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Found 95 results

  1. Affinity Photo is just awesome and I believe more and more artists are adopting it has I did some time ago. Everything is great and is getting better with every update. But one of the things I never understood was why name the Plugins options in the preferences panel as Photoshop Plugins. I understand that in the beginning we may needed some kind of reference but since it's possible to install and use the plugins without Photoshop and since they aren't done by Photoshop, I don't see the need to make that reference. This is my sincere opinion and a simple suggestion/request, why not name it just Plugins? Thanks for all the effort and support, Pedro
  2. I have the plugin AKVIS Nature art on Seriff Photoplus X8. Can this be added to the Plugins on Affinity and if so How
  3. I've been using the nik plugins (sharpeners and color Efex) successfully for many months. I've just decided to have a go at using viveza but have had to give up. When a file is loaded into the plugin all the colours are wrong. I've read about a problem in the windows forum and have tried the suggestions in there to no avail. The colours displayed in the loupe window appear to be correct though. Just thought I'd better flag up that there is a problem with the Mac version as well as the Windows one. A great shame as would be great to be able to use the plugin.
  4. I have just received news of the latest Adobe CC price hike, and I do not like it - it's a price rise too far. I have Affinity and played with it a bit and I like it a lot, but there are issues with it and my current workflow that have prevented me from taking it up as a mainstream editor. My current workflow is in Lightroom/Photoshop with plug-ins from Topaz and other independent providers. I use Lightroom to import and organise my work into virtual folders using keywords and presets. I use an iMac. My issues with Affinity are with photo organisation and plug-ins. Is there an independent, cheap or free photo organiser similar to Lightroom that uses keywords similarly to assemble virtual folders and import and organise workflow, and is compatible with Affinity? Why does Affinity not support all plug-ins from Topaz and when will it? I'd love to hear what users here use to get around these shortfalls?
  5. Sometimes I install a new beta or stable version Affinity is losing her complete settings I did before, also the plugin directories. Thats a bit annoying guys ;)
  6. [starting a new topic because searching the forums produces scattered, incomplete, and contradictory notions of installation and use information.] Are there, somewhere, in one place, clear instructions on installing and troubleshooting plugins in AP? Specifically interested in NIK Collection and their use in AP (is there some version that works and some that don't? Incompatible OS versions? Mac Win?) The implication seems to be that they work in AP, but they don't seem to work for me (Do they work only from a certain folder? Do some obscure permissions need to be set? What is and what are the implications of a "plugin support folder" versus a "plugin search folder?" What is and what are the implications of "global support?") If I can get them to work, is there a non-destructive way (reversible/editable) to use NIK tools in AP? As for myself, I have downloaded the free version of NIK Collection from Google and am running a Mac on El Cap (10.11.5) with AP (v 1.4.2) purchased via the Apple App Store. Thanks
  7. My experience (in brief) : I bought AD mostly for UI/UX design and some illustration design. Overall my experience is good. Some good things : - I felt it addressed a lot of problems that photoshop and illustrator had when it comes to UI Design. - Exporting Persona is great. - Overall it's good even though i haven't used it extensively. Problem is when i am finished with the design. I am having trouble giving my clients the source file. Only that is keeping me from leaving Adobe completely. Reason : 1. Most don't use Affinity Designer. 2. Png Export is great but clients/developers need source file : Psd, Ai or sketch. 3. PSD export has some issues e.g. exporting of text, gradient are two which i came across for now. So can't give PSD export files. Solution (Feature Requests) : 1. A free affinity designer trial. It can have limited features. But the client and developer can use them to get attributes. So no need for PSD export. I can just tell them to download the trial version. Problem solved to a certain extent. 2. Making PSD export files better. Making the text editable and solving other issues. [Problem with this] This is a tough one. Adobe is not the only competitor. There is also sketch which is getting popular day by day. Then there is XD. So making export perfect for all this is time consuming, inefficient. *3. Integration with web apps like invisionApp, Zeplin, Avacode or Sympli (I think Sympli is working on affinity designer version). This will solve many problems. It will reduce the need to make PSD export perfect. Affinity can then stand as a UI/UX tool on it's own. Similar to Sketch. Sketch doesn't need to export their files to PSD. 4. Plugins. There are different types of plugins some will make the workflow easy and some are important because it allows integration with web apps. (Mentioned in point 3) I would suggest it would be better if they can collaborate with InvisionApp. Reason : -InvisionApp supports both windows and mac users unlike many tools like principle and filnto etc. - A decent prototyping tool. - Inspect feature is similar to Zeplin, Avacode or Sympli. Reducing the need to give PSD source files to client. - Motion (still in progress) : Competitor to Principle/Flinto. I have read in many posts that these features are being highly sought after and lack of it is sadly becoming a problem in replacing Adobe / Sketch with Affinity Designer for UI/UX designers.
  8. http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/ is the page which leads to the list of plugins tested with and deemed "compatible", "not compatible" or "untested" with AP for either Windows or MAC. Having just checked this again on my own computer I'd like to draw MEB's attention to the fact that ABSoft's "NeatImage 8" DOES work in AP for Windows, both release and latest beta versions. I know this is a very popular plugin for the removal of image noise; perhaps would-be purchasers of AP might be somewhat hesitant to commit to the software if they are regular users of NeatImage? Jeff
  9. I have 5 x Topaz programs of which only 3 show up in my plugins folder. I have tried swapping between 16 bit and 8 bit (as suggested by a contributor) but there is no change. Has anybody got any ideas? The programs that don't show are Topaz Adjust and Topaz Fusion. Thanks for any input.
  10. Why does the plugin search window NOT have an option to search sub-directories? Every other graphics programme I have ever used has this features as it obviously saves moving numerous files out of neatly arranged sub-directories into one big one. Not a very sensible omission. Please provide this options in update. Thanks :) Richard
  11. If I want to compare the original end edited photo (in Photos app with any Affinity Photo plugin), the preview slice shows very pixel image and I can't really compare them. I created a screenshot to show what I'm meaning. This image is'nt edited, so I only checked the Preview checkbox.
  12. Hello, and thank you for Affinity Photo; the world needs more alternatives to you-know-what and Affinity has some great features. Some observations about plugins, some may have been mentioned before. The plugin image preview is not color managed, making it difficult to adjust color. Dropdowns on the plugin UI (with FilterMeister plugins anyway) only show two menu items; the arrow keys must be used to scroll down. I do not see a progress bar after the filter is displayed. And I have had two crashes so far on opening plugins, which previously opened. Here are some plugins to work with at http://www.russellcottrell.com/photo/RCFilters.htm The curves dialog needs to show the input and output values for the selected point. This is especially important for the center point of Lab’s a and b curves. Also, could HSB/HSL mode be added? Congratulations on the HDR merge feature; the .exr output file is the highest quality that I have seen, much better than that of the well-known HDR programs. When merging .tifs (rather that raw files so the camera .dcp profile can be applied first), all other programs that I have tried produce very noisy shadows, often unusable, when opened in applications such as SNS-HDR. (Nothing against your tone-mapping per se but SNS-HDR is the best.) The Affinity .exr’s are high-quality, fully usable. But I have run into a few problems; several of the images I merged had artifacts, little vertical colored lines in the output. And the output files do not look the same when trying to merge them into a panorama with PTGui; the exposure and color balance vary, even with images identically exposed and raw processed (in RawTherapee). I don’t know if this is inevitable or not; I have not had images of this high quality to work with before. Also, could the New HDR Merge dialog save the last used settings (alignment, ghosts, noise reduction, tone map)? Lastly, being able to export files as .psb would be useful. Thank you again . . . . —Russell
  13. Here's a blog post I just wrote about using Darktable with Affinity Photo and the Google Nik Collection. http://bit.ly/2iaNDSS Happy Holidays! Stephen:)
  14. Hello, Plug-ins TopazLabs do not work. I have an error message : "Can not Proceed - IPC Memory in use or Image size is too big for the system." Is there a solution? Thanks
  15. Did the plugin issue I previously reported about an editable transparency get fixed in the official release? Did you touch base with Alien Skin? I remember another user had the exact same issue using Topaz plugins. It's ok if they don't work now, I just want to know (before I purchase) and hear your commitment on making sure all/most PS plugins will work. Alien Skin (Eye Candy and Image Doctor are the ones I care about) is especially important to me - Eye Candy is a must have! Other nice-to-have plugins I use include Vertus (Fluid Mask), Power Retouche, NIK Collection (free from Google now and very close to a must have) and dsb Flux. Rob->
  16. I'd love to see support for Peltmade's Flatten Pro and Multifill Plugins. Those two would go a long way toward making this a go-to program for comic book and illustration work. Thanks!
  17. Can I install Google Nik in Affinity Designer for Windows?
  18. In the "Help" window I see among the Key features that Affinity Designer has support for plugins. Can I plugin the Google Nik collection? And if I can, how do I do it? Rgs /Ernie W
  19. Will Nik plugins work with AP? I tried to use the plugin feature, within AP but doesn't seem to recognize it. Also, I'm using version 1.5 Beta!
  20. For Gimp, there's a cool script available that is called Shellout: http://registry.gimp.org/node/24977 This python script will call an external program, providing the active layer or a new from visible layer to this external program via a temp file. Once the external program is completed, it should save/overwrite the original temp file which gets pulled back into gimp. This is extremely useful to use standalone versions of plugins that don't work correctly via the Photoshop Plugin Import in Affinity Photo, for example, some plugins of the Nik Collection. It would be really useful to have such a "Send to standalone and Back after editing"-function, especially if you have some programs that aren't available as plugins but want to keep your workflow efficient.
  21. I have been following the plugin installation instructions and I can see the plugins from NIKEFEX that I want to use when I use the filters menu chain, but non of them will open. The preferences - photoshop plugins- window was used to set the directories, and the use use unknown plugins box is checked. Is this a bug or a function of Beta release?
  22. Has anone gotten NIK Photoshop plugins to work with Affinity? I've been trying to get SilverEffects to work but it won't even come up in the filter/plugins window. Help Please!
  23. Firstly, a apologize for my multitude of questions; although I do have some experience with using Affinity and applications like it, there are some aspects of which I have virtually no knowledge. I was wondering if someone could tell me about how Affinity works with Plugins and/or how scripting might work if it's added in the future. What are some examples of what one could do with scripting? How big a deal is it to make a plugin for a particular feature that isn't in Affinity? It says in the preferences that plugins have something to do with Photoshop; could someone please explain how this works? And finally: is there anything else that I should know about these features that I haven't thought of?
  24. I have recently installed Nik Software plug ins on Affinity. I have tried to use Silver Efex to turn a color image to B+W, and the tweaks I have made on Silver Efex have worked perfectly well - exactly the same as they did on Aperture, and on Photoshop Elements when the edited image in all its b+w glory appeared in each of these programs. However, when I try and leave Silver Efex to go back to Affinity when i have finished doing my alterations, the image on Affinity is exactly the same as when I started. There is no B+W image. So where is it, and how do i save it. I assume I should do this from Affinity as there is no way I can do so from the base at the top of the page with the Nik Software. Its probably something very simple, but HELP please!
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