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  1. Hi in this affinity photo tutorial I show how to photograph St. Peter's Basilica at night and then edit it. The challenge is the big difference between light and shadow. The colors are adjusted slightly and people are removed. I wish you inspiration and a merry christmas. Ciao Jack
  2. Hi, in this Affinity Photo V2 tutorial, I show how you can correct a failed white balance with correspondingly incorrect colors. Another main content is the brightening of shadows with two different methods. Other processing techniques are also shown. I wish you fun and inspiration. Ciao Jack
  3. I feel a litte frustrated with the transparency support - or I am holding it wrong. I have an object with a drop shadow. I now remove the object with shadow through inpainting on a duplicate layer. Now I have: 1. one image with the object and shadow on the background 2. and one being just the background. Now I want the difference between the two images (or rather their luminosity) as transparency - as that should give me the drop shadow as transparency. I don't see how I could do this. Or is there another way? It seems like working on transparency isn't quite as straight forward. Any pointers?
  4. Hello everybody, I am really a Rookie... but I hope to find help here... Can somebody help me to create the outer curve shape like in the attachement shown.... I don't know how to do it... 😞 I would appreciate every little help.... Thanks for your support in advance... with kind regards.. AD_Rookie49 Temperature_Level_Design_4.afdesign
  5. In this tutorial I show you how to create windows or blinds from scratch and use them to create a more dramatic photo. I use shadows, shapes, blur, blend modes, gradients, perspective and more. I originally saw this done in photoshop, but they were selling the shadows, while I am showing you how to make them yourself. https://youtu.be/ceUU7V6lIfY I also did an iPad version. the link is in the desktop video.
  6. I'm thinking more in terms of drawing a shadow. Let's say we have a black shape which will be a long shadow, on one end of the shadow I want it to have a well defined sharp edge and on the other end I want it to get gradually more blurry. I'm thinking the Gaussian Blur could be modified to achieve this. If anyone can do this another way please let me know.
  7. Hi, I visited a guided Lost Place Tour and took a shoot of an old ballroom of a hotel. One of the difficulty ist the light, because there is no electricity. In this tutorial, I show how to edit such a photo. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  8. Hello, here I enhanced a shot of the medieval old town of San Gimignano in Tuscany/Italy. I took this photo with a tripod and a 13 second exposure. With Affinity Photo, I worked on the light conditions to achieve a dramatic and romantic atmosphere, like it was. I wish you fun with the video. Ciao Jack
  9. Hey Guys, I'm really frustrated.. I'm coming from car photography and my style was aways to shoot kinda underexposed and drag the shadows up, to get that moody feeling. When I was using Adobe products, there was absolutely no problem with that. But since I use Affinity, my photos are getting worse, because I'm struggling to get a clear image which is crisp. The image is always kinda washy and I can't bring the shadows back :( For reference 3 pictures: Original Photo, The one with the watermark is made in affinity and the other one is a 30s lightroom mobile edit, which came out better than the 3h Affinity edit... Thanks in advance! Max
  10. Very excited to finally being able to present this class: “REALISTIC VECTOR ART PRINCIPLES“. In this class you'll learn all the techniques, methods, tips and mindset to achieve professional results like you see in these samples of my own work. HOW to observe, HOW to think, WHAT to do and WHY. Watch the video to get all the information about this class. See you there! Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgYN2MRcl2w -- 10 FREE Udemy coupons for this class will be raffled among anyone asking for them with a comment on the Youtube video. I will reply commenting back with instructions for winners on Friday 13th - Good luck y'all
  11. I have read many threads on this topic but cannot find what I am looking for. For example, in my architecture work I want to simply use layers in luminosity mode and brush in the luminance (brightness) of a window layer. This is quite common in PS and ON 1 Photo Raw. However, when using this work flow on Affinity 1.7.3 the luminance (brightness) of the layer I am blending in actually produces the color of the layer and not the brightness. So for example if the window I am blending in has some yellow color cast the yellow appears in the blended layer instead of just a brightness. This is true for shadows that are blended in also. Can anyone tell me if I need to use a different blend mode to achieve brightness or shadows without a color cast or is there something additional needed in the luminosity blend mode to achieve brightness/shadows without a color cast.
  12. I'm wondering if there is a way to keep this box open like the others (exposure, saturation, vibrance etc.) are always open? I use the feature often and would prefer to have it always open already as opposed to having to check the box AND scroll down first. Thanks in advance for advice.
  13. Best way to add light to cloths ? I am thinking draw in the light is probably better more accurate method. Aims to add light to the cloths add in creases and folds of the Parker jacket. Rob
  14. I've downloaded Affinity Designer Trial to see if I can get it to export an SVG of a purely vector design. For this project, it's incredibly important that the final product be an SVG that has zero rasterized elements in there so it can scale to multiple screen resolutions. The problem is that, while I've got the design looking good (well, as good as I can get it, being a programmer and not a designer!), when I export to SVG **without rasterizing unsupported effects** -- which I thought SVG supported shadows and gradients on a transparent background, right? -- the file has neither of those. I've attached the afdesign doc and a resulting SVG. Tried reading said SVG in Chrome and Firefox as well as Apple's Quick Look (which I believe uses Preview's built in magic magicness) and the shapes and colors are fine, just no drop shadow, no gradient, no transparency. Input appreciated. Thanks all. SVG Looks like this in quicklook: Postal Logo (Affinity) 2.svg Postal Logo 2.afdesign
  15. Hi there, I’ve got a photo of two signs that I’m trying to remove the shadows in the corner from. I know that I could use the clone tool to remove it, but I have to do it on many photos and that would be incredibly time consuming. I’ve tried so many things and none of them seem to work. Does anyone have any quicker ideas on how I could remove these shadows? Thanks :)
  16. I'm new to the forums, so hi! I'm having difficulty with adding inverted drop shadows - the kind you could add with DrawPlus - but there doesn't seem to be a function for them in Affinity. Is there a workaround that's not an excessive amount of work? I need to add the inverted drop shadows to detailed drawings, as if there was a shadow on the ground of an image standing upright. I need to add them to multiple images on each page. Here is a simplified example from another user's post: Thank you! Anj
  17. Hi all, something I've always felt frustrating about Serif products is the saving of styles. I create a box with a red border at four points. I then had a drop shadow and a couple of other effects. I say this is the style and it saves everything; the fill, the border colour and thickness and the drop shadow and any other effects that I've added. I really wanted to simply save the effects so that I can have a drop shadow style save that I really like and apply to anything without a) having to hand make the drop shadow every time from the effects panel or b) have the fill and border change and have to correct that afterwards. Is there a way to do this or would it be on the roadmap for down the road? Thanks very much.
  18. Would like to see a Texturizer filter and the abllilty to use PSD images as added textures similar to those in PS and Elements.I apply stock textures such as canvas and/or custom textures like wood or foliage to creative images. Also, control of the effects could be improved. For example, the drop and inner shadow effects would be much effective if they could 'fade' like black to transparent gradient. I think the grid that appears with the perspective correction tool should be fixed rather than move with the adjustment to act as vertical reference lines. I've cut the PSCC cord and think AP is a strong challenger but, as with all things, it could be improved a bit. Thanks for providing the opportunity to suggest and request improvements.
  19. Dear Affinity-Team, Regarding the Shadows & Highlights function in the Raw Persona; please solve the "shadows-problem". Currently it is simlpy useless! Using the Shadows slider, the shadows in a image will be simply clinched together (have a look on the histogram) which causes a horrible black and grey sludge. Please check this out and change the algorithm for that. It's possible to make a workaround by using Exposure, Blackpoint, Brightness, Contrast and Clarity, so it shouldn't be a big deal for you smart guys I know there are also other threads for that issue, but in your own interests, this weakness is one of the most discussed problems of the AP raw converter in many other forums (the other big issue is the load time of the raws, which improves version by version :)). So, please have a look on that... Thank you very much!!
  20. Hello dear Affinity-Team, I really want to thank you for making such a great iOS app. It’s so much fun to edit and create images. However I got some major problems with the raw development. I know that the app is not comparable to any desktop raw development and is not meant to be one. However the raw development was advertised as feature. Unfortunately it is completely useless for me when I try to edit 25MB RAW files from my SONY A6300 on my iPad Pro. But I think Affinity Photo should at least hold up with a free iOS app called „VSCO“. Look at the two pictures I attached, I didn’t pay attention for reducing highlights or any other feature except recovering shadows. created with „VSCO“ increasing the shadows by 100 % created with Affinity Photo increasing shadows by 100% It is quite obvious that Affinity Photo looses all Details in the shadows. Why is that, if a free iOS app can do better (however I don’t like the app at all and love affinity photo)? Am I doing something wrong? I would love to be able to recommend affinity photos for raw development, but as of know it’s simply too bad for that, shadows just being an extreme example for minor quality results in the raw development of affinity photo. I hope that the problem gets fixed soon! And again: I’m not comparing it to a professional desktop application. I think affinity photo could do a lot better! Kind regards, David B.
  21. How come the shadows adjustment inside the HDR or anywhere you see this slider, there is minimal change in the shadows? The highlights slider acts the way i expect though.
  22. I have a problem by using the Shadow and Highlight sliders of the Develop Persona. Please compare the two results. The only thing I tweaked have been the Highlight slider to -100% and the Shadow slider to +100%. All other switches set to OFF/Unchecked, in Camera Raw and also in Develop Persona. The only exception was the usage of the Camera Colour Profile "Neutral" the RAW file offers (not available in Develop Persona), but this only affects subtle the colours. Camera Raw also applied the automatic lens correction profile, which is also not recognised by Develop Persona. Everything else was disabled (sharpening, denoise, etc.). Please see attached results. The one on Develop Persona is unfortunately much worse than the one of Camera Raw/Lightroom. I also attach the RAW file. I am very keen on your reply to this, and I really appreciate in advance. Hey guys, there is a problem on upload of Lightroom/Camera Raw generated JPGs to Affinity Forum sites, this error only occurs if I want to upload the Adobe generated JPG sample: Best regards, Roland RAW File: DSC00644.ARW Camera Raw Output attached as Zip: DSC00644-CameraRaw.jpg.zip
  23. I constructed a beautiful looking multi-micrograph panel in affinity designer after manipulating raw tiff images in affinity photo. The panel looks fine and is attached A screen shot looks find and is attached When I export to pdf in order to submit to a journal, dark shadows appear over parts of the figure. I tried copying each panel into a new designer document but that didn't work. I figure there is some bizarre setting i've toggled on for some of the panels? Best, Dan Revised Fig 3 with 5 or 7 panels.afdesign test 2 Revised Fig 3 with 5 or 7 panels.pdf test save as pdf Revised Fig 3 with 5 or 7 panels.pdf Revised Fig 3 with 5 or 7 panels.pdf
  24. What will be the best way to remove the shadow from the front sail on the left boat in photo1? and the shadow from the back sail in photo 2 I tried for hours and still not happy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fl2sp4jdeirkxnr/Photo1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdfszj1xpg2vt7i/Photo2.JPG?dl=0 Thank you
  25. Hey guys, I am looking for a possibility to create multiple Luminosity Masks with channels, so that I have several channels for lights, shadows... The problem is, that you can't multiply/intersect selections like in Photoshop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4mG6vlJFNQ). And I do not mean the overlapping function. Thanks for Your help!
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