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  1. When I am modifying the curves with the node tool, or holding the node tool modifier key, a magnifier glass appears on screen, like when you are typing and long pressing with your finger. Only with the pen tool it appears with Apple Pencil too, blocking the view, and preventing from working with curves normally. There was a question on the forum already about this, and the answer was it cannot be switched off yet. So I had to downgrade to 1.6.5 version, where this same magnifier appears only with finger.
  2. Glad this was added in the new version. I’ll have to wait for the magnifier toggle off option, though. Right now it’s more important for me to be able to modify curves without the distraction of the magnifier. Love be the app in all other respects. Really impressed with it’s performance. Vectors seem more responsive, then in Photoshop on my desktop system. And it handles lots of vector layers without any drop of performance. Very impressive. I am very excited about the future release of Affinity Designer on iOS, and I am thinking about trying out the desktop versions as well.
  3. Hi, Meb, thanks for answering! Doesnt’t work for me. I am double tapping with the move tool, but still only the group gets selected. Is this a new behavior in 1.6.7? Because I am using 1.6.5, due to the pen tool magnifier in the new version.
  4. Hello, Is there an easy way to select objects inside groups? I work primarily with vectors, and have many shapes grouped for easy masking. So far, I could select objects inside a group only by using the node tool via holding the node tool modifier key. If I select the node tool from the tools bar, it selects whole groups. The move tool can select objects within a group only if I have a layer from that group selected already. The moment I happen to tap away from any layers thus diselecting them, the move tool cannot select individual layers any more, and selects whole groups instead. I have lots of vector shapes in layers panel, so the only workable way to select what I need have been to select the pen tool from the tools bar, then tap on the right arrow on the context toolbar to get to the modifier keys, hold the node tool modifier, and only then I can select the object. It gets worse if I need to transform several objects, in which case I need to select the move tool each time, and then repeat the whole process to get to the node tool again to select my next object. This has been my experience so far, but maybe I am missing something and there is an easier way to do it. Thanks!
  5. Haven’t experienced any issues with 11.2.6 so far. However, there is a way to download an older version. In fact, I had to downgrade to 1.6.5 version myself because the magnifying glass feature screws up normal use of pen tool and doesn’t have a switch off yet. Here’s how I did it: https://medium.com/@dixitakansha15/how-to-download-older-version-of-latest-ios-app-from-appstore-91c28d2407d9
  6. Because of the magnifying glass I had to downgrade to 1.6.5 version.
  7. Please add an option for disabling the magnifying glass while using the pen tool. I do comic book inking and rely on the pen tool heavily in my workflow. The magnifying glass blocks the view and prevents me from seeing clearly the path I am modifying. It actually breaks my workflow and I am considering downgrading to the previous Affinity version from my last iCloud backup. Whitch is a shame, considering the amount of improvements in this version.
  8. Please add an option for disabling the magnifying glass while using the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. Thank you.
  9. A request to add an option of disabling the magnifying glass for the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. Thank you.
  10. It’s a useful feature when using a finger to modify curves, but with Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the task actually harder. Please consider adding an option of switching the magnifying glass off.
  11. Maybe, that's why I tried 'Absolute dimensions' in pixels, but it doesn't help.
  12. Version Crop blurs the image. Let's say I start a drawing in Procreate, then I want to make the canvas bigger. I export a psd file from Procreate, import into Affinity, and resize the canvas with the crop tool. When I zoom into the drawing, the pencil lines are a bit blurry. When I export the file and open it in Procreate, the same blurriness remains. I am not moving the layers, or resizing the canvas. No resempling of the original pixels should occur. I am only cropping the canvas with the crop tool, making it bigger. I am attaching the screenshots. The first one is of original lines, the second after a crop. As you can see, the original pencil lines are sharper. It also doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes there is more blurring, sometimes less. So I have to try the crop several times before I can get a more-or less sharp result. Selecting 'absolute dimensions' option in pixels also doesn't help.
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