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  1. BTW, my workspace (panels, etc..) is resetting every time I start AP. Is it normal? And I can't switch between group of instruments. I.e. I take some brush (in "J" menu) but not the first one. Works with it. Then take i.e. clone stamp. Work with it. And then I press "J" and expecting same brush I used before. But! I always have healing brush! Not the last brush! Very annoing..
  2. Hi Lee D, Thx for answer! So.. I can't fully work in AP until Portraiture support and autoclean option. But I beleive you'll do it. But trial period is ending.. So what should I do? I need to know somehow when you'll add thouse solutions, try them and ather that if all is ok - I will want to buy AP. Will I have another trial period atfer sometime? Or I have it just once right now?
  3. Hello. Now testing AP for my professional retouching job. Have some questions: 1. Paint Mixer Brush. How can I make it "auto clean"? I can see "auto load" option, but for retouching purposes auto clean is very needed! To click "clean brush" after each stroke is pain. 2. Frequency Separation as a filter is amazing feature! But I need copy of each layer to work on them. And I need clipping mask option for layers. Is there any same thing in AP? 3. And MAIN QUESTION - Imagenomic Portaiture plugin. I'm using it everyday for blurring low frequency layer. It quite nice for this operation. I added plugin's directory to list and it even starting. I can see it's interface but... nothing works. New layer with mask - nothing happend. Just new layer - nothing. And when I tried to apply it to current layer - AP hangs up. So.. what about this plugin? It's very famous and usable. As famous as Nik software plugin pack. That's all for now. Continue testing..