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  1. They don't change to affinity files. Windows just change default program to open EPS files. You can change it back in Properities of files or in system preferences.
  2. Hello, I have emailed you about invocie. Got response that after order I need to send to you email with billing data. I send it 29.12 and still no answer.. Email was generated with number [36F-1FE2A780-0332] Thanks for help.
  3. I have question about future updates of paid version. It will we free, even between version 1.x and 2.x? Or only within version 1.x?
  4. Don't know if its was reported already. 1) Draw rectangle and next rounded its corners 2) Draw second rectangle with standard corners 3) Arrange them to hover each other partially 4) Choose both of them 5) Substract them with holding ALT to make compound 6) Rounded is broken as you can see on the screen By changing shape (made rounded rectangle larger) you can made it rounded again, but its look more like oval ;/ substract.afdesign
  5. I have a question. In illustrator is something like Live Paint Bucket that allow you to easy filling objects. Is there something like that in AD? Or need to redraw everything using pentool and fill ii with colour? For example I have toothed gear that I want to colour, made it using some circles and lines. Second thing is there a way to 'Origin' point, eg. in the center of circle and move/rotate everything by exactly this point? Its showed there. Maybe its already that in AD, but couldn't find it and searching didn't show something usefull.
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