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Found 18 results

  1. One of the features that would make the iPad version of Affinity Photo much nicer to work on is the ability to quickly flip the canvas horizontally using a gesture. I feel that this is a very important feature and I use it a lot in other apps. I use the horizontal flip when I'm drawing because it helps me see mistakes and makes inking/painting much easier since it gives me different angles to work on. I can imagine that this feature would also be helpful for photo editing because it makes it easier to check the work for any mistakes or areas needing improvement. So, please give us a gesture to flip the canvas horizontally. It would make a big difference! Thank you Affinity Photo team!
  2. HI everyone. Here are a few images from my digital design goddess theme . These images were hand painted in Affinity Photo. Let me know what you think. Gregory CJ
  3. Here is my latest digital painting, entitled "The Caduceus" inspired by a Gandharvan rain raga I witnessed. I have included the original drawing and an intermediary step in the creative process. I started the digital painting in Photoshop and completed the final digital painting in Affinity Photo which has now replaced Photohop as one of my favorite painting software.
  4. Hi I was trying affinity photo for drawing and digital painting. I'm currently using photoshop. but affinity seems really better. i was thinking of switching to AP. but the drawing & painting need some works. I had a few suggestions as well. a few days ago blender updated the grease pencil with nice brushes and tools that would be nice if AF could have them too. please take a look at this part of the video . you can smooth a brushed line with a tool just dragging on it. you can make it thin or thick while keeping smoothness as well. drawing a curved line with some brush would automatically smooth it.
  5. paolo.limoncelli


    A couple of weird giraffes...
  6. Zoltan Korcsok

    Old Racers - digital painting

    Old Racers Hi Affinity Community. My new personal work painted with Affinity Photo. I hope you like it. More work in progress pictures: Old Racers on Behance
  7. Zoltan Korcsok

    Old Wheels - digital painting

    Hi Affinity Community. I would like to share my first work made with Affinity Photo. I hope you like it. More work in progress pictures: Old Wheels on Behance
  8. Hi all, I can't quiet figure out which Affinity app is designed more towards digital illustration. My guess it's Affinity Photo, but I am not quite sure because Designer seems geared towards vector illustrators. So maybe Affinity Designer is also meant for digital painters (as in non-vector illustrations)? Is the brush engine exactly the same for both apps? When I talk about digital painting, I mean something like this photoshop painting from Craig Mullins: http://www.goodbrush.com/
  9. Hi there, guys! Long Time I don't share anything. Well, today I wanted to practice some digital painting (still trying to get myself on it, drawing is way easier), and, the fruit of that is this work in progress, some weird humanoid being. Best regards!
  10. This is probably a silly question, but if you wanted to use Affinity for making digital paintings, starting with a photograph, which program would you buy - Photo or Designer?
  11. Hey guys - I'm really keen to start painting in Affinity Photo. I have bought Astropad to use it with my iPad and downloaded loads of abr. format brushes. I was surprised, though, at the lack of information/content online for use of AP for digital painting/sketching etc. I wondered if anyone could direct me to any tutorials or resources that you've come across that might help me get started and learn more. Many thanks Chris
  12. Hi - I am considering transition from Procreate to Affinity photo to produce digital paintings and sketches. Could someone please tell me if there is a perspective grid in AP that works like the one in Procreate? As in you can set your 3 point perspective grid and draw lines that snap to the perspective grid line helpers? Thanks Chris
  13. There is a photoshop plugin called Magic Picker ( http://anastasiy.com/magicpicker). One of its key features is Tone Locking. Basically, it let you change the tone without affecting the relative lighting, as showed in this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zAfu7xE-Jw ). Super useful in digital painting, photo editing, color palette creation and pretty much all kind of work that need a good color consistency.
  14. I am interested in scanning high resolution copies of traditional sketches and using AP to color the sketch. There are artists who do this in Ps...but I'm not sure how to do it in AP. I want to maintain the paper & pencil texture, but be able to paint on the image as well. I'm fairly new to the digital painting world, so I'm not sure whether this is called a "mask" or if that is something else entirely. Some help with this would be great.
  15. Hi! I want to share this short tutorial which explains the technique I use to get a convincing watercolour effect. It is very short because the source file is included at the end of the post (about 129MB) so you're free to experiment. Let me know if you have any question about it! Please forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes... :P
  16. I've just downloaded Affinity Photo. I like the app very much so far, but it must be admitted that it isn't quite ready yet for digital painting and sketching. Here are a few suggestions:- Very important - Add ability to re-define keyboard shortcuts! I'm glad it's already on the road map! - Add shortcuts to decrease and increase the size of the current brush! - When using the brush and holding down some key (e.g. command), the brush should be restricted to a horizontal or vertical line, depending on the starting direction! Very important for quick sketching! - Add the ability to decide the number of swatches generated when creating a new palette from a document OR make the numbers of swatches generated about 256. - Add the ability to rotate the entire canvas (non-destructive), and make this available from a simple keystroke (e.g. R) Quite important - Add a keyboard shortcut to open the list of swatches without removing them from the toolbar if it is visible there; immediately close that temporary picker as soon as the key is released. Idea: Quick way of picking a colour when painting full-screen! - Add a keyboard shortcut to open Apple's default colour picker. - When in full-screen mode, the TAB key should make the *entire* UI go away. Currently, document tabs persist as well as a fairly thick (and useless?) border to the right and at the bottom. - When in full-screen mode and the UI is hidden (TAB key), the menu bar should *not* appear when moving the mouse to the top of the screen, and neither should Apple's dock! - Add the ability to mark my favourite brushes, and add a keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle between them! Not quite as important, but still important - Add a digital painter persona - UI panels should *not* reposition when switching to a panel whose height is too short! - There should be a Swatches manager window. Having to do everything from the context menu is kind of tedious. - Ability to import Photoshop swatches (.act files) - Should I really be able to add a system palette? Why would I want to use the system palette anyway?
  17. Etiennepascal


    Testing the new affinity photo beta! Works pretty well!
  18. Dear Affinity team and users, I came recently across your product. I am currently looking for a product which covers my interests. I am more of a developer than a designer, but occasionally I have or want to do some design work my self. Most of the time I get asked to design a simple website, create a Flyer to print or a Logo. For my pet projects I would like to be able to create game assets for 2D development (e.g. Pixel Art) and UI-elements. I am also interested into digital painting and own a Wacom tablet. Until yesterday, I thought I am going to buy Pixelmator/Acorn and Sketch, then I saw your product. For the Flyer and Logo use cases, it seems that the Affinity Designer is the perfect solution. Is AD also capable to solve my other use cases? How does it compare to Software like Sketch which is focused on Web/UI? Is web and UI design a use case that you try to solve with your product? Thank you for answering my questions.