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Found 2,212 results

  1. Got a chance to check Affinity Photo Trial so until I run out I will bug you a bit. Using: Affinity Photo 1.4 I created 1920 x 1080 image zoomed to 50%. I scrolled a bit my image vertically (up & down) and it got distorted. It looked like at some regions (of the size of the Launchpad icons) every second column was shifted by a few pixels. When I drew on such distorted place the newly put brush also got distorted. Further scrolling 'corrected' the display so I can confirm that the drawing buffer was all right and it was purely a display problem. Hope it helps. BTW. The app is great, keep up the good work!
  2. Got a chance to check Affinity Photo Trial so until I run out I will bug you a bit. Using: Affinity Photo 1.4 When I have large brush (like selection brush) I see round shape indicating its region. This is a good thing. However when I want to scroll the canvas a bit and I move pointer over the scrollbar it is still a round shape, not a pointer (arrow or anything) and it is very hard to aim at it. Also it confused me quite a bit - I didn't know if when I click I will scroll the image or use the brush on image.
  3. Hi all, I just found a bug with nudging which exists in the latest versions of both Designer and Photo (v1.4.1). Steps to reproduce it: 1. create a new document 2. paint some squiggles with a pixel-based brush 3. marquee a rectangle region in the squiggles 4. duplicate the region with CMD-J 5. select the move tool 6. move the copied piece with the mouse near to where you want to put it 7. nudge the piece with the arrow keys At the last step, the copied piece jumps back to the position it was before you moved it with the mouse. Cheers, Jules
  4. Hallo all together, I wanted to know if Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer support the ICC-RGB-Profiles version 4 and version 2. Therefore I opened a PDF test document in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, that I found on the webpage of the International Color Consortium (http://www.color.org...ion4html.xalter). I was very surprised having to take note, that neither in Affinity Photo nor in Affinity Designer the color for both version 2 and version 4 were displayed correctly. So my question is if the two programs really don't support these ICC-Profiles or is the incorrect displayed color caused by my preferences. Many thanks in advance for answering.
  5. Hi, I purchased the Licenses version of Affinity Photo from Itunes. I installed in on my iMac. We want to switch ourselves from Photoshop to Affinity Photo but we are facing the following major problems, listed below: 1. Selection Tool a. There is no polygonal Lasso tool. Is there any alternative to that? b. Cannot select more than one region using the pen tool. How can we add two selections without getting the first path deselected? 2. Color Lock There is no color lock available for layers, that prevents colors to go outside the layer boundary. Do you have such a lock? Can it be achieved using any plug-in? 3. Smudge tool Smudge tool is breaking up the mixed colors thus creating a dirty color instead of smudging them properly. Is there any setting required to fix that? 4. Auto Select When we are clicking on a particular part of the image to check which layer that region is in, the group is getting selected in which the layer belongs but that particular layer remains unrecognizable. Thus we have to find the layer manually. Is there a way to select layers instead of groups? 5. Warp Tool When we want to warp a particular selection of a layer and select it with selection tool, the mesh warp tool is applying the result in the entire layer instead of applying just on the selected region. How can we apply warp only on a selected region? 6. Straight Line We cannot draw straight line in any angle using the brush tool by pressing the Shift key. Is there any other way to do that? 7. Canvas Rotation We cannot rotate the canvas in an angle for our ease of painting. Is there any way to do that? Please assist us so we can fully utilize this software. We really like everything else this application is offering. If there is any plugin or bugfix, we are also ready to go for that. Kindly revert with your suggestions. Thanks, Sachin
  6. So I purchased Daub Pigmento (a set of 72 brushes) and noticed after installing them that there were little icons on the right of each brush, I have no clue as to what they mean... I need enlightment :huh:
  7. Hi, As you are no doubt beavering away at making Affinity products even better (and I can't wait to hear of any update on any DAM and DTP products, hint ;) ;) ), maybe it's time to throw this into the mix: meta data handling. Especially those that work commercially need to make sure their meta data is set correctly as that often influences how the work is archived, retrieved, distributed and sold. This means different things in different formats (in PNG and JPG it would be stored in PCT/EXIF tags, but PDF has quite a few fields too), but there are some common themes: artist/author, copyright holder and maybe distribution. Where possible a freeform field would be good where the meta format allows, because you could use that for library markings (which could help with a DAM retrieval mode, for instance). To use this, you'd need facilities to set and edit these fields, and a way to template an optional default. At present there's nothing for that in the AD/AP export facilities so you end up having to reprint/edit PDFs and run the venerable exiftool over images to add the data. Cheers! PS: I'll be in London next week - if any of you guys venture into town I'll buy you a beer :P
  8. To be honest, I've never tried Affinity Photo for digital painting. I usually work in PS or Manga Studio. But today I was testing some brush settings of Photo and came up with this quick portrait. I've always tried to emulate the traditional mediums when painting digital, so I tend to work my digital paintings with that natural a la prima feel... working in one layer and mixing pencils and 'gouache'. Here's the result: I think I'll use Photo for more digital painting. It runs pretty smooth and fluid. It is pretty fun to create brushes too, very fewer settings compared with other painting software, but at the same time those boundaries makes you create some nice brushes more quickly. Hope you all dig it!
  9. I've got the Zoomify Photoshop plugin from the website and I'm trying to add it to Affinity Photo but I'm not having any luck. Thinking it was to do with the file downloaded I tried using a copy from an actual copy of Photoshop that a colleague has but still no luck (there is a file difference in that the folder direct from PS has .swf file and .zvt while the downloaded one has .js file, oddly, with .zvt). I've not used plugins before with either PS or Affinity so not sure if I'm doing things right. I'm adding the folder to where affinity suggests and then restarting the app, but nothing appears within the dialog. Anybody else had any success with this or shall I call it quits and maybe get my PS using colleagues to export the file for me? Thanks!
  10. smallreflection

    Steam Court painting

    Not 100% done, but this is a portion of a new art piece done by commission for an upcoming card game. All painting done in Affinity Photo Beta. So far it's been fantastic with few hiccups. The new beta does seem a bit friendlier to my Wacom as well. :) More updates will pop up at SteamCourt.com soon!
  11. Here is my latest concept art for a client's top-down game. I was also using the DAUB brushes. They work great! All work done with Affinity Photo. You can see more of these and some of my process on my Artstation profile.
  12. Brett Stebbins

    Viewing Image Not Consistent

    The Mac's Quick View mode of a JPEG file I exported shows much more detail and resolution than the same file opened up on Affinity Photo. I am using iPad Air (Retina) for my document settings. The JPEG I export was 3x. Also, I attached screenshots of a document in Affinity Photo and then that same document in Affinity Designer. The one in Designer looks right. The one in Photo looks lower resolution.
  13. Hi all, changing a keyboard shortcut will only take effect after one has left the Keyboard Shortcuts Preference Pane using the Preference Pane Selector drop down (either by selecting the preference panes overview or a specific preference pane). If you use the back button or just close the preferences window the new keyboard shortcut will be saved but it will not take effect! I discovered this behaviour while I changed some of the keyboard shortcuts, e.g. F1 will now create a new layer. I haven't tested other preferences nor if this behaviour can be replicated in Affinity Designer. My set-up: OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) Affinity Photo Trial 1.4.2 Cheers, geeknurse
  14. Hi all, I've just released the next course for Affinity Photo. This one is all about using the Develop Persona to develop Raw files. You can view the course here - https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-raw-image-development/or you can watch a video about the course here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vqOTtmo11g . The course is over 3 & a half hours and is focused on the Develop Persona and Raw files. I created it with the course 'Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations' (also at udemy.com) in mind so that the two of the act together. I explain what a Raw file is, the advantages (and disadvantages) of Raw files over jpegs, and I go through the tabs and tools to give a thorough grounding in Raw file enhancement. As well as the theory and tool demonstrations I also take 10 Raw files and develop them so you can see the development process repeatedly. You get the same 10 Raw files as downloads to experiment with. Hope it proves useful to someone, Drippy Cat Hang on! - go here - https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-raw-image-development/?couponCode=AffinityRawPromoor enter ' AffinityRawPromo' (no quotes) to get a discount off the regular price until the end of May 2016!
  15. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Stil vom Kino Poster Warcraft erstellt. Das Kino Poster vom Film Warcraft inspirierte mich dazu, den Effekt zu versuchen. Es stecken ein bisschen Cinematic Effekt, Dragan Effekt und Color Splash Effekt darin. Die wesentlichen Arbeitsmittel sind hier die Anpassungsebenen, Blendmodes und Masken. Besonders alles, was die Kontraste erhöht, die Verlaufsumsetzung und Dodge & Burn. Viel Spaß In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the style of the movie poster Warcraft. Die cinema poster of Warcraft inspired me to try this effect. There is a little bit of cinematic effect, Dragan effect and color splash effect in it. The main methods are adjustment layers, blendmodes and masks. Particularly all what increases the contrasts, the gradient map and dodge and burn. Have fun. Ciao Jack Video Tutorial auf YouTube
  16. Hey there! My name is Benjamin, and I just started to use the marvelous piece of software by Serif today (even though AD is a world for itself). Never did serious stuff in Photoshop, so it's kind of a double debut. I started arts 2 years ago and I still suck, so I'd love some critique. I will also use this thread to keep on publishing my work. Cheers!
  17. Tatyana

    bug resize

    Hi everybody! There is a problem with the change in the size of the pixels to centimeters. I made a video, that would be understandable. I wish you all a great Friday. https://yadi.sk/i/12IpftMBrWsUZ Tatyana.
  18. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Burn Wood Text Effekt erstellt. Oder zu deutsch den eingebrannten Holz Text Effekt. Es soll so wirken als wenn der Text mit einem Brandeisen in das Holz gebrannt wurde. Das bedeutet, dass der Text dunkler sein muss, besonders an den Rändern. Er braucht eine leichte Prägung. Die wesentlichen Arbeitsmittel sind hier die Ebeneneffekte, Blendmodes und Masken. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the Burn Wood Text Effect. It should seem like a hot iron burned the text into wood. The main methods are layer styles, blendmodes and masks. Have fun Ciao Jack YouTube Video: Burned Wood Text Effekt (English Subtitles)
  19. Hello, everyone. I'm a new user just starting learning this amazing photo editing software. These days, I'm considering change my old SLR camera to a new one. However, after my friend's Sony NEX-3 failed to be recognized by Affinity Photos, I feel just confused. Would anyone tell me whether this software can be compatible with Sony E6300 (with 18-200mm)? Because it's not in the list given by the support list of affinity photo?
  20. Hi, after a rebuilt of my iMac (Retina Model 15,1 2014) Plugins won't work correct. I've made a clean instal and become only the Demo Mode for the Nik Plugins like Color Efex or Analog Efex. The plugins works before with OS X 10.11.3. After the Clean install i've OS X 10.11.4. Topaz brings the message you can see in following Screenshot: I don't know wich file Affinity photo needs to starts the plugins (Nik) as full version. I deleted the Nik Collection and Topaz and after Restart i Installed the plugins again. But nothing changed. I have start a topic in the forum but I became only answer - deinstall und reinstall the plugins. The Plugin paths show to the plugin folder from photoshop 2015 CC and the support path is the global Access ("/") As result - I can't use affinity like I want (Today no replacement for Photoshop). With a Debugging Version it should be able to find the error where the plugins can't run in full working mode (no DEMO). Can you help me! Debugging Version could help also for causeless other Problems. My system iMac Retina late 2014 Model 15,1 4 GHz Core i7 AMD radeon R9 M295X with 4GB RAM Fusion drive 3 TB 16GB RAM OS X 10.11.4 (Clean install)
  21. Hello, I'm a newbie from France so, sorry for my High shool english, not very good. For many reasons, I stopped Photoshop. Now, I use Affinity Photo. No regret. So, I show you some illustrations made with Affinity. I think that Photoshop is not better in fact. PS : For the man with glasses, he's a french bad philsopher, always at TV ... we have a lot like this...
  22. My Strawberry Monkey

    Black & White

    Shot on a Panasonic G7, 50mm samyang lens of the nephew done in Camden, London. Used the haze filter as it was a sunny day, did wonders to the pic... Must admit i'm a B&W addict.. Allan
  23. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Glas Text Effekt erstellt. Das geht im wesentlichen über den Ebenenstil 3D. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the glass text effect. It works mainly with the layer style 3D. Ciao Jack YouTube-Tutorial "Glas Text Effekt"
  24. Just a couple of projects I keep working on when I have some spare time. I've lost count of how many times I've changed the portrait image or what I like to call The Doll.
  25. Hey there! I’d like to request either a shortcut or a button in the menu to keep or reset the elliptic shape for the Depth of Field Blur filter in AP while or after scaling the affected area. For now it’s possible to hold down shift and constrain the transformation to the selected axis, though honestly I'm not sure when this will get useful for me right now. Not as intuitive but maybe a button in the menu would be nice, so after scaling the ellipse in width or height you would be able to convert it back into a circle-shape with the new dimension. Also the option to hold shift while moving the center of the effect so it’d snap onto the x- or y-axis would be cool. Let me hear what you guys think of this. ;) Greetings Dennis

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