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  1. I disagree with you. AI is very very buggy. I tried to use InDesign for all my works if possible. I am still using Adobe because my company uses it.
  2. I have not download nor activated Publisher bought during an email promo. Is it possible to transfer the license to Microsoft store? Photo and designer are bought from the store, so I thought a central management is better. I don't mind matching the amount on the store.
  3. Do you have the model of the HP printer? Home printer don't print to the edge unless it is a borderless printer
  4. Have you set the bleed size under document setup? Maybe it helps.
  5. Then it is critical to make sure the colours you have chosen in RGB is within CMYK range and work in their given profile. Also some digital printers do have a full range of colour charts. If you are regular or high volume client, they may give you a copy. This way you can get the exact colours your need. I suggest you to get such a colour book from them, and don't have to depend on the colours on your screen. We can do a test print on a smaller output with the same printer so that we can then adjust the colours in the final actual size print. Lastly I want to add that we need to have a good monitor too to get better colour display. Ideally 100% sRGB and 80% RGB. I am using a ThinkPad with poor sRGB at home and iMac at work. So I tend to "distrust" the display on the ThinkPad, rather replying on the colour percentages I choose. I guess the longer you work with it, you will generally know what the output will be. E.g, if you add 100M 100Y you have a general idea how red it will be or 10m 100y, you will have an idea how the outcome will be.
  6. I am a Linux user but had to keep the best computer for Windows due to lack of graphic software alternative. I knew about GIMP, Scribus and Inkscape but cannot get used to the interface, shortcuts and ways of doing things. I think I will make the switch if Affinity is available on Linux. As for distro, it can be made available/ support Ubuntu/ Mint and Manjaro as they have the most installed base.
  7. My workflow with Adobe - use RGB PSD but CMYK to set colour attributes (e.g., set brand logo colour at M100, Y100 instead of using RGB. Doing this will not result in colour shift later), use CMYK illustrator files, Stock images in default JPEG, any PNG or JPEG (pixel size had to be big though because adobe distiller will convert the DPI to 300dpi) PDF/ X is used for offset printing. I use it for all my print jobs, brochures, annual reports, flyers, event booth graphics including newspaper print (Newspaper only accept PDF through electronic transfer for a long time already). All printers will require you to use this format, but some designers still don't use it due to some reasons of their own. If printer require special PDF settings, you can just set it or they will email you the settings for import. To be true, I don't remember I doing this at all since switching to PDF workflow more than 20 years ago. There are a few types of PDF exchange format, I tried to keep to PDF/X-4 as much as possible because it is more flexible, unless your printer uses an old RIP that don't support this newer PDF format: PDF/X-1a:2003, blind exchange in CMYK + spot colors, based on PDF 1.4 PDF/X-3:2003, allows CMYK, spot, calibrated (managed) RGB, CIELAB, with ICC Profile, based on PDF 1.4 PDF/X-4, Colour-managed, CMYK, gray, RGB or spot colour data are supported, as are PDF transparency and optional content For newspaper print, we will need to adjust the total ink coverage to 200% or as specify by your newspaper printer. For web graphics, save your profile as sRGB will do. The old ways of converting images to CMYK and using TIFF format are long gone, there is no need to keep the old unproductive workflow. Things to check in PDF Check printer's marks Check overprint if you need in some instances Preflight PDF/X format in acrobat Check printing plates Check embedded fonts Check ink percentage Check total ink coverage, e.g., if you are printing on thin stock, don't use high percentage on all CMYK. The ink will soaked the paper and affect printing quality and drying time Hope this clarify everything.
  8. Work in RGB and export to PDF exchange format (PDF/X) for print. That's my workflow, and no problems at all. I don't do any manual conversion for many years now.
  9. Hi MEB, I have uploaded the file. The work around is to duplicate, and rasterised the layer before export.
  10. I have applied a perspective filter on the graphics, and when I exported to PNG or JPEG, some areas of the image broke. (refer below)
  11. XD can import Illustrator file now. So I assume exporting to AI may help.
  12. Don't worry appuser99, now there is affinity to the rescue! My customer journey with affinity begins constantly looking for workarounds on Adobe Illustrator due to its bugs in the latest and newest version. I went through Adobe's forum only to be told 1 message, "upgrade to the latest version!" without any solution. One day, I can across some forum talking about affinity designer and photo. I checked it out, looked at their features, checked out some reviews and purchased the software in conjunction with Black Friday offer. This proved to be a good decision for small-time freelancer like me. I picked up the software immediately and there is little need for re-training, while the money saved on subscribing to Adobe software can be used on better hardware.
  13. I have used Adobe tools 5 to 6 days a week daily for the past 26 years, with the exception when Freehand is still in business, and when later InDesign came along. What good is a software if it needs user to do many workarounds and switched off many resources? Maybe you are working with small files. We worked with huge pre-press files, large event panel files, and the latest Illustrator is just not production ready. Bounding box disappeared by itself (mac) Changing text box A attributes will affect text box B. Text box A have no effect, need to quit (mac) Select an object and the properties panel do not reflect the selection (mac) The program reset preference as and when it likes (mac) AI ext is associated to XD and cannot be changed (Win) measurements are not accurate (e.g., enter 210 mm, the properties may become 209.99 mm - long term) White became yellow on screen kerning set will revert to 0 after deselect Out of memory (mac) Most these may be non-existent if you are working with tiny file sizes, I do not know! Support will only tell you we have a new update 23.0.1, please update and thread is closed. Sorry for whining, out of topic.
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