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  1. HarpyG

    Crashing on opening file from Photos

    OK, it's hanging on some Photos but not others. You say there's a fix coming, when will this be?
  2. It's not so much the stuff that is missing as much as the 'features' that are not working, fixing these would be a very good start: When will it address the problems for plugins on Mac? - I own and actively use a raft of very useful and essential plug-ins, Topaz, for instance, that do not work in the Mac version of Affinity. When will it make headway into reducing its gigantic file sizes that for raw are typically four to eight times larger than the oriiginal+sidecar Photoshop equivalents? - I shoot thousands of images a year, mostly in Nikon raw, that require storage and back-up. I see no point in using Affinity as a main editor when it is going to cost me the equavalent of a Photoshop subscription to store them all. I see these as basic requirements but they are not being met.
  3. So rude. Forums are largely ineffective. Manufacturers measure product success by sales quantity and user quality; low-end or high-end users, and they will have a target audience in mind which is monitored against revenue. They might use forums to judge the latter but mostly they are just talk with little action. Which is why I rarely come on them. When sales figures drop a manufacturer must make the choice of either improving the product or moving on to something else. So far Serif have responded with small improvements but nothing significant which suggests sales figures are up to their expectation. The crunch will come when these figures fall and they have to make the big decision to either inject some serious development or to invent something entirely new. Serif's track record is to do the latter. With this post I'm kind of hoping they will wake up and go all out for a full-blown Photoshop alternative, it is something that is badly needed. They obviously have the support and they have produced in a short time a pretty remarkable platform from which to achieve this, but I can't help but wonder if they will to go the full distance. Time will tell.
  4. I've used Serif products since the 90s. In those days they were hard sell products with persistent and annoying cold-calls to bully you into buying more. They would launch a product with a fanfare of self-publicity, support it minimally for a few years, then withdraw it in favour of something new. I hoped Affinity might be different. I've been patient. They need now to include some new features that really challenge Photoshop or it will founder. I'm rooting for it, but for me it is as yet an unviable product. That is all.
  5. Typical heads-in-sand replies so far. Affinity was launched as a Photoshop contender and I was one of the first to buy it. Right from the outset they knew what they had to do to capitalise on claims made but somewhere along the way it ran out of steam. I go back to it now and then but development seems to have come to a halt. I WANT a Photoshop contender but Affinity has not made the progress its launch promised.
  6. With the extortion experts Adobe screwing users of Creative (Accounting) Cloud with its revised pricing 20 to 50 percent, never has there been a greater need for a competitive alternative. Affinity comes nearest but shows no enthusiasm for closing the gap. When will it address the problems around plugins on Mac, or support Photoshop Actions, or have a file organiser, or make headway into reducing its gigantic file sizes? Solve these and you could have the world beating a path to your doorstep.
  7. HarpyG

    Locked Transparency

    Testing Affinity again and straight away came up against this problem. If I cannot use ReMask as a plug-in then I cannot use Affinity. Closing Affinity for another 6 months and I'll try again, perhaps one day it will be a viable product.
  8. I have just received news of the latest Adobe CC price hike, and I do not like it - it's a price rise too far. I have Affinity and played with it a bit and I like it a lot, but there are issues with it and my current workflow that have prevented me from taking it up as a mainstream editor. My current workflow is in Lightroom/Photoshop with plug-ins from Topaz and other independent providers. I use Lightroom to import and organise my work into virtual folders using keywords and presets. I use an iMac. My issues with Affinity are with photo organisation and plug-ins. Is there an independent, cheap or free photo organiser similar to Lightroom that uses keywords similarly to assemble virtual folders and import and organise workflow, and is compatible with Affinity? Why does Affinity not support all plug-ins from Topaz and when will it? I'd love to hear what users here use to get around these shortfalls?