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Found 18 results

  1. Hello all, Ive been using Affinity Designer for a while now Yet I still haven't figured out how to delete a specific line without losing or warping parts of a drawing. here is a picture of something i'm working on at the moment, I am outlining this car - as you can see I have a line crossing through it How do I remove that line without affecting the lines that are connected to this? Really appreciate any help Miles
  2. An easier way for beginners to use the pen tool for tracing or masking is shown in this Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo Tutorial. https://youtu.be/jsj5iAzL0cQ
  3. Hey, I have the next challenge. I'm working on an ornament. However, would like to overlap some lines over other lines. Is there a method to handle this conveniently? Do you have any advice for me? The only option is to trace the lines with the pen tool and snapping tool, but this seems to take a long time. There must be some other useful approach I think. line above and under other line.afdesign
  4. I posted a question last week about issues that I was having with the Pen tool on Windows not matching up with a Mac behavior: Despite the kind and perseverant assistance of a few individuals, I was not able to get it resolved. So, I decided to download a trial copy of Designer on my MacBook to see if it worked on there the way that I was hoping it would, and, sure enough, it works perfectly. I also figured out the problem: in Windows, instead of the Control key functionality on the Mac being applied to the Ctrl key the Command key functionality on the Mac is being
  5. hello can some one tells me how can i add more than 1 selection with the pen tool ? thanks Desktop 2020.06.07 -
  6. I have had Affinity Photo and Designer for about a year, and recently added Publisher during the sale event. I really REALLY want to love this product. But here's the problem: Every time I use the pen tool to trace out an image for selection, the app crashes to desktop before I get very far into the project. This is a memory management issue & really should have been worked out of the code by now. This has happened to me in Photo and Designer for the entire time I've owned these products. This really makes it unusable for me, as this is really a basic function that should never be an iss
  7. Hey folks! Having a little bit of trouble here with the pen tool. When I draw out a shape it suddenly transforming my last point to something else so I can't add more points to that shape/line. Using the Apple Pencil. Any idea what the problem could be? edit: Okay I think this is because the points lie too close together because when zooming in the problem is not there anymore ...
  8. When on the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.6.4) the app crashes when you use the pen tool and when you make more than 40 ish points. Steps to reproduce: - Open a photo - Try to cutout something but make a minimum of 40ish points when cutting something out. - It should crash instantly
  9. Using the pen tool it appears that when clicking and dragging while holding shift throws off the path. There appears to be a soft yellow guide that appears pointing to where the next anchor point will be plotted. Is there a way to fix this so that I can just plot, click and drag while holding shift to get paths I need? I don't want the anchor point to fly off in an erratic direction while vectorizing lettering.
  10. A request to add an option of disabling the magnifying glass for the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. Thank you.
  11. Hey So I'm new to this program. Wanted to try a small project. I have a quick png that I created in sai that I wanted to create a vector outline of. Behold the egg of glory. Now I've got my original on its own pixel layer. All the crap is cut out from behind. My layer above is a transparency. Opacity set to 100. I stroke with the pen tool, and?.... I'm left with the awesome skeleton, but no digital ink on the digital canvas. What am I missing?
  12. Hey peeps, First Try to use Affinity Designer fully professional. I am into Illustrator for ages now and I need to create an vector character. Its sketched out in Photoshop (will maybe we replaced with Photo) and normally i make it in adobe illustrator. I use the pen tool most of the time. In adobe illustrator you can make an circle for example and it will close automatically. If the shape isnt working for me i can use the pencil again and follow my first line. It will notice that i want to edit / redo my first line and whola, i can do it with a couple of movements. This is really work
  13. Hi I have on occasion experienced crashes in AD while drawing avector shape or tracing over a shape,using the Pen Tool. In most instances the program just closes immediately with no warning and no access to Crash Reporter. On odd occasions it reveals a window box informing me of a Crash Report following -but nothing happens. I was hoping the latest update may have fixed the problem, but today it has re appeared. I am using the pen tool to create a vector outline shape and am wondering if it is the little curve tools on the drawing line- the ones you move to change the curve
  14. When ever I click/ use the hot key to switch to the pen tool, affinity photo crashes without fail. It gives me this error code: 0x80004002
  15. Hi, guys! Just a topic to show you an exercise I made with the pen tool. The result is this phoenix. Some parts fell kind of odd but I'll keep on practicing. :P Also, there is a "fancy" version, stuffed with special effects, but somehow I like it, haha. Best regards!
  16. I have a question. In illustrator is something like Live Paint Bucket that allow you to easy filling objects. Is there something like that in AD? Or need to redraw everything using pentool and fill ii with colour? For example I have toothed gear that I want to colour, made it using some circles and lines. Second thing is there a way to 'Origin' point, eg. in the center of circle and move/rotate everything by exactly this point? Its showed there. Maybe its already that in AD, but couldn't find it and searching didn't show something usefull.
  17. After more than 18 months CTS is cured and tons of sketches have piled up. Happy to use Affinity again :)
  18. This vector portrait was created using pentool, with a reference photo to use. Here are some problems and thoughts while creating this one. I tried using Gradient fill but the software keeps on crashing, so i leave it with solid color. (Someone already reported the problem on the Bug forum) When i'm creating a Shape (you call it Curve in AD), it needs to set it's color everytime and not adopting the previous setting when i create shape. So it eats a lot of time. while using Pentool, i can just hold 'space bar' to switch to Pan tool to drag the canvass view. But when i'm trying, i can't drag i
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