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  1. Ok. Well hey thanks Alfred. Maybe there was just something wrong with my trial version? Like it was glitchy or something? I guess I do plan on purchasing, just because its a dope concept for a program. I'll be back on if I encounter the same issues.
  2. also cant read your question, and I'm not smart enough to fill in the blanks. sorry ;-;
  3. It doesnt really seem to matter how high up the stroke is placed. Which was one of the more obvious things I checked before getting onto the forums. I'd take another screen shot to prove it, but now my trial has run out. And I'm on the fence about whether I should purchase the program. I was hoping it was something really dumb that I was missing.
  4. Hey So I'm new to this program. Wanted to try a small project. I have a quick png that I created in sai that I wanted to create a vector outline of. Behold the egg of glory. Now I've got my original on its own pixel layer. All the crap is cut out from behind. My layer above is a transparency. Opacity set to 100. I stroke with the pen tool, and?.... I'm left with the awesome skeleton, but no digital ink on the digital canvas. What am I missing?
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