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  1. AD_Rookie49

    Improve my Button

    Hello, Thank you so much for your suggestions and support... I'll try it tomorrow... Busy with work .. sorry... Have a great day.. Regards AD_Rookie49
  2. Hello, I am trying to improve my skills in Affinity Designer... As Attachement you see my first steps.. I would like to make a button like shown... I think I need some more help with my work... Please feel free to help me... but then.. please let me know in detail (each step if it's possible).. what you have done to improve my first test... Thanks for your help. With kind regards from Germany... AD_Rookie49 Alarm_Button.afdesign
  3. AD_Rookie49

    Glow Effect for Image

    Dear Gear Maker, is there an easier way to do this glow effect. ?? I have tried it to use the png-Image directly... filled it with a white color and made an outer glow effect. Or are there other ways ? kind regards AD_Rookie49
  4. AD_Rookie49

    Glow Effect for Image

    Dear Gear maker, Thank you so much for your advice... i'll try it by myself asap... with kind regards AD_Rookie49
  5. Hello, I am a newbie with the Affinity Designer... I check different Video Tutorials, but I didn't find exactly what I need... I would like to make my normal png like the Glow effect couch.png. What is the best and easiest way to do that....? I would really appreciate each help... with kind regards from Germany AD_Rookie49