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  1. Thank you for this explanation. Upon reviewing my steps the main issue is that I added the luminosity mode on the mask and not the pixel layer. It is working as expected now. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for your attention to this. I have attached the .afphoto versions of the files. Please advise. layer-1.afphoto layer-2.afphoto
  3. Hello, Attached are files from Affinity and ON1 Photo Raw (Note that PS gives same results as ON1). The first 2 images on the first row ( layer 1 intro, layer 2 intro) are layers that I will be using to blend with a brush in Luminosity mode (lum layer mask photo). After brushing the section on the right hand side of the photo with the arch you can see that the color of the light comes through in the door way and not simply the luminance i.e. brightness (see "brushed layer w color cast photo") . This is not what I expect as I only want the brightness to come through. The next 4 images with the On1 name in the file represent the same steps taken but this time using the ON1 Photo Raw program. I have tested this in PS and it works the same as ON1 which is the correct result. The final image "On1 brushed layer w NO color cast" shows the result after I have brushed in over the arch doorway in luminosity mode. The arch way is simply lightened without a color cast. Luminosity blend mode via a brush is a common practice for me in my architecture work and unless Affinity defines luminosity different from PS then I believe this is a bug. Please advise. Thanks
  4. I have read many threads on this topic but cannot find what I am looking for. For example, in my architecture work I want to simply use layers in luminosity mode and brush in the luminance (brightness) of a window layer. This is quite common in PS and ON 1 Photo Raw. However, when using this work flow on Affinity 1.7.3 the luminance (brightness) of the layer I am blending in actually produces the color of the layer and not the brightness. So for example if the window I am blending in has some yellow color cast the yellow appears in the blended layer instead of just a brightness. This is true for shadows that are blended in also. Can anyone tell me if I need to use a different blend mode to achieve brightness or shadows without a color cast or is there something additional needed in the luminosity blend mode to achieve brightness/shadows without a color cast.
  5. If I open a couple of files grouped together in Affinity for layering work there are times when I need to add an additional file(s) of the same image to the other layered images currently opened up in Affinity. Being a new user to Affinity this seems to be more difficult than I imagined. Can someone enlighten me on how to do this. Thanks
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