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  1. Every time I cut out something and I go to refine it no problem then if I select as new layer the program just shuts down EVERY TIME.
  2. Thank you I am always going back and forth with AD and AP so get confused what has what lol. Thank you so much
  3. Crop tool would have a grid now it is gone and I can't find the dropdown for the custom preset they had. I don't know if you removed it or I am missing something please help:) Thank you
  4. I think cause in some cases it works with different words and others it does not. So I can see how can't check every word in the world. But I do hope they fix fast:)
  5. I am using the latest version 1.8.0 I think it is and when i convert to curves then do what I need to do then select add it fills in the g and e as you can see. I did another design and the letters when crazy shape. This is important hope you can fix soon. Thank you for all you do love the program:)))
  6. Thank you was doing a youtube video design well learning it and then that happened lol thought it was me missing something. Thank you again.
  7. Thank you both so much. Yeah I never use Illustrator just this program was watching a how to on youtube and loved the look. But they were doing it on photoshop so different and since I never used it I got lost. Thanks again.
  8. I converted text to curves and ungrouped them then selected add tool and it messes up the text what am I doing wrong? Second Pic as you can see the letter H and A got really weird why am I doing something wrong or is it a bug.
  9. I just saw a video on how to do this in Illustrator and was wondering if we on AD can do it. I know there is an expand stroke but that will not make it bigger all the way around not that I know anyway. If there is could you point me in the right direction of video or help please. Thank
  10. OMG I did not see that said handle size, I guess I need glasses lol. Thank you so much for your help>
  11. Thank you so much:) I just looked there is nothing like that under tools.
  12. I was wondering if you can make the nodes BIGGER. Is there an adjustment cause they are soooooooo small now it is crazy, they were perfect before the update now they are too small. I know crazy question but I use them a lot and really hate the size now.
  13. Does anyone know of a video showing how to do the effect in the sample? I am not sure what the effect is called in photoshop it is called pixel sorter, but I have affinity photo and designer and was hoping to be able to do this effect very cool looking. Thank you
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