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  1. So no further comments? Ballooning files like that is a bit of a problem for the long term.
  2. Thanks, @walt.farrell, I am quite glad it's not just me Your tests exactly reflect my experience.
  3. Thanks, @stokerg Unfortunately all the infos I found and read suggested that a "Save As" should shrink the file to a reasonable size. And that's just not the case for me. Any further suggestions?
  4. Hey there, I've already in a couple of forum threads about the file size behaviour of Affinity Photo. Unfortunately things still don't quite add up for me. I've got a 10MB NEF RAW file. I've reduced to RGB/8, history is turned off and I also used "Save As" trying to trigger the file streamlining. Still the Affinity Photo file is 112MB. What am I missing? cheers, Torsten