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  1. They don't change to affinity files. Windows just change default program to open EPS files. You can change it back in Properities of files or in system preferences.
  2. And got it. Topic can be closed :)
  3. Thanks for fast response :)
  4. Hello, I have emailed you about invocie. Got response that after order I need to send to you email with billing data. I send it 29.12 and still no answer.. Email was generated with number [36F-1FE2A780-0332] Thanks for help.
  5. Ok, thanks. If you need something else I will provide it ;)
  6. In attachment you can see video of what I did to get this error. Also there are pdf files that I import. They were made in Quark and downsamples to low quality one. https://ufile.io/43325 <-- pdf's aff.zip
  7. After loading 14 pdf files (foreach I loaded only first page) and rolling on list of opened files and tried to roll up/down using middle mouse button, program crashed and produces a crash report: 9e30bd08-6b8a-4fa4-9ac0-cfa67d02fb8f.
  8. I have question about future updates of paid version. It will we free, even between version 1.x and 2.x? Or only within version 1.x?
  9. Today I was writing some text in polish langauge into AD. Every program is set that right ALT is modifer to set up a specific letter, in polish these are: ą, ę, ć, ź, ż, ł, ó and we can get it by combine as follows: alt + a, alt + e, alt + c, alt + x, alt + z, alt + l, alt + o. But in AD clicking each combination we end up in menu, eg. alt + e = edit menu, alt + l = layer menu, etc. And this should only perform left ALT :) Hope its help you a bit ;)
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    Export Persona: Slices

    You need to select "More Reply Options"
  11. Lilpri

    Black cover over document

    TVS format is teamviewer recording. In attachment you can see video file (packed as zip because i couldn't upload avi) black.zip
  12. Lilpri

    Black cover over document

    In is still happening. I was doing some buissness card templates, next I had to go somewhere so I hover it off into taskbar. After I went back (dunno 20-30min) its start blinking. But after I change AD window to other monitor it stopped. Also what I found was some changes in history. I exported project as png files, before export I copied some text to put it below. After sometime of inactivity I found that text I copied was nowhere to be found. Also history panel show some steps back (there was no trace of selecting some text object, copy it and transform) compared to what was imported as png.
  13. Lilpri


    I can confirm that enable option "show snapping candidates" is hanging AD
  14. Probably you have font that caused this error. If you can give name of it Affinity Team will try to fix it
  15. Don't know if its was reported already. 1) Draw rectangle and next rounded its corners 2) Draw second rectangle with standard corners 3) Arrange them to hover each other partially 4) Choose both of them 5) Substract them with holding ALT to make compound 6) Rounded is broken as you can see on the screen By changing shape (made rounded rectangle larger) you can made it rounded again, but its look more like oval ;/ substract.afdesign