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  1. Bug report. Using the latest version at the point of writing this ( v1.10.5.1342 ) Video with explanation attached below. (Has audio) Thank you for taking your time looking into my report. Please do correct me or provide other inputs for me to further update this post. The asset text change is permanent and will look deformed on other new documents too. Affinity Designer 2022-10-04 17-39-54.mp4
  2. Hi, can you please help me to understand how to insert bitcoin (U+20BF) and Russian ruble (U+20BD) symbols to affinity designer text. It does not work neither on desktop nor on iPad. Thank you
  3. Granted it took Adobe something like 20 years to put this feature into Illustrator, so I'm not expecting this to appear overnight, but is there a way to convert between these two kinds of text types?
  4. I'm new to Affinity Designer and really struggling. Is there a tutorial on editing text in an eps file?
  5. some time ago I saved a paragraph format , justification, text font and size etc. I remember there was a key board short cut option and I chose 'control 1' for one style and 'control 2' for another. Since then something strange has happened when I key in 1 or 2 without pressing control key the open text box is reformated instead of typing 1 or 2. So basically, now I can't type 1 or 2 . I only created this short cut once, a while back and I cant remember how I did it. Obviously this is a big problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, using Affinity Designer, is there a way to assign a list of text snippets to predefined slots? Example: I want to create a periodic table. I would probably use Symbols to design a single element cell. Then I'll duplicate and distribute the symbols ~120× to form a periodic table. Let's assume I already have a list of element names (Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium...) in a text file. Can I somehow instruct Affinity Designer to distribute these element names in order into my ~120 symbols? How would you do it? Thanks!
  7. Is there a way in Designer that, with or without converting to curves, I can take text and transform it so that one side is longer than another, giving it a trapezoidal shape? Alternately, can I take my curves or text and distort ir arbitrarily by moving a corner, similar to Photoshop's "distort" transform function. Basically, I just need to have a block of text that is larger on one end and gets smaller at the other end...without changing the font of every single character one at a time to gradually increasing (or decreasing) size. I can find out to resize it, rotate it, skew it, but no way to stretch it like that. Examples from Photoshop:
  8. Hi Typing ion markings, I found a problem with inserting a plus and minus sign in the superscript position! Despite the superscript function in many fonts, characters remain in the base position. Designer, Publisher and Photo Robert superscript problem.afdesign
  9. Hello Team Hello Everyone Yes it has been long time since i wrote here, but today i realized while working on a project that i didn't knew how to Break a text into words/lines. I went to help file and found a quick how to ... but realized then when I break text into words or line using Shift+Return, it all become curves and non editable anymore. Is there a way to do that operation without changing the nature of text/object and keep editing it ? your help is welcome. Blessings
  10. The functionality to switch between artistic and frame text would be a great addition to Designer... Illustrator's implementation of doing this (double click a specific node on a text object, or right click > convert to...) is a perfect example on how it should be handled. Here's a thread with a whole bunch of other people wanting this as well.
  11. I recently noticed that none of the "black" text in my document was actually printing on my laser printer as black. I created the attached simple Affinity Publisher document to demonstrate the problem. This document accepts all the default settings for a new "Press Ready" letter sized document, which includes the CMYK/8 color format and U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 color profile. I changed nothing, added a single line of text, and printed the document. The text on the printed document is noticeably dithered. I tried exporting a PDF (also attached) and find that when I try to print it, the text is exactly the same, dithered a bit. I have confirmed that the document has (by default) chosen the proper C0 M0 Y0 K100 color of black for the body text. Note that I can use the same laser printer to print a similar simple test from Apple's Pages software and the text appears crisp and fully black. What am I doing wrong with Affinity Publisher? How can I be sure that when I export my PDF for the printer, it will export with proper black text when I cannot confirm this myself before sending it off? I'd like to be able to print decent proofs in my office, it is extremely frustrating that everything I print comes out looking pixellated (see the photograph, Affinity Publisher sample on top, Pages sample below). test-black.afpub test-black.pdf pages-black.pdf
  12. Hi, I've been using Affinity Designer for awhile now, and just today it has started putting a black background on any text I create (both frame tool and artistic). I go to the character palette, and the background color is set, but it is not black. The frame background is black ,and there is no way to change this. I tried relaunching Designer, and it is still happening. If I convert the text to curves, I get the text object and another object that is a black box. What can I do to stop this from happening?? Thanks, Colin
  13. I was trying to make a headline which is rotated just a bit and having an outer shadow and 3D effect added to it. I then added and clipped a Gaussian Blur live filter to the text, and that's when things went wrong. It's like there is a line down the middle of the text messing up the 3D effect. What is going on here? Turning the Gaussian Blur filter off returns the text to normal with a normal 3D effect. The line gets worse the more I turn up the Gaussian Blur filter. Screenshots as well as the .afphoto file attached. Best wishes IMG_1201, fejl i Affinity Photo.afphoto
  14. Hi there. When doing a sentence case capitalisation in Spanish language, there is a constant error on which the "Y" is always set as uppercase. Reading you official description of the sentence case function, it seems that… is it considering "Y" as a proper noun? Example: NOVEDADES EN LAS NUEVAS VERSIONES DE AFFINITY Y OTRAS COSAS INTERESANTES results in: Novedades en las nuevas versiones de affinity Y otras cosas interesantes (On a merry anecdote, Affinity does not think Affinity is as a proper noun ) It is not a terrible error, but having in mind the hideous trend of our customers to write all titles and subtitles and even paragraphs in all caps, it adds extra work to check for the rogue Y's. Cheers to the team!
  15. Hi. I have a question for you, can I move the text and the black strap from picture 1 to picture 2? Best regards Westlin
  16. Hi guys, recently I modified a lot of properties for a project and now I get this weird, way to big of a space between the sentences after pressing enter. I've already tried EDIT/Standard Values/Reset but its seems to reset everything but the space. Any idea where to look? Cheers Alex
  17. In much of Asia, it is usual to have bits of Latin-script text in a block of Thai, Chinese, or whatever. Right now I'm working on a restaurant menu where one field requires both Thai and Latin script. The next version will need Chinese, too. To make this look good I need a different font for each script. In Microsoft Word I can define a style that uses an entirely different font for each script. From the posts I've seen, in Affinity Publisher I would need to override a paragraph style with a manually applied character style for two of the three scripts. This is a pain, and since I'd have to do it over again whenever my merge data changes, I can't really use Publisher for this job. This problem must be hurting Affinity sales all over Asia, and I would think that applying a font according to a range of Unicode code points would not be a big programming challenge.
  18. I have a label of text, graphics and a photo composed in Publisher. I can group them all and I want to proportionally reduce the dimensions of the group to fit a smaller container. When I reduce the dimensions by moving the corner marker, the graphics and the photo get smaller, but the text does not. Any suggestions? TIA.
  19. Hi! Now that we have a fantastic constraints feature could be very useful to have an option to show/hide overflow in Text Areas. This feature could avoid extra complexity in assets design, allowing to emulate a realistic text "cropping". Cheers!
  20. All new text, artistic text, or text frames all have a brown/red background when I create them. The background color is set to transparent. While I can set them to a different color, I can not set them to transparent. Is it some setting I overlook?
  21. I purchased Affinity Photo months ago. Ever since then, I have been having a few issues with the software. The issues I'm having with the software are the layers are blurred or something like that for a few seconds when I use Effects. When I used the text or a specific type font or do anything with the text, like change the size of the text, duplicate the text, and move the text, the transparent canvas would show up (some of the transparent canvas would show up). Also, when I open up a file, the layers, adjustments, layer effects, and live filters become blurred for a few seconds, then go back to normal. Now, I'm going to tell Affinity support about the issues I'm having, but I just want to post it in this forum to see if anyone else is having the same issues, as I am. Also, if someone could help me solve these issues.
  22. I found a YouTube tutorial using the Contour Tool on text. When they use it, there's a smooth transition around all the letters. When I apply it, the outline distorts. I can fix it by either changing the view or select Bake Appearance. Is there a preference setting I'm missing?
  23. New issue with the latest version of deisgner. When you type out anything , then you want to duplicate it by pressing ALT and dragging the text object. The contents of the new duplicate do no show while dragging. They appear after stopping the drag. This never used to happen. Gary
  24. There is no feature “hyphenation” in the paragraph tab in Designer, is there? But when automatic hyphenation is not possible in Designer, why can you choose the hyphenation language in the character tab? Ich finde bei Designer(!) den Abschnitt „Silbentrennung“ nicht im Absatz-Panel – richtig? Allerdings frage ich mich, warum man dann trotzdem im Zeichen-Panel eine Sprache für die Silbentrennung aussuchen darf!?
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