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  1. Yeah pretty adismal really. What even more shocking is the lack of response from affinity. They just ignore it and continue releasing dozens of other features when the core product itself, the platform has a serious flaw. Not what you expect from a "leading" software provider in this space.
  2. Hi Thanks for the link. So the answer is no way to increase the UI display for the font or tool bar icons beyond the obvious preferences and no plans to despite many posts on the topic. This answers my question: AD, despite being a very nice tool, is not appropriate for a 4K display or above and so I wont be purchasing beyond the trial. Regards,
  3. +1 Very critical for use on 4K monitors and beyond with OSX.
  4. Hi I am currently evaluating AD for purchase as a vector based drawing tool. Is there a way to get a larger tool icon and font size in Affinity Designer? I already have the "large" font in the prefernce pane on UI, which isnt very large. This font is barely acceptable. The icons as well for all the tools are a tad too small. I use two 4k Dell monitors in their native resolution on a Mac Book Pro. The UI is just too small to be really workable. For a graphics based product, I think a little scaling of the UI should not be too challenging and thus am struggling to believe there is not already some way to alter this ... ? 4K and even now 5K monitors are becoming common place. Thanks and regards,
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