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  1. Hello everyone, How can I flatten an image in Photo? Here's my case: I open an image at 500x1000 px and want to resize its canvas to 1000x1000 Well, I do Document > Resize Canvas, unlink the dimensions, set one side to 1000, and press Resize Of course, Photo adds the transparent 250 px margins left and right Then I do Document > Flatten to make one 1000x1000 flat image And nothing happens; the image still has transparent margins, and when I save it to PNG, it saves the transparency as well. In this case, Photoshop makes a flat image with no transparency, which is right. How can I do it in Photo? Please help me understand the logic of this editor.
  2. Good morning, It looks to me (maybe I'm wrong) that is not possible to set some default settings to the crop tool. I'd like for example to have it always set on "Original Ratio" and with the "Darken Border" always checked, in order to speed up a basic process like cropping a bunch of catalog photos. I've found this intuitive option in every processing software I've used so far but can't figure it out here. Any ideas? If such a thing doesn't exist for AP it would be awesome to have it ASAP since it'll speed up the workflow, especially when working on several images. Thanks
  3. How to crop an image on a selected layer - Affinity Photo v1.3.4? It seems the Crop Tool is a global function. How would I accurately crop an image in a selected layer?
  4. In any given programs there is the ability to crop the canvas, however in Affinity Designer you have to go all the way to the Document Setup and do the guess work if you're cropping at a specific size. Is there any possible ways to crop the canvas on the canvas itself, like in Photoshop or Illustrator you can just resize the canvas with the artboard tool, however that doesn't seems to be the case in Affinity Designer, unless I am missing something here. Thanks!
  5. I would like you to apply the new option "Limit initial zoom to a maximum of 100%" to the image after cropping/resizing also.
  6. Hello forum, Just purchased the product and overall it is excellent. That said, it is missing a genuinely needed option within cropping. This being the ability to lock/align the cropping tool to the center of the image so that when you click and drag from the left; the right also crops to the same amount, and like wise from top to bottom. Most importantly to me is the need to crop from a corner and for all other points to move the same amount (whilst being locked at the center) framing the image equally and effectively. I believe although do not fully remember that to do something similar in the overly priced competitor of affinity photo is by holding down alt (or maybe it was shift, but not both together) whilst cropping. For now i am manually center cropping by adding/taking away the x and y value to achive an equal border. Thanks
  7. Hello, I click on the crop tool but the tool bar doesn't display the constrain options. How can I reactivate it?
  8. Hi! I didn't find anything like this so I ask you guys. Using Inkscape I can crop ("clip" as it's called) a raster image using any vector shape The way to do this is putting the shape above the raster image, select both, go Object > Clip > Set; the result is a raster image like the following example in the attached PNG. That's the way I put some texture or anything in certain shapes. Is there a way to do something like that? If that's not the case, sounds reasonable as a Feature request? Best regards!
  9. Have you ever tried to arrange objects in the layers panel only to loose them, and then find it nestled in a collapsed group of objects? Ever try and move an object so it clips anther object and it ends up with an unexpected result? Ever wonder what those enigmatic icons in the layer thumbnails are trying to tell you? This guide is for anyone with those questions. From folks that are new to Affinity Products, to people who has been using it for years and struggled with the behaviour of layers. This 3-page visual how-to guide will hopefully help reveal any or all of the cryptic layer mysteries! The guide is in English for desktop versions of the products, designed the Windows version, tested mostly in Affinity Designer, but should translate well to Affinity Photo and Publisher. I would love to hear your feedback, if you notice any errors, have any additions, and/or let me know if it helps you, please chime in! NOTE: PDF DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM. Please download it! Cheers, Dave Vector Affinity Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, Adjustments.pdf
  10. Hi, I've just discovered the really helpful crop tools in the develop persona, specifically the 'Thirds' and 'Golden Spiral' overlay options. The problem is, the orientation of the Golden Spiral is limited. I can rotate it to a landscape or portrait orientation, but it just means that the focus of the spiral is always in the top left of the frame. There seems to be no option for bringing the centre of the spiral to the right. Is this by design or a bug? If by design, it's a bit limiting. FYI This is on Windows Version BTW I'm loving the application. Cheers Graham
  11. Would be nice if AP could straighten distorted object while cropping an image like Photoshop. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/crop-straighten-photos.html It's useful for an image of buildings/documents
  12. Shift+O doesn’t cycle orientation (does nothing) and O doesn’t cycle overlay (selects Burn Brush instead). I’m using an iPad Pro 12.9” 4th Gen. with the Logitech Combo Touch. Latest Affinity Photo 2 and iOS version.
  13. One thing that I have seen mentioned on facebook groups is the crop tool. Most seem to agree that either 'crop to original ratio' be set as default or the the user be allowed to set the option that fits their workflow best. For me it is original ratio as I rarely use any other setting. Can this be added to the relevant programs?
  14. Hey everyone, I honestly don't know exactly how to describe what I've been missing for a long time (actually since day one of Photo) other than the title. But I can try to describe what behaviour I would expect. As you can already tell from the title, it's about the Crop Tool. From certain other tools I am used to being able to click on the top and bottom and left and right centre nodes of a selection, a shape or an artboard and adjust the element symmetrically by holding down the ⌘ key. Here is a short demonstration of what I mean by this (Sorry for the poor quality, but I didn't want it to be a big clip): Crop_Tool_function.mov You could say: »Why don't you just move the active area so that it snaps into the middle?« But here's the thing: Snapping to the centre of the current canvas for some reason does not work with the cropping tool – only document edges and rulers are recognised. All other elements in the document are ignored as snapping candidates. For some reason these two functionalities (simultaneous crop opposite sides and snapping) apparently never made it into the crop tool and I really don't know why because these to me are the most basic functions I use on a daily bases – to crop equal parts from the sides or to snap to elements/candidates on the canvas. I really miss these – am I the only one? 😔
  15. I purchased the entire Affinity suite when it was first released as a Beta. But I had been using Photoshop CS6 so long (and knew it so well) that I never made the effort to switch. Now that I'm on macOS Monterey, CS6 is no longer available. On PS, I used macros extensively and could create what I needed without even thinking about it. I'm confident that I will soon have the same comfort level with Affinity products. But this old dog needs some help in learning my new tricks! My challenge at present is to take a full screenshot and turn it into two pages, one comprising the left half of the screen and the other comprising the left half of the screen. I'd do this for a number of similar screenshots and, when finished, I'd combined them into a PDF book. The process I used in PS was to crop the original to half the size (left side first), then save it with the same name, appending "_Lft" to the name. Then undo the crop and repeat for the right side, appending "_Rgt" to the name instead. Close the image and continue to the next. I would either load all the screenshots at once and automate it to all, OR I would simply batch process through all full-size screenshots within a given folder. For some reason, I'm having an issue getting my head around creating the process in Affinity Photo (age, most likely). Any assistance in regard to the best approach would be greatly appreciated. Drifter
  16. Ok now it's becoming very annoying. AD crashes at least once a day. It crashes when exporting using Export Personna, when copying layers from a document to another (I already reported those 2 bugs). And now it just crashed while I was croping an image. I'm using AD from the first version, I was very enthusiastic at the begining. But I start thinking that this app cannot be used in a professionnal way. Can someone from the Affinity team tell me that those bugs are known and will be corrected soon ? Please stop making new features for now and focus on resolving bugs. I really don't wanna go back to Illustator. Thanks affinity_crash.txt
  17. I'm using the most recent version from the Mac App Store & for some reason I cannot crop. Specifically I cannot click & adjust the crop handles in either the Photo or Develop Personas.I click & hold on the track pad, nothing. I double, triple click, nothing. It is driving me round the bend. Is it a glitch or am I doing something stupid?
  18. I am wondering if any further improvements are planned for the crop tool? One trick I enjoyed from PS is proportionally cropping by holding the "alt" key, I noticed that as of betas 1.5.x that this is still not possible. Hopefully the gif demonstrates what I am referring to. Thanks
  19. Hi. I'm loving AF so far, but of course, there's stuff from PS I can't live without, and one of them is Perspective crop. I've fiddled a lot with the crop tool but this doesn't seem to be possible. Is there a way to do it or a workaround? Perspective tool doesn't cut it for me for this purpose. Thanks.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm new in affinity photo and I try to find on Youtube tutorials or here on the forum how to perspective crop an object, keeping the aspect ratio of that object. I have to crop some paintings from photo and if I use the perspective crop tool it lengthens my result. I do something wrong or this future is not available in Affinity yet? I attach 2 examples. Normal one is cropped in Photoshop, second in Affinity. I really like Affinity Photo but there are some future missing, or I didn't discover it yet.
  21. Attempting to crop a photo this evening when I found that it wouldn't work. The double-headed arrow appeared and could be moved about but it didn't move the grid and wouldn't allow a crop. My husband had exactly the same issue with a different photo about an hour earlier. He has a Mac and I am using Windows 10. We were both using graphics tablets. Closing the photo down and reopening allowed the crop. But then it happened a couple more times with other photos. Prior to that I had no problems with cropping. I have just tried cropping again and now it is working. Baffled. I saw a previous post on the same issue and tried Reset-ing the crop tool but that made no difference. Any ideas? Thanks
  22. Crop many digitized photos for playback on TV. Format 16: 9 instead of unrestricted desired as a default setting at start. what to do? Please help.
  23. I don't have time to search entire forums or the interwebs to see if someone else has ever suggested this feedback before. So I offer my apologies if my suggestions have already been covered. 1) Please can you provide a feedback function WITHIN the application it self. It's incredibly frustrating to have to use out dated methods of signing up to god-awful web-forums which just leads to nonconstructive replies of un-thought out opinions and arguments. It also allows you to correctly link feedback (and abuse) to the software license of the user and even categorise the feedback so you can easily see which areas are causing most concern to the user base. 2) Please can you fix the mouse icon when painting in masks in the develop mode. The standard OS mouse icon does not feel accurate to paint with. Also a nice to improve if possible: Painting often feels sluggish to see the red tint forming. If there is a way to make this feel more responsive without upgrading an existing 32GB RAM I7 processor machine, that would be lovely please. 3) Cropping in Develop mode is missing an "ok" or "finished" button. It's frustrating to be sitting back with my tablet, controlling everything then having reach over to the keyboard which I moved to one side, just to hit <enter>. I don't want to map the enter key to my tablet device as it's never used for anything else! if you simply put a button in the UI it will mean I can just move the mouse there and click! perhaps I've missed a trick that does what I want, but then that would mean it's not obvious and intuitive to the user. 4) Please update the flash function for uploading files on this forum. Who runs flash in 2017? Browsers auto block flash from running by default because it's nasty. 5) More of a question then a suggestion, but is there a way to rename the overlays in the Overlays tab in Develop mode? I have 3 gradient overlays, all with the same name! that's very confusing to simple minds like myself. 6) Although I generally hope you spend more time fine tuning what you have already developed, instead of just rushing out new features, it would be nice if there was an in-application function for browsing image files, with a nice big preview of the image and EXIF data, which you can then double click to open it in the develop mode. I don't think anyone wants all this "importing" and cataloguing rubbish which is very slow. But browsing files within Affinity with a UI that suits photographers that windows/macOS don't offer, would be a great win. Thanks for your time.
  24. Power tools of Affinity # 36 iPad and Desktop beginner Affinity Photo tutorial explaining resize canvas vs crop tools and how they are similar. https://youtu.be/qOq3798iSAw
  25. I could really use a destructive crop method that can be triggered by shortcuts for processing large numbers of files. I know that many people would say that having a non-destructive crop is better...just not in all circumstances. Here's the scenario.I am managing a hundreds of photos of students for our school database. The photos are all rapidly taken with lots of extraneous background and very poor centring. They are also just too big in file size and bloat the database if loaded as taken (yes I know, better source photos would be great, taken at a lower resolution...yes we have tried to train the staff) This was possible in photoshop with a selection and a series of shortcuts: Rectangular selection (based on a ratio) Crop (user defined key strokes) Image size (Shift-Command I) Save at a lower resolution (Command S and offered at save time) In photoshop I managed about 200 files in about 25 minutes. This would take hours in Affinity - batch won't work because this would require the same selection to be made each time. What do you think? I know others miss this too... As a second best, the ability to click-drag to expand the crop selection (ie expand from centre not at edge or corner) would be very welcome
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