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  1. Upgrading to 1.7is a bit dissapoionting. There's just too much lagging and "Not Repsonding" pop-ups between actions - for example in doing a cut-out - the brush hangs and waits - then is back. I have an i7 cpu with 32 gig RAM and an Nvidia card with CUDA. Where's the bottleneck? Thanks Tom
  2. I've used Affinity for several version updates. This latest one ( seems brutally slow to load on a very fast machine. Over two minutes??/ Too long. Win10 Pro 32 gig RAM i7 Intel CPU Should be WAY faster. Loading fonts takes forever ( sure I have a lot) Tom Leparskas
  3. I want to re-install Affinity on my laptop. I have one license and the software runs fine on my PC. Just re-installing fresh version on Windows on it and re-set it. I downloaded a new version from the website - but its a trial - no menu choice to enter license information in it. Help please.
  4. tleparskas

    AP - Add Path Blur Tool

    Agree, great tool. Moving clouds etc. Please consider. In PS CC now, Thanks.
  5. What is the chance our existing plugins like NIK and Topaz can be accessed through Affinity?? Hate to leave those behind!!! Thanks TL