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Found 19 results

  1. Since updating to 1.8 I've been having problems with the add/subtract geometry options. Sometimes it adds a lot more nodes in areas that weren't even overlapping and at other times when adding shapes some nodes get lost entirely and gives weird results. Needless to say this is a bit frustrating when building vector shapes. I've a attached screenshots of a few examples that have cropped up over the last few days when trying to add geometry. You can see shapes changing and seemingly pointless node changes.
  2. Hi, I'm facing a weird problem and I don't think I've ever seen something like this in older versions of AD. I have curve objects that should be subtracted from each other. When I subtract them, nodes get converted to smooth nodes and formerly straight lines become rounded. I've provided a demo file. In this file try the following operations: Subtract object A from E Subtract object B from C In both cases the straight lines become curved lines. If I do the following, the operation seems to work correctly: Select the Node Tool Select object C Click on reverse curve Subtract object B from C Now the cut seems to be ok. I'm pretty sure I have never seen such problems in older versions of AD. What is happening here? Why does reverting the curve work? Am I doing something wrong? boolean_operators_broken.afdesign
  3. Beta Affinity Designer Errors - Four quick bugs found in this version: 1. You can enter negative values in the margin and bleed fields! This should not be possible. 2. Failures to convert objects to curves not repaired. and proving or subtracting simple shapes. 3. No visibility of bleed in artboards - for several years! 4. Unable to scale the Corner Tool. STROKE1.afpub
  4. I have seen the same comments in the Designer Bugs forum: the boolean operation are broken in Publisher 1.8, at least for shapes. Check out the attached video. First I combined 2 shapes, which seems OK, but when I subtract, XOR or divide, the shape breaks and straight edges become curves. It is the same when I convert the shapes to curves before the operation. However, when I create shapes with the pen tool I have not seen the same problems. booleanbug.mov
  5. this bug can be easily found in windows version, and also found in mac version 1.8.1, hope this bug will be fix soon, now I can not draw icon in designer unless uninstall 1.8.x on both os.
  6. Hey Affinity Team, I think it was a bit premature to release version 1.8 and to say that the boolean functions have been greatly improved. Here are two examples as a video of what results I get with simple operations. Bildschirmvideo gehört 2020-02-27 um 11.27.56.mov Bildschirmvideo gehört 2020-02-27 um 11.29.48.mov Hope that the work will continue in the next few months, please! kind regards Kai PS: the results of expand Strokes are really good 😉
  7. Anybody else having problems with stroke filling in gaps between just not display correctly? This is just a font with outline. I have tried expanding the stroke and that did nothing to fix he problem. I cannot send files to printers because they are all having this behavior. This is killing my production! And More.pdf
  8. I have been using this logo that was created in AFDesigner for a couple of years. Now with 1.8 it does not render correctly when printing or exporting. Notice the black triangles. The-Logos.afdesign
  9. I am using the latest version 1.8.0 I think it is and when i convert to curves then do what I need to do then select add it fills in the g and e as you can see. I did another design and the letters when crazy shape. This is important hope you can fix soon. Thank you for all you do love the program:)))
  10. Hi, i have some problem, and probably im not the only one. When im try to merge two paths or subtract one path from another path, happens some kind chaos. It all started in version 1.8, in 1.7 everything was fine. I am very worried that I will have to rollback, because the new version has a photo bank, good work of extended stroke and other features. Help me or fix it, please🙏 The video shows the problem. Sorry for my english, im from Russia ☺️
  11. Another funky result with Expand Stroke. Files attached. Edit: Designer 1.8.1 on macOS 10.15.3. Expand Stroke Fail.afdesign
  12. So this one is reproducible. Funny how I needed this shape, its the middle of the Centenary Bank logo if you were wondering. So I use the trimming from the letters expanded outlines and that gives me the cross bar. Next I Add the two parts together, and ... well ... that's when the mathematics breaks. Please see attached, it seems to be the top left and right sharp angles that are getting it confused. If you flip the cross bar over it welds to the to bottom points. Can some one please test this for me and confirm it's a bug. Running the latest (v1.8.0.585) Thanks. Not_able_to_join.afdesign
  13. Hi , Please try to add these shape to create a shape, it mysteriously erases some nodes Error 2.afdesign
  14. Please see here: I call it critical, because there´s no workaround (converting to paths, reversing sequence etc - nothing helps) and it´s true for Affinity Publisher as well.
  15. I have noticed bug with adding shapes or multiple paths together. I thought it was because of gradients but it's doing it with solid objects as well. See image attached. Anyone else noticing this? Add shapes function bug
  16. Hi everyone. I experienced a weird problem when trying to subtract two paths (which normally works perfect if I set the fillmode to alternative). When trying to subtract this "A" (path) from the grey background (path aswell) it changes the form of the "A"-path for no apparent reason: If I subtract both the paths this happens: Also it's weird that this only happens with the "A", all the other letters can be subtractet perfectly... Any ideas what could have went wrong?
  17. I discovered by chance that errors occur in "destructive" and "non-destructive" Boolean operations. Here is an example of "non-destructive" Boolean operations: boolean_operations.afdesign
  18. Hi I have mixed feelings as it seems booleans are better yet now I got a stupid error when doing simple boolean - I saved file history with this file as well boolean.afdesign
  19. I never thought this to be possible on an editable font (no curves). 1. Make a compound of a rectangle and Artistic text. 2. Move the text a small distance to the right. Result: Moving away the text away from the rectangle results in a buckle. Move the text around the rectangle the buckle stays. Move the text a little bit into the rectangle, the buckle goes away. See attached image.
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