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  1. As per the title, when using Affinity Designer / Photo is there any way to hide the blue lines that surround your layer selection when applying a layer effect? I could have sworn that I used to hold down the space bar and they would disappear much like when you do that just in the document normally? Doesn't appear to be doing that now and maybe I'm mis-remembering but could have sworn I used to be able to do that? I can see it's possible if I hold the space bar down before clicking on the layer effects icon to bring that window up but if I accidentally let go of the space bar whilst
  2. Power Tools part 17: Isolate a Layer If you ever wanted to work on a partially hidden layer, then this tutorial is for you. Isolate Layers a Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo Beginner Tutorial Part 17 Powerful Tools https://youtu.be/gTY7mkqQHzo
  3. Affinity Photo crashes when stock photos tab are being used. Using Unsplash images cause the program to close.
  4. I personally took direct contact with the developer behind this fantastic add-on about 3 months ago to inform him about the improvements done to Affinity with the additions of Windows Ink and better Wintab support. Seems like he took notice and has added Windows Ink support for Affinity Photo and many other softwares in the latest update. A good sign that some add-on developers are taking notice of Affinity. https://lazynezumi.com/news If you are very artist oriented, I highly recommend you checking this add-on out. Painting will not be the same afterwards. 🥳
  5. Building in black and white using AP and Silver Efex 2
  6. enjoying a day off with a little space exploration. There are filters, pattern layers, and some painting in there. the rock is a pattern layer in an ellipse and then a spherical live filter layer.
  7. Hi there, Affinity Photo freezes almost every time when I close an file without making a change. You would expect it to close the file smoothly but even without having to safe anything or even loading another file it often produces just freezes. I am using a rather old iMac 2011 with High Sierra. Can someone confirm the situation? I also included a copy of the problem report the system creates for sending to apple. Maybe there is something useful in there. freeze report.txt
  8. In the latest beta the input fields don't accept values like 1.5 or 2.1 e.g. the Unsharp mask dialog is total useless. My input was 1,4 for Faktor.
  9. Can anyone help me with using the Flood filter from Flaming Pear? I am using Windows 10. When I call it up from Affinity Photo (which I am very new to) the PlugIn opens fine but nothing in the filter is operable (except rolling the die ). I tried to use the Marquee tool on my background layer before sending to this plugin but then the image that opens in the filter is a semi transparent image (and none of the tools in the filter worked). Without the Marquee tool the filter opened but no image. Help!
  10. I'm new to Affinity Photo so please forgive me if this is quite elementary. I did a search of the forums here to see if anything similar has been asked before, but saw nothing. Is there a way to make a macro automatically trigger just after opening an image? I created a macro to duplicate the base image layer and set it as the "original" untouched image, then create a group called "Edit" with the duplicated Background layer inside where I do all my edits. This is to make it easy to do a before and after comparison. I would like that macro to run for each image I open in Affinity Photo
  11. Hello, Recent convert from Photoshop here, and I'm pretty happy with Affinity's products so far! Transition has been fairly easy, and lots of features to like. One problem I'm having, however, involves the Pixel Tool. I did a lot of my pixel work in Photoshop using their Pencil tool, with pen pressure controlling opacity. However, when I attempt the same thing with AP's Pixel Tool, pen pressure seems to be binary? Like 0-50% pressure = no mark made, 51-100% pressure = 100% opacity. Am I missing a setting somewhere? The brush tool seems to behave correctly to pen pressure, b
  12. As the title reads, my Affinity Photo 1.91 on Windows 10 crashes instantly when i import Stock Images from the "Unsplash" libaries. But only these. Images from the other libaries (Pexels;Pixaby) can be imported with no problem at all. When it crashes, the programm instantly closes, there is no lagging, loading or freezing. I hope you can help me with that, thanks in advance.
  13. I would throw money at Serif to charge me for these kinds of updates for AP on future more powerful iPads. This is sick! Creativity is going to be at an even higher output.
  14. The problem with the text cursor jumping outside of the textbook has returned again in AP 1.9.1 despite being fixed . . . running macOS Catalina 10.15.7. I insert the text cursor before the word "vaccinated" to add spaces to the sentence in order to shift it to the right in order to visually balance the line because of the ellipses . . .
  15. Scanned painted map with a creature drawn on it with affinity photo.
  16. Hello! I am fairly new to Affinity Designer and Photo, but I feel that this problem isn’t due to my lack of experience. But if it is, I will be even more grateful for any expert advice and counsel comming my way. I have been using AD and AP for illustrating and I have been noticing some bugs in the raster brush response. I have experiemented with a mouse, a Huion graphics tablet, and a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 tablet. I am finding the same problems using all three when creating art with rasher brushes (especially in Affinity Photo). Today it was so bad that I was unable to much of anythin
  17. Hi there good folks in the Affinity forums, first of all, I want to say, that I do like the software very much and I really try to find a solution for my problem here. I've seen variations of this issue in other threads before, but but it seemed, that there is no solution to this. Here are my problems: In Affinity Photo and Designer (Pixel and Designer Persona) I experience serious brush lag and all in all performance issues. This happens with brushes in all sizes and complexities, even with the standard default pixel brush. When I rotate my canvas, raster based areas are
  18. Sky replacement Affinity Photo Beginner tutorial Many beginners replace the sky forget about how it affects the rest of the photo. In this Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial I show how the sky affects the whole photo in real life and how you can show this in your photo manipulation. https://youtu.be/TUwr1ULcYzM
  19. I think that there should be a video showing how to use L.a.b. colour to rescue flat files. I used Photoshop for years for this purpose now I am getting to grips with the different process in Affinity. The present videos do not do justice to this powerful tool. I have attached a before and after edit which only took a couple of minutes using Curves in L.a.b. For your info they are in the South Australian outback. There is much more to L.a.b. and it is the main reason that I chose Affinity when I gave up Photoshop Eric
  20. When exporting (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) PNG from Affinity Photo , there are options to export the area as 1: whole document, 2:Selection with background 3:Selection without background. I make video game art and export selections of layers frequently as i work on them. So I'm glad i can export a selection of layers as PNG without a background, but i have to manually set the area to "selection without background" each time. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default area of export PNG from "whole document" to one of the other options? Thanks inf advance!
  21. It appears that currently the astro stacking uses the intersection method to stack all images. Would it be possible to have the option to get a mosaic of all pictures? Or/and use a reference frame? (I know, I know, it's not DSS, but just asking) Cheers, Dom
  22. This is my first attempt to draw with affinity foto. Very interesting experience
  23. REMOVE RED EYE TOOL How to use the Remove Red Eye tool. Part 16 of my Digitally Fearless Powerful Tools of Affinity. I also give you an alternative tool because like in all graphic apps, the Remove Red Eye tool might not be the best choice in some cases. https://youtu.be/_FqDyGeQcWQ
  24. Hello, is it normal that I have a small resolution from high quality files?...I try to explain myself with practical examples... If I open 3 RAW files (for example with different exposure of the same subject) first in Develop Persona, after in Photo Persona and copy/paste them in the same document, to blend them and create a manual HDR, the final file has a resolution of 300 dpi, while if I create a file from New HDR Merge with the same RAW files, the final result it has a resolution of 96 dpi The same also if I stack the RAW files to align them or whatever: manually the final f
  25. Good day, Could you please advise as to when the Canon 850 D ( Rebel T8 ) will be added to the list of approved cameras. It was introduced in about Feb 2020. Thanks Trevor
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