and back to Document B to paste ... times however many master pages etc that I have. Thanks!
  3. Hi, as you can see from the attachment, when "Use Baseline grid" and "Justify Verticaly" are set, overset text appears. If I uncheck "Use Baseline Grid" or a different vertical alignment is chosen, everything is fine. Also, when text is top/bottom aligned vertically it is aligned on the bottom part of x-height and when it is centered -- it is aligned on the upper part of x-height. BTW, I can't find an option (if exists) how to align text (ascender, descender...). To see all of these explanations, please activate "show baseline grid".
  4. Hi, I have an issue regarding opening photos from the apple photos app on my computer. When I go to "Open" and select the "photos" section not all the photos show up that are in my folders in that app. 've attached a photo for reference. There should be other photos included in this view but they don't show up. Why is that? Alternatively, why can't I drag and drop them into the "place images" boxes? Thanks for your help with this, Carollyne
  5. One example of typesetting a novel, trade paperback size, three sections: Preamble; Body; & Post Mortem Here are the specs: 5.06" x 7.81", facing pages, no default master page. Section 1: Title, copyright, dedication, preface, TOC. Section 2: ~128 pages of linked text frames with chapter titles Section 3: Afterword, plug for other novels, author bio Make new document: w=5.06, h=7.81, DPI=300, facing pages, inches, default master, portrait, Arrange=Horiz, Start On=Right. (I explored what's under Type:, and it wiped out my dimensions even though I didn't select other than "Presets.") Right click on the only page and click "Add Pages ...". Add two pages. Under document menu, choose Section Manager. Click lower left page icon to create two more sections. Clicking on each section, enter a name for the section (I used "Preamble", "Body", and "Post Mortem") First section will only accept one letter at a time, other two ok. On Body section, choose, "Restart page numbering at "1". Close Section Manager. Right click on Master A page to create a second master page. (I name mine PrePost). Right click on page 1 (Preamble) and click "Apply Master ..." Choose your new master. Repeat for page three. Now you can place page numbers in the body independently of the Preamble and Post Mortem sections. Double click on Master A to bring it up. Click the Frame Text Tool and create a text frame wide enough for the novel title, one line high. Enter novel title, select a font and size. Press cmd-A to select all, then click the centered paragraph button. Position this near the top of the left side page near center. With the text frame selected, copy-paste. A new text frame appears on top of the first one. Drag it to the right page and position similarly to the one on the left. Enter author name. Note how the alignment lines appear and help you. Select both frames and copy-paste. Now drag these down to the bottom to hold the page numbers. It doesn't matter if they are wide, page number will center. The vertical alignment lines ensure that the frames that hold the page numbers are centered under the header text. Now click into each of the lower text frames, one after the other, and select all and hit backspace to delete all text. Now under Text->Insert->Fields, select Page Number. A hash sign (#) will appear, indicating that Publisher will substitute the page number there. Now double click Page 2, and you'll see the header and footer. Double click on Page 1, and create a text frame there. Set dimensions thus: X:0.7, Y:0.6, W:3.75, H:6.6 inches. You are ready to start pasting in content, but before you do, Save As ... "NovelTemplate". Now paste in your front matter double click red triangle to autoflow text, clean up, set fonts, right facing pages, etc. until you are happy with it. On the last page (should be left side) right click to add two more pages as a placeholder for the Table of Contents. On the single page that is Section Two Body on right side, create a text frame with the above dimensions (except that X:5.79) Now paste in your content. Double click red arrow on the right side to autoflow your text. Set all chapter titles to Heading 1 style, and insert necessary page breaks such that all chapters start on a right page. Go back to the blank right page you inserted as a placeholder for the TOC and create a frame, ~centered on the page. Choose Text->Table of Contents->Insert Table of Contents. Size and position as needed, I inserted another frame to hold the words "Table of Contents" Format this to your liking. Now go to Third section and paste in text there. Clean up, adjust font, spacing, page breaks, etc. and make sure that the last page is a left side page.
  6. Hi, please, add these 2 features into Publisher: columns 1.png The first one should simulate columns with guidelines on master pages. columns 2.png For the second one, please add "Gutter Width" beside "Columns" on the Context Toolbar.
  7. Hi, here it is my suggestion we talk about. I would like to see all elements on Master Pages to be editable in document spreads as it is possible in Quark (without taking any additional action).
  8. Hi, my workflow for magazines is to keep all text on one page into one text box (if possible), but it does not allow me to use Layer effects within paragraph and character styles (like outer shadow on Headings). So, I am asking you to include Layer effects into text styles and make Publisher even more flexible than Quark and ID.
  9. Can I edit master page objects on a content page? For example, delete a single pagina? Or change a color?
  10. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher There are plenty of ways to apply a paragraph style while preserving character formatting but I can't seem to find a way of quickly overriding all of the formatting. I've found that I can apply the paragraph style and then apply the [No Style] character style afterwards but that sounds like going the long way round. All I want to do is just "blast" the text with the paragraph formatting and completely wipe any character/local formatting that was already applied. It seems to me that, at the moment, "Apply ... to Paragraphs" and "Apply ... to Paragraphs And Preserve Character Formatting" do the same thing as I've never noticed a difference in their functionality. Am I looking at this wrong, is there something I'm missing, or is this a bug or incomplete functionality?
  11. I am desperately trying to move from Adobe. I have setup a spacing on left and right pages to account for a larger spine, however I am currently having issues when moving pages. I have discovered an incompatible plugin (http://in-tools.com/products/plugins/reflective-objects) and wonder whether Affinity Publisher handles this issue natively, or with a plugin. I would appreciate any feedback.
  12. Hi everyone Is it possible in Affinity Publisher to create one layer system so that it applies to all pages (existing and new)? In other words - I create two layers: Layer1 and Layer2. And from now on all pages in the current document have the same set of layers. The new pages will also have the same set of layers. Thank you for your help
  13. Background: I've been using InDesign since version 1.0 jumping away from PageMaker and Quark 3.0. My studio uses InDesign six days a week and builds publications from one page to 50 regularly. I'm going to document my test of Affinity Publisher, and I would be interested in how it is going for other studios. Is anyone planning on making the switch before the beta ends? My reasons for looking at alternatives are price and cloud integration. Adobe increased the CC subscription price. Stinky, but what bothers me more is the constant need to integrate the cloud. Every day I wait for the InDesign font-sync to load. Grab a coffee and cookie. Before that was active hyperlink checking. It's a constant problem. My Adobe subscription renews in three weeks. Perfect time for a serious workflow test. Day 1: Download and test 14 page document test. Quickly learned that layers aren't right, but found out that layers will be adjusted in future versions. Day 2: Single page flier test Typesetting a quick color form. No layers. I enjoyed the experience. Good Tabs Alignment Paragraph styles Clip to canvas (love it; some of us like to use preview in InDesign. Some like regular view. This is a happy medium). Bad No padding in a text frame (I didn't see it) I didn't see a way to make a non-breaking space
  14. Hello all. I'm taking over the production of a magazine of at least 50 pages which has text and photos. We are thinking of using Affinity Photo and (eventually!) Publisher. I have a couple of questions: There will be two of us producing the mag, one principally on text and one on the pictures. If we both have the Affinity software, will we able to see what the other is doing? Further to this, does it matter that I an on a Mac and my colleague uses Windows? Thanks for your help, best regards Joe
  15. Hello! I am having a curious problem with typefaces in both Designer and publisher, which is that a particular font (Akzidenz Grotesk BQ regular) never shows. It shows alright in Photoshop, MS word, and also correctly installed in the font directory (windows 10). In fact, when I open the character tab, I have a "bold", and two "medium" fonts (the two medium are the same) and no "regular". The same panel in photoshop shows "bold", "medium" and "regular". (postscript OTF) Is it a known bug or something I have missed? The typeface/fonts comes from Berthold website (bought there) so not likely to be corrupted. I have attached a couple of screenshots Thanks a bunch...
  16. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher Sometimes when I scroll a document, some of it is 'shifted' slightly to the side of the rest of the document. It's difficult to explain in words so I've attached a GIF which shows the issue. The bit to look for is the top of the page that starts at the top of the Bullseye image. You can see that part of the page is sometimes drawn to the right of the rest of the page. This doesn't only happen with this document; I've seen it happen a few times. Is there something I can do about this?
  17. Hi, This affect AD bêta, AP bêta and APub: When selecting for example a Pantone colour, a new document palette is automatically created with the name "Document", and the colour is added to this new palette. (We need to select again the Pantone palette to select other colours). When selecting/using other Pantone colour, those colours aren't added automatically (as the first one, or as in AD 1.6) to the document palette. We need to add them manually. If the palette "Document" is renamed, and we select another Pantone, a "new/second" Document palette is created and the colour is automatically added to this palette, as in first step. It's strange to be able to have more than one document palette. It would be better if we could merge them, or if importing another document palette would ask to add colours to the current document palette.
  18. Hello everyone! Publisher is chugging along very nicely. Whenever I try to apply a style to the body copy and use Next Style to indent all the following paragraphs' first lines it works fine, for the first time. When I try to edit the indent style—for example have 6pt instead of 3pt indents—it does not work. Upon checking to make sure, these paragraphs don't even have the mentioned "first line indenter" style applied, instead they have the general Body style. This approach works fine if you have a Style The Next Style applied to your text box before you start typing. I'm attaching a sample file that you might want to look at. And sorry if this problem has been posted already, I did not find anything while searching the forums. next-style-problem.afpub
  19. I apologize if this has already been posted (either I'm doing something wrong, or the search function in the forums is very limited), but the "Vector Crop Tool" is not listed in any of the menus. My biggest gripe about this is that I can't even assign an external keyboard shortcut (through the Mac System Preferences) for this tool.
  20. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher Unfortunately I can't give you a simple sample document that shows the problem as it doesn't always happen but sometimes when I: * have a master page with column guides; * then apply that master to a spread; * then create another master with 'normal' guides; * then apply that new master to the spread - as well as the other one, not replacing - the column guides sometimes: A. go invisible (often) while 'normal' guides are still visible; B. become visible again when I randomly drag the masters in the layout studio (infrequently works as a fix); C. get deleted all together; D. get renumbered to a much higher number, e.g. from 4 columns to 48 columns (only seen that once so far). Again, sorry I can't supply an example document. Hopefully I've given enough info' to start a small investigation.
  21. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher I've noticed that the Drop Caps feature always seems to want to 'drop' a letter regardless of what the first character in the paragraph is. For example, in the attached image: 1) Drop cap with letter as first character is as expected; 2) 'D' has been replaced with '>' and both the '>' and 'r' are dropped; 3) Keep adding more non-letter-characters and the problem persists; 4) This is what I think it should do. I've tried clicking round the glyph browser adding different characters and sometimes it drops just the first character and sometimes it drops more. It seems like Publisher has its own opinion on what a 'letter' is and, therefore, what can be dropped. Is the feature working as expected or is this a bug? (If it is working as expected, can anyone explain (A) why I can't use non-letters as drop-'caps', or (B) how I can do what I want?) I have a clunky work-around - as seen in figure 4 - but I'd rather not have to use it if possible. This post seems to be on a related note but from a different direction: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/74084-drop-caps-feature-suggestion/
  22. Hello. I created a diploma design for my school and was wondering how I could add all the learners names. Every page needs to have a different name as it is an diploma for another learner. The trouble comes when I need to insert hundreds of names and what the different diplomas goes for. That could take hours. Is there a way to automate this? Is there a way to have all the names of the learners and what they get diplomas for in a list, like in excel, and then automatically import them (line 1 goes to page 1, line 2 goes to page 2 ........ line 159 goes to page 159 etc.)?
  23. Hi A-team, Is it possible we get these features in Publisher and Designer in vector format if it is OK?
  24. Just for fun - and a bit of learning - I decided to try and create a spread from a UK TV listings magazine with Publisher. It's not totally accurate but I'm quite happy with it. It doesn't look much but there was a fair bit of fiddling around - my fault, not the software - to get it looking the way it does. If you have a copy of the actual magazine then please have a look and feel free to pick my rendition apart if you think I've missed something important or made any big mistakes. Some known issues: * The colours used aren't totally accurate but I wasn't really bothered about that; * The typefaces used aren't the real ones but I'm guessing they're bespoke for the magazine; * The bulleted list under "Best Live Sport" isn't right as I can't figure out how to change the bullet size irrespective of text height; * The text was mostly taken from various Lorem Ipsum generators and the rest was just me being silly, so you can ignore it.
  25. Windows 10 - Publisher I have a small Publisher document where I have inserted a simple SVG (Publisher thinks it is another document, don't know if this is relevant). When I try to move the SVG, the App takes a second or more to show the movement and sometimes everything on the canvas windows disappears temporarily. Dragging other items in the document seems to be unaffected. The document contains people's personal information so is there somewhere I can upload it in private so you can look at it?