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Found 210 results

  1. For most fonts selected, the rendering of the font features is unhelpful and just looks bad. To reproduce, open the beta version of Publisher, pick a font, and click the Typography button. I see the following on Windows 10 Pro 1803.
  2. Mac issue: Has the number of installed fonts that prevents Designer from opening files been fixed yet? I cannot be constantly loading and unloading fonts in order to make the app work. Apparently the number of installed fonts causes a "permission denied" state when opening files. Have you pursued any additional contact with Extensis to allow their font manager to work with your apps?
  3. Hi in last pub beta I'm left with only one ARIAL font... ARIAL MT regular and cannot select ARIAL regular as it reverts back to ARIAL MT. In earlier Pub betas and in designer1.65 I could see and select all the variants of ARIAL (9 of them).
  4. Before I whine I want to say that this app is getting to be more spectacular day by day! It is an amazing baby and I cannot wait for the adult! Cheers to developers, staff, and users!!! Now, for my pitiful complaint. I work on16th through 18th century British and Continental books to convert them to easily readable and editable documents for other scholars. One of the key issues is to replace old fonts with current more modern fonts that are easily read and reproduced. Publisher is excellent in recognizing what the fonts are in the Old Original book. The current book I am working on has a combo of Veranda, Courier, Times, and a few others. It correctly discerns the style too. However, though it recognizes the fonts, it states that they are missing and need to be substituted with alternatives. Actually the fonts are available on my Mac, but Publisher may see 20 variations of the same style ie. 20 variations of Regular, or Italic, Bold etc. This creates a replacement table that has taken me hours to work through. If the 15 variations of Arial Regular are substituted by Arial from the Font Menu it works perfectly. To accomplish this you have to change each and every instance in the replacement table one at a time. If not difficult enough the Font Substitution Table is very small, and it trolls through the available fonts so quickly that it takes a lot of time jogging up and down through it to land on the correct font. In QuarkExpress when a font is missing it sees all of the 15 variations as replaceable by the modern font and is able to distinguish between the styles so that you could pick Arial for instance, and it would adjust to the style ie. Bold, Italic etc. The menu is large enough to be easily worked with and the menu operates at a speed where old dudes like me don't have a heart attack watching the fonts fly by. Oh Great Developers can you fix this to help me not go insane with this process? Just realized that a couple of pictures of the Font Substitution window would help: AS can be seen Publisher correctly sees the fonts but sees many variations of then same. All of these shown are regular and were easily substituted for but had to be done one at a time. Have a great weekend one and all!!!
  5. I'm putting together a table showing some statistical analysis and the as I'm entering the text, the fonts are acting really weird. (I checked several different fonts and it doesn't really matter what font I use, it looks this way on all of them. AF Publisher Mac OS X: 10.13.6 Table with 10 columns and 9 rows Font: Courier New Font size: 7pt
  6. Looking to find typeface or font bundles which have the visual effects of what the Serif Xenon Brush Pack Bundle (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/store/product/xenon-brush-pack-bundle/ does for brushes. To be used in all three Affinity packages. Thanks in advance.
  7. Is there a way to "Create Outlines" on text in Affinty? I'm new to Affinity Designer and have been using Illustrator for many years and while the interface on this is really good, it seems to be missing a crucial component that is required when preparing to send my work for output. My instructions are to: Embed/outline the fonts: When saving your file as a PDF, choose the option to embed the fonts. Even better send us a version of the file with all fonts outlined. However, despite having the "Embed fonts" checked off in the "Advanced" tax that appears when saving as a PDF, apparently that is not enough. I have just wasted a load of money on work that did not come out correctly. In particular, everywhere I have used a letter with a French accent aigu (É) the letter has come out incorrectly sized and pressed up against it's neighbour. How do I rectify this for my next output?
  8. Hi! Using Publisher on Win7 x64, I can't access some of my installed fonts from any dropdown. It seems *.otf fonts are found without problem, but many (but not all!?) of my *.ttf fonts are not showing up, and also the very old Type1 fonts with *.pfm/pfb are missing. I have a LOT of fonts installed, so I can't be sure if maybe an *.otf is also missing. Does this happen with other users? Maybe it's a Win7 thing? Interestingly, all the fonts seem to be available in Designer on the same machine. Cheers, k_au P.S. It's great how much quicker the beta 1.7 of Publisher is with the start-up time and font selection compared to Designer 1.6! though maybe that's because it does not reckognize half of my fonts
  9. Current beta does not recognize Adobe fonts and substitutes them with fonts that are not appropriate to the users choice. See screenshots. When the problem is recognized the problem can be corrected manually…see second screenshot.
  10. Abhinav Singh

    Unable to Use Hindi(Indic) Fonts

    Hi, I'm unable to paste text written in Hindi in Affinity Designer on Windows. The alphabets/words in Hindi break and appear as some other word. In GIMP and Krita, it works fine, but in Designer, Hindi is not working. I faced same problem in Photoshop too. Is there any solution for it? Thanks.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a feature on Publisher or not, but I was looking for a way to find and replace fonts in an entire document. Publisher is working great for pulling in PDFs and allowing you to edit the content. Better than anything I have used before. Currently I am able to edit manually, page by page, to change the fonts. I'm working with multiple 20+ page PDFs that need font styles and text sizes to change. InDesign has a feature called 'Find Font' that allows you to see all the fonts in the entire document and change the style/family and size. I wanted to see if this is a feature in Publisher that I can't find or if it will be implemented in the future. Even if this isn't part of Publisher it's definitely outshining InDesign right now!
  12. Hi guys. We're really missing the feature to open PDF's with baked embedded fonts. I understand that this feature is why many still clins on to Photoshop, like my self. Please make this feature a reality!? We have been waiting for this for several years now...
  13. Hello! I am having a curious problem with typefaces in both Designer and publisher, which is that a particular font (Akzidenz Grotesk BQ regular) never shows. It shows alright in Photoshop, MS word, and also correctly installed in the font directory (windows 10). In fact, when I open the character tab, I have a "bold", and two "medium" fonts (the two medium are the same) and no "regular". The same panel in photoshop shows "bold", "medium" and "regular". (postscript OTF) Is it a known bug or something I have missed? The typeface/fonts comes from Berthold website (bought there) so not likely to be corrupted. I have attached a couple of screenshots Thanks a bunch...
  14. Hi, I have lots of fonts and it slows down the startup of Affinity Photo and designer, because every time it is loading all fonts. Is there anything I can do to speedup things besides deleting fonts? Regards & Thanks, David
  15. I encountered a problem today that affects the beta version of Designer and Publisher. There is no issue with the Mac App Store version of Designer - all works well there. The issue is that with a certain font there are no stylistic sets in the beta versions - let me know. Please see the images attached. The font in question is Marschel Pro by Zeune. I could send the font but maybe that would create licensing issues. I don't know if this problem is with other fonts, and maybe I'm not getting all the stylistic sets without knowing it. But with this one font I can show at least.
  16. Hi, It wold be lovely to have google fonts browser integrated directly into Affinity Designer for iPad. So you can browse through type catalog and have search criteria like serifs, sans-serif, condensed, display etc... Also Adobe Type would be nice but i konow that is far fetched :) Cheers! Igor
  17. Currently I've been Downloading Fonts And Other assets onto my mac so That I can have a wider arsenal of resources. I was just doing a design for one of my friends and realized I couldn't find the font I just downloaded, I Thought it'd be amazing if there was little folders of some sort within the app that'll differentiate the downloaded "user" fonts, and the fonts that The computer you are using comes with, for better organization. even though i've never seen this feature on any other apps or software, is there a way you could implement this?
  18. OK, I'm very aware that maybe most of the designers and users of the awesome Affinity Designer are not into scientific posters, books or documents, but I'm a mathematician and I love the app myself, as much as I understand and use it. :) Hence, I got a small, but important feature request: a plugin/native support which would allow one to use the power of "local" LaTeX typesetting for symbols, fonts and other scientific notations. I am aware I could use the great LaTeXiT + drag & drop, but still, I envision my workflow as follows: When I have a complicated figure to draw, I fire up Affinity Designer and I draw, but for annotations and everything font or math symbol related, I'm not quite covered. I have installed some versions of the native LaTeX fonts (CMU) to use system-wide, but some are missing and still doesn't feel the same. So for symbols, equations etc. I would like to be able to input a LaTeX formula (delimited by the well-known dollar-signs) and Affinity would typeset it locally, using the fonts included in the LaTeX distribution installed on my Mac. What do you think? Honestly, I think that such a feature would be useful for all kinds of technical drawers, although they may use CAD-style apps. But you'll never know when you need a formula on your piece of art, right? :) Moreover, in perspective, I'm sure this would provide immensely useful for the future Publisher app, with inter-operability. Thank you for the support and the awesome apps!
  19. I have a document sent to me by a customer in both PDF and AI format. The document uses a font that I don't have. Even though I uncheck replace fonts, Designer doesn't outline it. It just give me a standard system font. Am I missing something? I swore Designer would do this. I'm running 1.6.5
  20. Hello, I have a problem with a pdf with embedded fonts, exported in Affinity Designer. When i open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Pro and try to edit the text, I get the message that the original font is not available or can not be used for editing. The pdf is attached. In the properties window in Acrobat, the fonts are shown as embedded. I deactivated "subset fonts". The font is from Adobe Fonts. When I try the same with exporting a pdf from InDesign, it is working fine. Thanks in advance! Fonts not working in Acrobat.pdf
  21. Hello, I get a message saying that ArialMT is missing. Then, in the Font Manager, I select that entry and use the Locate button. It takes me to a text box. This is when I get confused. The Font Manager says that Palatino Linotypre was used as a substitution for the ArialMT. However, when I examine the text box that I had been taken to, ALL the text is Book Antiqua (or so the Character Panel says), which happens to be the font I wanted. I have not, consciously, used ArialMT anywhere in the document. I have the following problem: Is the entire issue a bug and so I should just ignore it? Have I, without knowing it, used ArialMT somewhere but the Font Manager has given me the wrong location, in which case, I better scan the entire document to find the offending ArialMT? Is the font in the text block actually ArialMT, even though the Character Panel says it is Book Antiqua, in which case there is a bug in the Character Panel? Any ideas? Sincerely, Robin
  22. I realize that you can't deactivate Mac system fonts but I really don't need those fonts in my design documents. I need only my designer fonts of which I have many. Since no one can't activate thousands and thousands of fonts all at once, on any powerful system, I activate and deactivate only what I need per project. So it would be very nice to have a clean list of fonts - only see my designer fonts that are currently active. In other words, just hide not deactivate. Can there be a switch to turn the visibility of fonts on or off? That would be so great to not have to mentally block out STIX and all those other fonts that I never use and don't need and really make it difficult for me to scroll through the list.
  23. Hello, I searched the forum for info on the subject, and found one comment suggesting we write to our font management software companies requesting plugins to use with Designer and Photo (and Publisher). I wrote Insider Software, the makers of FontAgent, and this is the reply: "Manually activating fonts in FontAgent should make them show up in the Affinity applications, but at this time Serif (the company the makes the Affinity products) does not have a way for developers to make plug-ins. Without that ability, we do not have a way to auto-activate fonts like we do with the Adobe applications. If/when they do add plug-in support we will take a close look at that opportunity." Manually activating fonts will work while I'm learning the workflow, but never in a production scenario. Insider says y'all don't have a plugin structure, is that true? And if it is or not, can this be accomplished, so our font management solutions can work with your very fine products? Thanks.
  24. I am excited by the extended OpenType typography features, but I can't seem to use any of my treasured Adobe Type 1 fonts. Must I convert these fonts to TrueType to use them with the software?
  25. Create a bit of text, of the Artistic Text Tool type, if you'll excuse the pun. With it still active, click on the font drop down. Beach ball... frozen, crash. Every single time. Latest MacBook Pro 2018, most up to date version of OSX 10.13.x (not Mojave), most recently fully updated Affinity Designer.