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Found 22 results

  1. Isometric illustration of a music cassette in Affinity Designer 1.8. Support me on dribbble. Thanks!
  2. Hello world, Just created my isometric UX poster. Here is the timelapse. Thank you Here is the YouTube Link:
  3. Since we are starting to lift some lockdown rules here in Portugal starting from today May 4, the small shops are now allowed to reopen, i've made some signs in Affinity Designer and i've printed them in stickers. I've showed them to my clients in Isometric mockup created in Affinity Designer.
  4. Hey, I tried to create some nature scenery this time. It's not entirely my idea/design because I used something I found online as inspiration but it was a good practice. Turned out those trees are not as easy as they seem. I am glad for any feedback!
  5. Hey, this is the first time I used an actual image as an example and tried to recreate it in isometric style. You can see the outcome in the video thumbnail. I also embedded the example for comparison. It was quite challenging, especially the wooden planks. It's the first time I work with gradients and the wood look had me struggle for quite a while. The video shows my full process, including trial and error on the gradients. I won't consider it "done" yet as there are definitely some things to improve, like the roof where I had no idea what to add as details. I thought about doing the same wooden plank gradients in an interesting pattern but I guess that would be too much. Overall, it looks more like an asset from an old browsergame. It doesn't have this special isometric art style. I think it's because of the muted colors and too much detail. If I would redo it some day, I would try to use brighter colors (exploring more orang'ey for the wood) and have less small details. What do you think? I would be happy for feedback and some tips. Example:
  6. Hey, I just started out with vector design, especially isometric vector design. This is one of my practice projects. It was quite fun figuring out how to do it. I decided that it makes sense to use the "Symbols" feature in Affinity Designer so I can create each side in 2D.
  7. Here's a recent fun personal iso piece done in Designer. Anyone who grew up in the 70's will be familiar with these 2 crime fighters. Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) and Danny "Danno" Williams (James MacArthur) from the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series from 1968-1980. "Book'em Danno" was McGarrett's signature catch phrase as well as his trademark hair wave. Shown here is the original 68 Mercury.
  8. Hi, I've recently switched over from Adobe Flash to Affinity D. And I'm really digging the whole experience so far . Before doing iso stuff in Fash was a real chore. But with AD's speedy zooms and new isometric tool it's so much easier and faster (plus all the lines are clean!). Here's a few icons I've been working on in case anyone might be interested. Cheers, Rob.
  9. Hello designers, lately I wanted improve my isometric techniques and here's the result. What do you think?
  10. Hello, wanted to share with you the result of my try at doing a circuit board. Tell me what do you think and also any advice is much appreciated.
  11. Hello Affiniteers! I am a long-time Illustrator user and now a recent convert to Affinity Designer and wanted to share what I've made with AD. I saw the sale that was going on about a month ago and decided to pull the trigger. Glad I did as Affinity Designer is a very well-oiled machine that already offers a robust set of features that have been brilliantly thought out and has immense potential for further features. Well done team Serif! One of the features that I was most interested in when I purchased AD was the isometric grid and its features. I started out with a simple project: The NES controller. It's just a cube at the end of the day so I figured it'd make for a great first project. The tools are pretty self-explanatory if you are familiar with other design software and everything felt incredibly intuitive. Anywho, I have a habit of droning on and on when I'm excited about something and Affinity Designer definitely inspires that side of me. So without any further ado, please enjoy some of my work. I hope you enjoy my work! I plan to keep on making more isometric controllers for the time being, with a Gamecube controller being the next piece. Like my work? Check out my Dribbble account where you can see more: https://dribbble.com/b_houtz I also just joined this hip new thing called "Instagram" recently in 2019 and if you're looking for an account to follow (hah) I would be honored to have you join me: https://www.instagram.com/sly_hound/ On some of these controller posts, I have thoughts on Affinity Designer for those who are interested in such things. Thanks!
  12. I used the new great Isometric function at Affinity Designer and created this simple 2.5D scene for the presentation of the box design. I also used Affinity Photo for the final effect and light settings.
  13. Hello, friends. Tonight I could not sleep and I decided to draw something for the soul. This is what I did, Affinity DesignPad. I would be grateful for the support on Dribbble
  14. Hello everyone! This is my first shot for dribbble. Work done in 1.7 beta. The isometric tools in the new version of Affinity Designer 1.7 is a bomb!!! https://dribbble.com/shots/5691827-Hello-Dribbble
  15. This is the other side of the spectrum, good ol' isometric vectors It became part of a larger infographic that a colleague of mine finished (and which I can't share at the moment). The beauty of isometric design is that once You have correctly scewed and rotated Your building blocks even larger scenes become pretty straight forward – Affinity Spotlight recently shared a great tutorial on that. The trickier parts are of course geometries at odd angles, as well as round structures. Full disclosure: we bought a similarly looking original from iStock, but due to the messy way that vector and raster layers were intertwined we decided to use it just as a reference and rebuild the whole thing properly.
  16. Hi all Affinity-leaning creative types, here's a recent cover piece completed for a Canadian magazine entitled Aboriginal Business Quarterly based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The theme of this Spring 2018 issue is Transportation and Infrastructure in Northern Canada. The snow and ice are finally melting, making way for a busy season of road work/maintenance and resupply shipping - by boat and float planes equipped with skis - supporting various remote communities and industries. It's another example of my Affinity Designer isometric styled compositions built up using a limited colour palette, simplified elements and extensive use of gradients... And of course the awesome isometric grid feature. For those interested, there are more views of this piece on my Behance site. Hope you like. :-) https://www.behance.net/gallery/65266715/Aboriginal-Business-Quarterly-Cover-Affinity-Designer
  17. This is a DS-01 unit, manufactured by a guy named Benidub.
  18. Hi All Just thought I would have a rest from working on the Brush Library.. So I have been experimenting with isometric layout options in AD over the past couple of weeks! A4 (300dpi)
  19. No, I didn't do a Designer rainy Saturday design. This is the Designer design I did on a rainy Saturday. :lol: The goal was to experiment with resources including Enrique's Frankentoon fab Pattern Painter Brushes (USD$6 same as free in my book) and the Awesome Gradient Set provided by cjclip (USD$0 absolute free), @ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23960-awesome-gradient-palette-for-affinity-designer/ Hey, one of the many things I learned in this experiment: The incredible tip to CTL-C one vector and CTL-SHIFT-V it to another to pass along the properties... WORKS ON TEXT TOO! Cool! (I'll let you Apple people decipher the COMMAND key codes :P ). @Alfred 'cause you can't resist asking: I didn't add the iso automobiles because I didn't get the STOP/ALTO signs vectored yet and did't want to cause a crash! :P
  20. Quick illustration I did for Instagram self-promo. Playing with the isometric grid. Good times.
  21. The Ice Cream Rave Van...January Blues so needed a dose of Neon cheer this week.
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