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  1. Will there ever be the chance to add hyperlinks to texts, that can be included in exported PDF's?
  2. I managed to join the end points of two pen curves like this: 1. Select node tool 2. Select both curves using shift 3. Command+click TWICE on the end points you want to connect (thus selecting both end points) 4. Select Join Curves from the Actions box Hope it helps
  3. What is the selection tool? The closest I see are the 'select all' button and the 'quick mask' button.
  4. Hi, My text tool has disappeared from the toolbar, anyone knows where to find it? :) Thanks
  5. Hello, AD started showing a selection box around previously selected objects and it doesn't go away - I have to close and reopen the document to clear the selection boxes (please see attachment). It gets visually annoying, how can I clear this? Thanks
  6. Hello, I used to be able to open Designer files on Photo, but now I get a "Failed to open file" error. Can this be fixed?
  7. Hi, Is there a way to keep stamp tool options from previous use? For instance, stamp always starts at 64px width, even when I click between opened files.
  8. Hello, I click on the crop tool but the tool bar doesn't display the constrain options. How can I reactivate it?
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