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Found 3,615 results

  1. This morning I made a new composing, similar to "Old cabinet" but with more modern touch . All done with the beta of Affinity Photo 1.9. Most sources from Unsplash.com.
  2. Bought these the other day and tried them out. I like them however can't find many tutorials on how to use them other than screen and overlay blend modes. So here is an experiment with other blend modes. Suggestions?
  3. How map bitmap picture beetween white->selected spot colour. looks like end result when i use K only in Publisher does rgb data. at least such element looks totally different exported pdf when i open it acrobat reader. but pantone coloured text shows same way what it shows in Publisher. at least end pdf looks good when i do gradient map image (what i converted itself grayscale) with cmyk white and selected spot colour. this test image is rgb. Or its this impossible with current affintiy apps.
  4. hi, i'm a music producer and i would like to create my own artwork for my music I left you some photos to make you understand the result I would like to achieve, my question is: i'm a affinity publisher user, i need to buy another of Affinity series product or publisher is ok? THANSK!
  5. Utterly apolitical, I promise! I'm not even from the US, so I have no axe to grind. As everyone on the interweb seems to be popping Bernie Sanders into humorous settings, I thought I'd have a go myself. I looked for the largest photos I could find, as it's much easier to work at the larger size -- and the mistakes are less obvious when I save the jpeg at a much smaller size (I hope!). OK, the first one is The Night Watch by Rembrandt (but you know that).I found a copy of Mr Sanders' photo online and selected out the figure and the chair. After some trial and error, I thought this was the best position to place him, but I had to flip the image to make the perspective of the chair to match. Fortunately he's fairly symmetrical, so it's not obvious. I made a slight Curves adjustment to get the contrast more or less right. Then I selected a section from the costumes of the figures in the background, upper left , applied an Average blur to it and laid it over the Mr S layer, set the blend mode to Overlay, and dialled down the opacity till the colours looked right. Finally I made a selection with the Pen tool and used that for a mask to put him behind the chap in front.I ought to have removed that dog, I suppose -- or moved it back a little so it doesn't look as if it's under the chair. And this is Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir.I used the same original image I'd extracted for the previous pic and masked out parts of the Renoir to out him behind the table. Then I Cloned in some background to remove the chap who was originally sitting there -- a little bit of his head and shoulders was still visible. I made the same adjustments as before, including the colour overlay (from the big fellow's arm on the left) to try and match the skin tones.Now here's the clever part! I made a copy of the Bernie layer and its adjustments and rasterised it. (This way I still had the group intact if I made a mess of it.) I opened the Paint Mixer brush and selected the Impressionist Oil 01 brush, set the foreground colour to none, and painted brush strokes over the raster Bernie, making sure I had Auto Load Brush on and clicking Clean Brush frequently. In this way I made the texture match the rest of the painting and not look like a photograph. I didn't need to do this with the Rembrandt, as his style is photographic.
  6. Taking advantage of the time of the pandemic with its restrictions, I created a composing with the beta of Affinity photo 1.9. I used my own material and images from unsplash.com.
  7. After a brush install crash that led to a reset of brushes, I lost the ability to paint on an added pixel layer. Works on an image pixel layer, masks, etc, just not the blank pixel layer. I have now tried a reset of all items in Photo, as well as, a re-install with no success. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  8. Hi Affnity, Hi Forumers! I (ab)use Affinity Photo to edit my astrophoto, I find Affinity Photo a great piece of software! However I'm facing a problem that I can't solve: the tiff files out of AP don't work in any star stacking software. I tested Sequator, Starry landscaper, Deep sky star stacker, Iris and Siril. All report the message "unable to read files". Strange, because with jpgs everything flows. I wrote some line to the developers and that is the answer I had: "TIFF is not fully standardized. Although they are called TIFF, some formats or fields may be incompatible. Sequator uses the most popular TIFF library, but there may be still some proprietary fields the library can not recognize." Any hint, idea, suggestion you could provide? Thanks a lot for your help! G:
  9. Did you ever want to uncrop? The Powerful Tools Part 10 This beginner Affinity photo tutorial is part 10 of my Digitally Fearless powerful tools playlist and shows you how to do that, clip canvas and more. https://youtu.be/UP-4HHoFd90
  10. V1.85...... Windows 10 desktop PC. The Clone brush tool does not react. When trying to remove an item/object/blemish it does not happen. I did a repair on the programme and the first time i used Clone tool it worked. the second time i tried it it did not and will not do so. Any suggestions please.
  11. Hey Everyone, I made this comic book style portrait of Clark Kent from scratch using Affinity Photo and I've also included a video tutorial of how I made this illustration in the tutorial section. Thanks, Mike
  12. So I am new to Affinity. I was an Adobe user and recently upgraded to the apple 2021 macbook. I was using the Adobe CS6 suite to do all my design work and photo editing. When I got my new macbook I learned my pre-purchased Adobe CS6 did not support the new m1 chip so was facing the decision to pay a monthly Adobe subscription of $53(USD) per month forever! After 5 years, this would have amounted to $3180 (USD). That just seems so unreasonable to me because I feel I am 'priced out' of trying to design. Cue Affinity, the life-savers! Now that I've been using Affinity, Adobe couldn't pay me to switch back. Smart and thoughtful design + accessible honest pricing. It's also exciting to work with something new and robust like Affinity. This is what design is all about.
  13. I've been working away with pixel art on Affinity Photo, starting with a self portrait of myself, before moving onto stuff like abstract art or places. On my phone, I have a pixel art app, where I can put exported bits on my computer through bluetooth. I export the bits as Portable Network Graphics files (png) So anyway, the top picture is of the pixel app version of myself I'm working from (32x32px) The other picture(s) - the version I'm working on at the moment (128x128px)...
  14. Hey Everyone, I created this video tutorial on how to create a comic book style portrait art in Affinity Photo. I'll be going over the process of sketching, inking, flatting, and coloring. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed creating it! Thanks, Mike
  15. I currently have the Affinity suite on my laptop. When the 2021 ipad comes out I am planning on purchasing it. I would like to buy AP and AD now while it is on sale. Can I purchase it without an ipad?
  16. Affinity Photo brings many welcome changes in how we work with text, and I'm enjoying learning the app. I found a minor issue that could be improved. While it's nice that I can enter some text then grab the text size box and have highlighted text immediately jump to show us what the new size will look like in our image, with each point size causing the text to resize itself immediately, I noticed that, while hitting the up or down arrow inside resize box changes the number up or down for us (very convenient if we want to bump size up just a little), it doesn't preview this size for us with each arrow press up or down, but only when we hit enter To recreate, enter some text in a text frame, highlight the text, and then click into the size selector inside the Text palette. We can increase or decrease the text point size with the keyboard arrow keys, but we cannot see the size in action until we hit return. It seems that since the intention of the programmers is to let us see the text easily if we use the pull-down menu with the mouse, we should also have the new size be previewed when using the arrow keys to select text size. Thanks for considering my request!
  17. When I want to print page from Affinity Photo so it print blank page. On page is only text and rectangle. Preview in Print window is gray as disabled without content. Normal preview is white with content. What do I do bad?
  18. Hi, I have been using Affinity Photo for several projects at the same time. Is there a way to have, like "an Affinity Photo that is opened for project A"? Something like: When I export a file, it will remember which folder it should output to in this project; then it knows to output to different folder when it is for another project by default. Because most of the time I just export them forgetting to change destination 😂 as I need to swap around different project to work on. It will be convenient if this feature exists.
  19. Hallo in die Runde! Ich habe mir nun auch noch zum Publisher Affinity Photo für Mac zugelegt und habe leider ein Problem. Es wird aufgefordert eine Pixeleinstellung vorzunehmen bevor es losgehen kann. Wo und wie kann ich das machen? Vielen Dank schon jetzt! Dieter
  20. How to print non-digital paintings. How to prepare your painting for print in the correct size, and for web. This Affinity Photo tutorial video shows how to put the photo back into correct perspective and size it for print. Imagine you just finished an oil painting and you want to digitize it so you can sell prints, place on the web, or submit your work to a gallery. Taking a photo of it on the wall or on an easel distorts the image. This video shows how to correct the distortion and size it correctly. https://youtu.be/BEMNW8PewIs
  21. Hello everyone, I cannot launch affinity photo because of the theme I am using. Is this a way to bypass this and launch affinity photo anyway while keeping the theme I am using ? Thank you.
  22. I'm trying to select just the shirt, but no amount of tolerance will let me select it. (I select the whitespace/transparency and then invert selection) There's always a fuzz around it. I should not need to use refine for this. Photoshop does this without issue Example at 90% Tolerance File AF Version Selection Tolerance Test.afphoto
  23. Hi guys, I just uploaded a n ew video, so I'm creating a photo composite of a person holding the moon, check out the video to see the process. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you! (I use 2 software in this video, Capture One Express for photo retouching & Affinity Photo for photo composite)
  24. I noticed a fairly annoying UI issue with Affinity Photo on Mac. Like many, I am coming from Photoshop to Affinity Photo and am trying to organize things like the tools to match my previous workflow, and I've set up keyboard shortcuts to help me work more quickly. Since I dislike any keyboard shortcut that toggles through tools (I just one one tool per keyboard shortcut), I have B for brush, V for move, L for Lasso and so on. What I find very strange is that, if I select a tool that's already selected, I get system error message, as you can see in the video below. I am selecting the Move tool (V) while it's already selected, resulting in an error beep, as if I've done something wrong. I believe this behavior should be removed as it's not useful to the user. Screen_Recording_2021-01-21_at_3_41.58_PM.mov
  25. Hi there. After seeing a video with Nick Page using Lumenzia in Photoshop, I was inspired to do luminosity masks in a new and much more customizable way than the much used 5 levels of brigths, midtones, and darks. With these macros, when you create a light, midtones, or dark mask, it doesn't create the mask immediately, but applies 3 adjustments: a B&W, a Curves, and a Levels adjustment. Now you can adjust the three fine tune whatwhat you want in your selection. And using B&W adjustment you can more easily target specific colors. The only difference between the 3 that the curves layer is inverted in the darks, and peaks at the halfway point in the midtones mask. When you are happy with the selection, select the "Complete" macro, which will create a selection, and a new spare channel from the selection. Hope you find this useful. Stroiman's Luminosity Masks.afmacros
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