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  1. I have a Gaomon M10k and for the most part it works great with Affinity products, with the exception of one thing; Zooming out. When I scrub the wheel it zooms in but when I scrub the other way it doesn't zoom out. I change the mode so I can change my brush size with it and it works fine in both directions as expected. I test the next mode which is manning up and down and it works as expted too. It's only zooming out that doesn't work. I've updated my drivers, checked my Gaomon profiles and everything looks good. I figure if it's happening in all 3 apps, it's likely a bug. Its very frustr
  2. Hey guys, what's up? I just did a quick search and noticed that an animation feature of some kind has been requested many times before and I have an idea, although I am not convinced it is the best idea here it is: When researching for an SVG animator I came across an app that has been highly praised by people on some site I landed on and I would like you to consider buying that company and then building a Windows version of it. It fits as you guys also started out with your MAC verions and then the feedback was overwhelming and the user base of Windows is overwhelming and so you bui
  3. Again, I have some "remains" from a client's project (like the engraving macros last time), which might be useful for one or two: Simple 2-file solution, which generates a fake ISO 3D map of any image, shape or even text. Easy to use. Just place your object(s) into one file and update the master file. Cut's colours editable via layer FX. Caution! Can be quite demanding on weaker systems. Available for free (just enter "0" as price) at Gumroad.
  4. I have download vector from paid Shutterstock account in EPS format. Already in thumbnail in Finder I have noticed that "background layer" is white and it shouldn't be. After opening that EPS with Affinity designer it didn't had white "background layer" anymore but it did have weird white lines over that "background layer". If you zoom in in that attached image you will see ti. I attached video from Affinity designer as well. After searching online for clues, best answer I found was from Reddit: "Unfortunately, most stock pages offer "adobe EPS"-files (AI-EPS), which include stuff beyond
  5. This post is designed to be an aid to knowing if you are using the latest version on your platform. The thread is now locked to if you "follow" it you will know then we release a new version on any platform. Version numbers are displayed on the About dialog (or preferences in iPad builds) NOTE: I will update/edit this first post as new releases are added. Product Name | Platform | Purchase Store | Version | Trial | ====================|==================|=================|================|=============| Affinity Designer | Windows 7,8.1,10 | Affinity St
  6. I see this problem on a regular but intermittent basis. When I have two (or more) documents open in Publisher or Designer and I switch between documents, the screen does not redraw correctly and leaves large areas in black. To 'fix' this, I have to scroll up or down within the document to force a screen redraw or close and reopen it. I cannot take a screen recording as I cannot deliberately replicate this as it happens randomly so I have taken a screenshot from Designer. I am using a late 2013 27" iMac with 16Gb of RAM and a 2TB SSD installed. It also happens on my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" wi
  7. We've had quite a few reports from users that Bitdefender is flagging/blocking downloads from the Affinity Store as being infected with a Gen:Variant.Mikey.119369 virus. We can confirm that all files downloaded from the Affinity Store have all been scanned before being made publicly available to users. This is a False Positive and as been reported to Bitdefender - it can take up to 72 hours for them to update their app.
  8. Hello! I have a rather serious issue: since yesterday, the entirety of the Affinity suite doesn't start at all, nor does the setup for each one of them, preventing me from working. Checking on the Task Manager, I can see the app in background trying to start, then the text "Suspended" briefly appears before being closed. Same thing happens when trying to run a setup to repair or reinstall the software. Checking in the Event Viewer, for every single software (I'm using Photo as an example, but it's the same for all of them), these are the details. The Description says t
  9. Android tablet getting pretty good. And there is no combination in it if you add the affinity suite. There is no full creative apps in Android it would be amazing if we could have apps like the affinity suite. Thanks and I hope y'all think about it
  10. Are the affinity products for PC optimized for either Intel or AMD? Or, for any particular GPU??
  11. Animation file fine tuned in Affinity photo
  12. Framing budget: Max €3500, preferably under €2500. I’m planning on buying a new PC, and would like to take advantage of GPU acceleration in the Affinity suite, and also get great performance with DaVinci Resolve (free Windows version) for video editing. My current setup is so old (bought in February 2013, Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50 GHz; Win 10 Pro; 16 GB RAM; GeForce GTX 660) that GPU acceleration isn’t available in the Affinity suite, and DaVinci Resolve runs painfully slow. I have my eyes on the new Acer ConnectD 300 (Intel Core i7-10700 CPU @ 2.9 GHz (turbo 4.8 GHz); Win 10 Pr
  13. Heyahey, I didn't found anything about this, but I got to post this and it would be a great feature for all Affinity Products and not just Designer on MacOS... Live-Preview and commenting on Affinity files. The problem now: I want to share what I've designed... this is how it goes... Usually sending a customer a preview ends up with something like this: Screenshots with v1, v2, v3. _finali0hf0shfpa It's a a mess, it's unorganized and even I don't get it after a while... How would Live-Preview look like: I'm making a Social Media Document for
  14. I would love there to be an app for iPhones that can open the .afdesign and .afphoto files and view them and allow an export to any desired format. I have all my Affinity documents in my iCloud drive and I can see them all in the file browser on phone, but only as a small preview. As soon as you click it you can't see anything. If there was a simple App for iPhone that would allow you to render it and also save as image file that would be extremely convenient, and would save me having to store PNGs next to each Affinity file.
  15. Hello, I also have the same problem, I have the same setting as in the pictures, but it doesn't want to start, what else should I do.
  16. One little thing that might enhance usability would be to add some indicator with every colour swatch to show what kind of colour it is (CMYK, RGB, Greyscale, Spot). This could be a small symbol like in the Adobe products, or a letter or short word. It should be visible in the list view, there's enough space for something like that. In the compact view I don't see a way to add this info, except for the tooltip. Also, I would love to be able to see the (current) numeric values of swatches more easily. A swatch should show these after their name, maybe in parentheses, or italics: "Log
  17. Hey, I was trying to export the attached file to psd from affinity photo and designer, and for some reason the export progress bar does not move at all. My flatmate tried to export it on his laptop, and it also did not work, but exporting from publisher had some progress before an error accured. (Both my flatmate and me are on macOS, all programs up to date.) Would be thankful for any help and ideas. mystical_archive.zip
  18. Please support the new Loupedeck CT device https://loupedeck.com/en/products/loupedeck-CT in your application suite. There is even an SDK available for application integration. https://loupedeck.com/en/developer Thank you all for your fine suite, Simon
  19. Hello to everyone, who loves Affinity ... ! Have created the group in the Telegram messenger to share your experience, free content and discuss knowledge. Welcome: https://t.me/AffinityTalk
  20. Done in Affinity Photo with several stocks from DeviantArt, Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash. Just to get better with Affinity Photo . Any suggestions or opinions can be welcomed.
  21. If the PDF was placed in the document using Version 1.8 or earlier and is embedded rather than linked, the original PDF data will not be available. The solution is to Replace the document in Version 1.9 using Resource Manager. Version 1.9 ensures that for any PDF that is placed as embedded a copy of the original PDF data is included in the document to enable Passthrough if desired.
  22. Hi, all. The keyboard shortcuts provided for organizing objects from front to back cannot work on a French keyboard. The reason for this is that in French-speaking countries, keyboards are much more complete than in English-speaking countries. The characters [ and ] are then obtained by the combination of the keys : [ = Alt Gr + 5 ] = Alt Gr + ° One solution is to use the key combinations (also much more logical): Object backwards (vers l'arrière) = Ctrl + Flèche bas Object forwards (vers l'avant) = Ctrl + Flèche haut Object all the way back (derrière tout) =
  23. After I updated Affinity Suites on my PC from 1.85 to 1.90, I can no longer start the programs. It only shows the splash image for a couple of seconds. Then nothing happened after that. My update process was successful. I have manually update my display/Graphics driver and checked other potentially issues posted in the forum here, but none of them worked. I am attaching these files: log.txt (after issuing %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\1 ), Setup.log and SetupUI.log (after issuing %TEMP%\AffinitySetup
  24. Congratulations to the whole Affinity team with the launch of 1.9 and the introduction of so many new features I'm thankful to all those who have contributed with feedback for the Affinity apps, and to the Affinity team who takes our suggestions and concerns into consideration when working out each new update. It means a lot to the community - I'm certain about that. Focusing on Affinity Designer, many of us have been asking numerous times about a feature similar to the off-set path in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, Affinity has not only fulfilled this, but added a complete tool for th
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