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  1. Hi to everyone who's help to restore the Bonus Pack which I could not locate, fortunately for me the guys never gave up with there suggestions and at last ( my own fault ) I have got them back. I did have a second account which I didn't think I had, thanks again everyone for not giving up.
  2. Hi again Patrick, I only seem to have one account, I think I got confused as the emails from Affinity came to me using b*****3@btinternet.com ( not sure why ). When I reinstalled Affinity Photo could the bonus pack go missing. Will try what you have said R R-C, thanks.
  3. Hi Patrick, I checked the email address b*****3@btinternet.com and found nothing, although when I looked at the emails from Affinity they came to me on this email and not the p*****@gmail.com email address, I'm not sure where to look now.
  4. Hi Alfred, the code was error 404 page not found, thanks.
  5. Hi R C-R, when I click the download button nothing happens it offers up another page which says error, and thats it, cheers.
  6. I'm having a lot of trouble Miquel trying to sort this out, I have a attachment which shows I ordered it, along with the order No: APFQ2DDC0F, but nothing seams to work, maybe it's out of date, could it be sent via dropbox? cheers.
  7. Here is a attachment to show my order, cheers.
  8. Hi Alfred, yes it was the correct email address for the Affinity Store thats what I don't understand, I did have them and was using them a quite a bit, I wonder if they can be sent to me by dropbox? thanks for your time.
  9. Hi Miguel, I found account Oder no: APFQ2DDC0F on my email when I had the update but it is not showing in my account anywhere, could you help please, thanks.
  10. Hi Miguel, I have checked but they are not there, I did have them and was enjoying using them and was getting not bad at the finished picture, if there is a way that would be great, thanks Puffin.
  11. Hi Alfred, I've been on the store but they are not there, thank you.
  12. Hi team, I recently had a problem with my MacOS X ( it's fine now ), I reinstalled AP but didn't know how to get the Uplift Epic Skies Macro back which I had been using quite a bit to get used to applying them properly, is there a way to get them back please. Cheers Puffin.
  13. Hi Miguel, I had to reinstall Affinity Photo ( it's now working fine ) but I lost the Uplift Epic Skies macro, how do I get it back, thanks.
  14. Hello Miguel, I reinstalled Affinity Photo and lost the free Epic Skies Macro, is there anyway I could get it back.
  15. High Team, I went to download the Macro Pack volume 1, only to find it told me that I had already downloaded it. I had re-enstalled Affinity Photo as it didn't respond but now it's working ok, is there anyway that I can get the Macro back, cheer's.