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Found 2,973 results

  1. Cuando los eps tienen diseños complejos de ilustrador, diseño afinidad no te los conserva igual, te los modifica, igual cuando quieres cambiar de ilustrador a afinidad, los textos te los convierten en curvas, el problema con eso, es que si el archivo uno lo quiere modificar, ya no pudiste, tienes que borrar el texto y ponerlo de nuevo, eso no es práctico, deberia tener una opción que te dijera si los textos los quieres borrar en curvas o quieres en letra. Para que no te haga trabajar más. La primera version hecha en ilustrador como se ve esa misma version en AFFINITY
  2. I'm trying to look for an angled/tilted brush for hand writing with my pen tablet. I know it sounds extremely simple – it's one of the default brushes on Adobe Illustrator – but I can't seem to find it on Affinity Designer. Everything is rounded... Some taper off a the ends. But none are actually angled. Please help!
  3. Mainly a bit of fun - I recorded a timelapse-with-hints process video making this image. It isn't exhaustive but it gives a structure. http://saamvisual.com/process/2020/1/15/vector-process-folding-scissors Any feedback very much welcome.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with the affinity suit (hot on all three systems, just had to decide to post) when i open one of the programs the message "maintenance progress" (Wartungsforgang, German original text) appears and it asks me to repair it or to uninstall the application. no matter what i choose the window closes and the message appears every time i start the program... EDIT: Fixed the problem (open as admin)
  5. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hello everyone, Here's some works I've done with AD and AP.
  6. I have a problem i did vector image and when I want export it as SVG there is a information that "some areas will be raterised 1. When I export it rasterised nothing all is good( second pic) 2. When I export it rasterised unsupported propertis happend this ( first pic) 3. When I export is as rasterised everything all is good
  7. Hi to all, I am encountering a strange behaviour which might be a bug (or a feature? - I don't know). I have a document in designer which consist of multiple embedded pictures. One picture needed further retouching so I want to open it in Photo. The problems came when I tried to get things back to designer. I tried two different approches 1) In designer I selected the picture and clicked "Edit image" (I don't know the correct english words as I am using the German version). Then I clicked File->Edit in Affinity Photo in the menu. Photo opened up, I did my retouching and saved. A dialog appeared if I wanted to save a reduced version for the desired file format can only contain pixel data -> ok. Then I closed Photo. But the changes did not appear in Designer at all. Bad luck. So I tried a different approach: 2) In designer I selected File->"Edit in Affinity Photo" for the whole document. Photo opens up. There I select the desired picture and select Edit image. Retouching. Save. Reduced format -> ok. Everything's fine. Then I save the whole document and open it again in Designer. But there the picture looks really ugly with huge pixels (like 32 x 24 or so). When I click "edit image" I have the HQ result from Photo but when I close the editing mode, again I have those big blocks. If I try to export a pdf for example - the picture is just not present (in my case there is a coloured square - the container which holds the image in the document). I am not quite sure if this is the correct behavior. But in my opinion at least (2) should have worked properly. So it seams that there is a bug somewhere. Anyway - it would be grad to have a better way to edit an embedded image in photo, like it works in publisher. That's really cool. The workflow to edit an image and then start up the other application while the document in the original application is closed is a bit clumsy imho. Thanks so far. Jan
  8. hey there! Happy new year to everyone I'm back with my lovely tutorials, using affinity designer in this time I did the Nemo character, using my vector techniques I hope you guys will enjoy
  9. Hello! sharing here my new character from the live streaming tutorial! available on the Tutorial section I'm very happy to bring these tutorials dedicated on Affinity Designer Ipad, I hope the next year I can start on AD desktop as well! Cheers Jhon
  10. Hey Why vector crop tool CHANGE opacity of the croping objects ? And how turn this off? It happend only when the object that i want crop is under 100% opacity VID_20200114_124459.mp4
  11. I have been searching for a while now, but cant find any "select same colour" feature. All I can find is a feature request post from 4 years ago asking for this. Surely this rudimental feature has been implimented by now. Selecting and replacing a colour is one of the main benefits of vector work, to not have this seems crazy to me. I know the dev team is small and your product is so superior to Adobe is so many ways, but missing fundamental features like this makes it unusable for real world projects. I hope I am being a dullard and a select same colour feature is available. If not please add it to the top of the list of features in the next update.
  12. Hi I have a problem with export my work to svg When i export it "nothing rasterise" all is good but when I export with "unsupported parts rasterise", gradient elipse change to square. How fix it ?
  13. Youtube Link: Business Card Design Template - Affinity Designer Tutorial This tutorial shows the making of "Advance Business Card Design Template" using "Affinity Designer" using 14 Artboards for 7 different sizes of a business card (sizes mentioned below). you will also learn to create a logo and advance pattern creation using symbols. Template download link below. Business Card Sizes (used in this tutorial) : 1. Europe – 85 x 55 mm 2. Folded – 89 x 110 mm 3. Long – 91 x 55 mm 4. Mini – 85 x 35 mm 5. Modern – 91×55 mm 6. Square – 64 x 64 mm 7. Standard – 89 x 51 mm Template Download Link: https://www.elathi.com/product/advanced-business-card-template/
  14. Here is a free flat vector. Heart-shaped sunglass in pink colour created in AD. Feel free to use it for any purpose. License: CC0 - Public Domain sun glass.afdesign sun glass.eps
  15. In Affinity Designer it seems there is no way to change the opacity of global colors. This is becoming frustrating when designing UIs. Opacity is an integral part of color schemes in Google's Material Design; it completely depends on opacity to create visual hierarchy. From Google's Material Design Guidelines: "Using opacity instead of shifting colors often creates better contrast and relative luminance. For example, gray text (#727272) becomes hard to read if the background color changes to magenta." Is this feature on your road map?
  16. Does anybody know how I can scale my Objects with strokes and gradients percentually so they doo't look messed up after scaling them? I don't mean proportional just percentual so I don't have to adjust gradients & strokes. Many thanks in advance
  17. This is a work in progress trying to create Photorealism from vectors using Affinity Design. Unfortunately not having a mesh warp tool is proving difficult but we are getting there slowly
  18. I find the Decimal place for unit types option very misleading as it doesn't changes the real values, it only displays rounded data without changing their real value. This means that if I open an existing file with a square starting at X: 0 Y: 0.04 and my preferences are set to show only 1 decimal, it will show me X: 0 Y: 0 but I will get a blurry edges on the top and bottom of the square. This means that, even if you have Forced pixel alignement and Move by whole pixel active, if you try to move your object to realign it, it won't work. Since you can only move the square by whole pixel, you won't be able to realign misaligned points unless you type in a zero in the transform panel. Now I understand that you don't wan't to change a design simply when opening a file, but here is what I would love to see : A warning in the transform panel that notify me that the displayed value has been rounded (changing the color of the rounded decimal to red or orange for exemple might be enough). This would have value even if you don't work with pixels. When I move a point or an object while Forced pixel alignement and Move by whole pixel are active, I want it to actually force the pixel alignement so that one moved the point or the selected point from an object (as defined in the transform panel) is actually pixel perfect. An button to realign a point to be pixel perfect and if an object is selected, realign all points to the nearest pixel. An option to actually apply the rounding in the transform panel and not only rounding the displayed value. Last one, artboard should always be positioned on whole pixels. You can go nuts trying to fix an object and finally realize that the artboard is itself misaligned. These changes would make life a lot easier for designer that need this kind of accuracy.
  19. affinity4Christ15

    Baby Yoda's Epiphany

    Baby Yoda has his first real epiphany as he infinitely stares into his destiny the first time he ignites his light saber...the force is STRONG with this one!! All Affinity Designer. All vector except for the hair. Hope you like it as much as I did making it
  20. Added a PDF tutorial describing some of the methods to create vector brushes from a personal perspective. Some of the techniques are a bit unconventional.. but I hope you find it useful! Created using AD and APu (1.7 beta) Sample pages as below: Create Vector Brush_06.pdf
  21. Creating my own "pre-code" horror comic... just a taster. Addendum: have added page 2. Addendendum: have added page 3. This is all for now, cos I'm back on an animation job for the next two weeks :( Another addendendendum: have been animating for the man for three months and have finally got back onto this. Page 4 added! I have missed working with Affinity. How's that iPad version coming along?
  22. Hello, Just answer my post title, and another question: Can i add pages for manga creation in affinity designer? I know Photoshop CC is the best option, but i hate subscriptions, is Affinity Designer worth it? Thanks anyway, - Emanuel Messias, R.d.S.
  23. Applications Affected: Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Operating Systems Affected: iPadOS/iOS Description of the issue: If you haven't given the application permission to access your Photos library then when you click on the Share button in the bottom left of the Export dialog and select 'Save Image' the application will crash. Please note the recipe below requires you to have not given access to Photos Recipe: Tap Documents > Export Tap 'Share' in the bottom left Select 'Save Image' The application will crash Known Workarounds: Once you give Affinity access to Photos it will save the image without crashing. This can be done by returning the Affinity home screen and then tapping on the + button in the top right. From there select 'Import from Photos'. You will then be promoted if you want to allow this (or not). Once you allow this you can then save without crashing. If you choose to Deny access then the 'Save Image' button will be hidden in the Share menu - this permission can be later changed in iPad Settings > Designer (or Photo) > Photos and then set that to 'Read and Write'
  24. This easy Guide will show you how to use the Asset Manager effectively in Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer & Affinity Publisher. How to import Vetor Shapes, PNG and JPG files. I will show you who to build Special Effects Libraries very fast and with ease, to have a great selection for your future projects and streamline your workflow Brushes, LUTs and Designs for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/ Sources: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/collection-colorful-speech-bubbles-vector_3109989.htm https://unsplash.com/photos/hTv8aaPziOQ https://www.psdbox.com/
  25. Hi All, For a number of months now behind the scenes we have been producing a workbook for Affinity Designer, and I'm pleased to let you know it is available from today! This is a big book - 448 pages, in hardback - and it includes fantastic projects created by some top designers, as well as a comprehensive reference to all our tools and panels, and a set of core skills tutorials. You can find more information about it here. Usual price is $49.99 / £37.99, but we are running a 20% discount for the launch making it only $39.99 / £29.99 (+ shipping and handling). It's worth pointing out that right now the book is only available in English but we do plan to do a German version which should be available towards the end of the year. Hope you like it! Thanks, Ash

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