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  1. Hi Chris, thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful styles with us all, they will be a lot of value to everyone.
  2. High PC, Yes that would be good , would you merge them into this account please, thanks.
  3. When I take a screenshot the ( green ticks ) disappear, I now believe it is nothing to do with AP sorry for the confusion, Puffin.
  4. Hi Migue, i have attached some files thanks. _DSC0034.NEF _DSC0035.NEF _DSC0036.NEF _DSC0037.NEF
  5. _DSC0034.NEF _DSC0035.NEF _DSC0036.NEF _DSC0037.NEF _DSC0046.NEF _DSC0047.NEF _DSC0048.NEF _DSC0049.NEF
  6. I have large green ticks on all my affinity files, has anyone experienced this or know how to correct it, thanks.
  7. Hi Miguel, I to was wondering about the compatibility of Mojave but didn't want to upgrade to it till all of or any issues have been sorted out, will we be informed when it all works fine with Affinity Photo, Thanks.
  8. Thank you it does a really great job, keep up the good work.
  9. Hi Kate, i read through and saw amazing things on Affinity Spotlight, signed up and ready to read the updates and news, thank the team and you for all your hard work in producing Affinity Spotlight.
  10. Hi to everyone who's help to restore the Bonus Pack which I could not locate, fortunately for me the guys never gave up with there suggestions and at last ( my own fault ) I have got them back. I did have a second account which I didn't think I had, thanks again everyone for not giving up.
  11. Hi again Patrick, I only seem to have one account, I think I got confused as the emails from Affinity came to me using b*****3@btinternet.com ( not sure why ). When I reinstalled Affinity Photo could the bonus pack go missing. Will try what you have said R R-C, thanks.
  12. Hi Patrick, I checked the email address b*****3@btinternet.com and found nothing, although when I looked at the emails from Affinity they came to me on this email and not the p*****@gmail.com email address, I'm not sure where to look now.
  13. Hi Alfred, the code was error 404 page not found, thanks.
  14. Hi R C-R, when I click the download button nothing happens it offers up another page which says error, and thats it, cheers.
  15. I'm having a lot of trouble Miquel trying to sort this out, I have a attachment which shows I ordered it, along with the order No: APFQ2DDC0F, but nothing seams to work, maybe it's out of date, could it be sent via dropbox? cheers.
  16. Hi Alfred, yes it was the correct email address for the Affinity Store thats what I don't understand, I did have them and was using them a quite a bit, I wonder if they can be sent to me by dropbox? thanks for your time.
  17. Hi Miguel, I found account Oder no: APFQ2DDC0F on my email when I had the update but it is not showing in my account anywhere, could you help please, thanks.
  18. Hi Miguel, I have checked but they are not there, I did have them and was enjoying using them and was getting not bad at the finished picture, if there is a way that would be great, thanks Puffin.
  19. Hi Alfred, I've been on the store but they are not there, thank you.
  20. Hi Miguel, I had to reinstall Affinity Photo ( it's now working fine ) but I lost the Uplift Epic Skies macro, how do I get it back, thanks.
  21. Hello Miguel, I reinstalled Affinity Photo and lost the free Epic Skies Macro, is there anyway I could get it back.
  22. High Team, I went to download the Macro Pack volume 1, only to find it told me that I had already downloaded it. I had re-enstalled Affinity Photo as it didn't respond but now it's working ok, is there anyway that I can get the Macro back, cheer's.
  23. Hi Miguel and jedorme, all sorted with the NIK plugins have tried them all good, thanks again. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
  24. Hi Miguel, Have carried out your instructions and have found everything working, it does not crash when entering Preferences Thankyou. Hi jedorme, I will have to look at the Video and follow the instructions, Thanks for that.
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