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  1. Hello, Two images attached. First one shows black warped text. layer was duplicated and converted to curves. Then outline added. The outline doesn't conform to what the warped text was in Black. Gary
  2. I am new to Affinity Designer and Publisher so I may have something setup wrong. When using the frame text tool in Designer, I am unable to get the text to automatically flow to the next line when it reaches the end of the frame. Also, when I try to utilize a soft return (option+shift+return) to force the the text to the next line, the text starts again on the same lime. Attached are screen shots, the 1st showing the text not dropping to the next line in the frame, and the 2nd showing the text starting again on the same line when using a soft return. What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks or your help.
  3. I am noticing I can't type a soft return using the shift + return keys when on a Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech Keys To Go). This is a generally used function in other apps. Would love to see it in designer as well. On an added note it is possible to do a soft return in other apps using this same combo with the software keyboard. That would be great if Affinity Designer could do it, so I don't have to open the special characters tray.
  4. Affinity Designer on Mac: When pasting text from a word document into a text field in affinity designer, it does keep most of the formatting. However, when line breaks in the word document are not denoted by "enter", but instead by the size of the page, they are seen in affinity as an infinitely long line and will be pasted as such. Is there any way to paste text into a text field, in such a way that either, the original formatting is completely kept, or such that the horizontal size of the textfield is respected, and not just extended into infinity? Or is the easiest way to achieve this for me, by manually assigning line breaks by "enter" in the original file? Cheers.
  5. Hello, For some reason I cannot switch between between artistic text and text frame ? How can I convert or switch modes between texts ? Thank you, Text_frame.mp4
  6. I'm sorry that I'm not good at English. I'd like to use the vertical writing in Japanese. Vertical writing functions are essential in Japanese, especially for DTP software such as "publisher". Japanese creators are currently hesitant to purchase the product simply because it does not have this feature. I am afraid that only Japanese are the only users of this system, but please consider implementing it.
  7. The functionality to switch between artistic and frame text would be a great addition to Designer... Illustrator's implementation of doing this (double click a specific node on a text object, or right click > convert to...) is a perfect example on how it should be handled. Here's a thread with a whole bunch of other people wanting this as well.
  8. When I import a page made in Publisher as a PSD into Photo, the text imports as a pixel layer. I've turned on the 'import as text for PSD' in preferences... (Within Studio Link it's editable as text... But as a separate, stand-alone PSD file.. It's not). Would appreciate any help.
  9. Hi guys, here's a new video about how to create a 3D text in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  10. First of all, congrats on the release of the new version. I got excellent value from Designer v1, so was happy to pay again. I am looking forward to playing with the new features. I noticed a minor glitch in text display in the Layers pane. Descenders get chopped off at the baseline. See the "g" and the "y" in this screenshot: Hopefully it won't be too hard to fix Best wishes Will
  11. Can this be done? I'm pasting a long text into a text box but want make a 3 column layout thus i need it to be split into three separate text boxes. Right now i'm doing this the old fashioned way - manually by copying and pasting what doesn't fit in a text box to the other boxes... chers!
  12. When I print from affinity Designer, the text is always bolder than what’s on screen. Tonight I exported the document as a PNG then printed it from the PNG, and the font thickness is as it should be on screen. Does anyone know how or why this is happening? Or how to fix it? im using a Mac and V1 AD. I’ve attached a photo so you can see the difference in the print direct from AD and one from the exported PNG.
  13. You can currently resize text frames horizontally by double clicking the centre handles on the left or right hand side of the text box. The same goes for vertical resizing. I would like to also have a resize to smallest bounding box of the text by double clicking the handles at the corners of the text box (e.g. bottom left/ right). That would be convenient for example for reworking large text boxes for titles, which overlap with other text frames.
  14. Dear Serif, please make the text style shortcuts context sensitive, meaning that text styles are not applied when I try to type my text. I prefer to use the alphanumeric keys for text styles so I can activate them with a single keypress. But currently, if I have a body style associated to the "B" hotkey, I cannot type the word "body" in a text frame. 😭
  15. Considering that one day there may be options to filter search queries by layer/ page/ chapter/ text frame/ column, etc., see: It would be neat to have a batch Find and Replace in which you can add multiple queries for finding and replacing something. That way, you could batch replace various pieces of text, characters (e.g. to do clean up for multiple white spaces and break characters) for particular pages in at once. The way I see this is you could add another Find and Replace query by clicking on a "+" button, which will run after the first Find and Replace has run.
  16. When I have to batch replace large pieces of text without a consistent way to do this using RegEx, I would like to shift click multiple instances to replace rather than clicking the replace button for each item individually. That way, I can go over the edits much quicker manually.
  17. I am working on a scanned pdf document, which is much easier to add in Publisher than in Acrobat Pro (which I used to recognise text from the scan), but if I want to get rid of certain pieces of text from a text frame (e.g. the titles on a text page) I cannot easily copy and paste it back in its original position. 2022-12-03 20-22-40.mp4
  18. Hey folks, I have a problem:) I created a Christmas card with affinity designer. In affinity, everything looks fine. If I export the file (png or jpg) the text is not sharp. I tried almost everything I found on google, but it doesn't work. Attached the jpg. Can anybody help me out. Thanks Carl
  19. hi I am having a nightmare at the minute no matter what i do both of these programs are crashing i cant change font or do pretty much anything or add a few picture without it shutting down i have so much do do right now i dont wont to pay for the v2 just yet as i have hardly used the photo one due to crashing i have a really good laptop so its not the specs on that please help i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it does the same thing it was design was fine before hand only crashing the odd time
  20. Hello there, So I'm a website designer, and I would like to design in Affinity Designer more. I found a problem though that is preventing me from doing that full-time...When I export my files to PSD (for handing over to developers) and open them in Photoshop, the text layers appear as image/raster layers and aren't editable. Please help. This is a very important issue for me to resolve. I cannot proceed with using Affinity Designer if our dev team can't edit the texts. Other than this, I am really loving this software. Please help. Thanks, Eli
  21. Hello, I have been working on a pdf, and noticed that some objects keep being highlighted with the purplish outline eventhough they are not selected: When I select the text, there is no line set: I'm on Win10. Juan
  22. Hi, I am working on a presentation in Affinity Publisher. I have masterpages with two text frames: one for the title of the slide and the second for the chapter of the slide. Having started with my previous presentation file, I am now wondering how I could update all chapter text from the masterpage without affecting the title text of the slide. For the chapter text, I have a bar that contains all the chapters. Within this, I want to apply a different characterstyle to the active chapter, so I can have Chapter 1 displayed in bold when I talk about Chapter 1 and have Chapter 2 in bold for Chapter 2 etc. I prefer not to have individual masterpages for each chapter, because that would multiply the amount of masterpages by 7 (leaving me with 21 masterpages to manage). How could I approach the text updating efficiently?
  23. How can I make the right align of a text frame respect the spaces at the end of a line? Right now, if the last characters of a line are spaces, the line is aligned by its last visible character, not the last character of the line. I am trying to indent lines from the right.
  24. When using a document that was created in Designer 1 I cannot change the leading of text. This behavior continues if I paste the text box into a document created in Designer 2. The example document contains two text boxes. One was pasted from Designer 1, and the other was created in Designer 2 and the text was pasted in. You'll notice if you change the leading of both, the second text box is the only one that changes. paragraph test.afdesign
  25. According to the documentation of V2 most dictionaries – except a few – should be already installed. The German dictionary is missing see attached screen capture.
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