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  1. That makes sense now that you mentioned it. It was sort of an aside anyways. I'll have to hope I can capture a recording of it doing the other thing. Unfortunately it seems to strike at random, so I'll have to work with the screen recording on & hope I can catch it. When I do, I'll post it in this thread. There's no hotkey that kills just the app is there?
  2. I had used Ctrl Z a time or 2 earlier, & it worked, then poof it was gone. Not sure if it has the same root cause, but it seems like it should not be happening either.
  3. Ok got the Xbox screen recording thing to work. So far I haven't been able to recreate the issue while recording. It may take me a little doin go get it to happen because it seems to be totally random. One thing that did happen was I got pretty far into a trace, placed a vector wrong & hit Ctrl Z to go back 1 step & it wiped out the entire curve. Had to start all over. I''l g'head & try to show it to you, if the file attachment isnt too large, Affinity_Photo_2020-04-28_12-07-38.mp4
  4. The path was different but I found some .dmp files. Is that what I'm looking for? I'm attaching the most recent one, but it's from way back in November dad904d8-81a1-4997-832f-46fc4bb4e038.dmp
  5. It seems to be totally random, but usually after I've placed lots of vector points.
  6. I have encountered an issue in both Affinity Photo and Designer. Whenever I am using the pen tool to create shapes or masks etc. If I'm doing an object that has many points, the app crashes. There is no warning. The app does not grey out, nor does the dragbar say "not responding". I do not get a crash report form. I just disappears as if i had clicked the X button. I have had these apps for over a year and have been through several updates and am currently running v1.8.3.641 My system info: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 System Type x64-ba
  7. Actually, there is a certain amount of venting due, but I would truthfully like to solve this issue and continue using AP/AD. And it appears that the title is in fact relevant. So here goes: AMD A10-7700K APU with Radeon R7 Graphics 3.8 GHz, 8Gb RAM Win 10 64 bit x64 based processor, Ver. 1903, Build 18362.778 This issue only seems to occur for me when using the pen tool (both Photo and Designer) when I'm pretty deep into tracing images for masking. App crashes with no warning, no grey-out, not responding message, or crash report option. Just disappears to desktop. This has been
  8. I have had Affinity Photo and Designer for about a year, and recently added Publisher during the sale event. I really REALLY want to love this product. But here's the problem: Every time I use the pen tool to trace out an image for selection, the app crashes to desktop before I get very far into the project. This is a memory management issue & really should have been worked out of the code by now. This has happened to me in Photo and Designer for the entire time I've owned these products. This really makes it unusable for me, as this is really a basic function that should never be an iss
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