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  1. Does this happen you when there is border area where images are when you move ,mouse border goes little darker and little monet goes back to normal? happens at least Affinity Photo and Publisher. i feel not in Designer.
  2. I usually use Publisher on a larger second screen. Today, I unplugged it to work elsewhere and when I opened my .afpub document it didn't appear on the Mac's screen at all. With some fiddling, I got to show up on the Mac screen but it opened at the size of the external (larger) screen so all edges of the document were off-screen. Is something about "last screen used" being retained and Publisher isn't checking either the presence or size of the when it opens a document.
  3. I checked the specs of this new version of Publisher. There are many nice features in there. What seems to be missing is the export of a tagged and accessible PDF (PDF/UA). Also I don't see how I could publish a digital book (EPUB3) with this app. I really hoped for some competition for Adobe InDesign which is capable of such output. Even Word produces such accessible PDFs and EPUB (with WordToEpub plugin). With the output of Publisher still focused on print only I don't have many reasons to use it. All digital documents for governmental institutions and, within a few years in the EU, for many commercial companies as well, need to be accessible. Besides, I don't want to exclude anyone from using my documents. I don't mind if I need to do some extra work with a tool like Adobe Acrobat for PDF or Sigil, Calibre, Ace by Daisy for EPUB3, but now I need Word, InDesign or some other app to create the document or book when I really would have liked to use Affinity Publisher.
  4. In the Find&Replace panel, using the cog button to choose a text style, when the list extends out of the window it will not scroll, thus it is impossible to access the last styles. For example, here I'm unable to choose "Titre 1":
  5. there is no possiblity use swatches in gradients? and way when i change swatch also gradients change. Also gradient it seems cannot be global?
  6. Here is a series of macOS application icons. The idea is to redesign them as simply as possible, fitting them perfectly into the frame (grid template) defined by Apple, without embellishment and flatness. A simple graphic game for fun (you can exploit them as you wish)!... Voici une série de reprises d'icônes d'applications de macOS. L'idée est de les redesigner le plus simplement possible, en les calant parfaitement dans la frame (grid template) définie par Apple, sans fioriture et aplat. Un simple jeu graphique pour le fun (vous pouvez les exploiter comme bon vous semble) !... macOS Icon Grid Template 1024x1024px.afdesign
  7. What Application are you using? [Publisher] Are you using the latest release version? [Yes 2.2.1] Can you reproduce it? [Yes] Does it happen for a new document? [Yes] DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE I have some assets made of Fonts placed in a specific order (in a group folder) I have some existing layers. Whenever I drag an asset onto the canvas, it doesn't always create a layer at the top. It doesn't even create a layer on top of the current selection. Sometimes it will be all the way on top of the layer list. Sometimes, the asset layer will be created in the middle of the layer list in between some other existing layers. I can drag the same asset twice. And both times it may appear in a different layer location. Attached is an example of my layers panel. highlighted in blue are my grouped assets. Sometimes assets will be added on top of the list. sometimes, it's sandwiched above 169.png and other layers. Expected outcome: When I drag asset onto canvas, asset layer is created on top of my current layer selection. OR IDEALLY in the same group folder.
  8. Hi, I would like the pasteboard color to change, depending on the Preview mode status. That is, - With Preview mode off, the pasteboard can be automatically set to white, so that one can work on snippets as if they had a paper background. If the paper is of a different color, it would be great if one could set this color automatically for the document. Maybe a variable could set a 'Paper' color, and this will change, for the app preferences, depending on the value assigned to this variable by the document. - With Preview mode on, the pasteboard can be automatically set to a darker color, so that the page is clearly detached from the background when previewing it. Paolo
  9. "Data Merge Manager" Enhancements = make this window dockable as studio panel, and also right inside the DM Manager window add a button shortcut to open up the Fields Manager. These 2 enhancements would make the workflow so much easier. Please see my attached markup image to help clarify my text description here...
  10. I would like to suggest some things which could be beneficial added to affinity publisher: - QR code generator - watermarking
  11. Hi, I have a problem with TOC in Affinity Publisher The long headings are too long to stay in one line in TOC, but when I increase the right indent so that they are in two lines, the page numbers go to the third line and I don't know how to take them back to the end of the second line. Also dots are ending in different places, one line has less, the other more How to manage it? I'm sure it's a simple thing, I just don't know which setting should be combined in this case attaching screenshots
  12. Hi all, in the latest few months I have been designed photobooks using APub with the aim of printing them through Saal Digital. The creation of the photobook is fine: I follow the dimensions defined by Saal Digital in their Professional Zone. Then, I need to export two PDFs: one for the internal pages and one for the cover. Saal Digital provides instructions on how to export files with InDesing or Photoshop, but not for APub (https://www.saal-digital.com/service/professional-zone/create-your-files-in-indesign/ -> scroll down to PDF Export). These are the recommended settings for InDesign by Saal Digital: And this is how I tried to replicate such settings: The problem is that, upon printing of the file, everything that was centred is no longer centred and there is a slight offset towards the right. I attach here an example APub file for a cover where you can see that the vertical text is centred in the middle of the spine This sample file is for a cover is of a 21x28 cm (8.5x11) photobook, with padded cover and 70 internal pages. The dimensions reported by Saal Digital are the following ones: - Size: 465.4 x 288 mm (5497 x 3402 pixels with 300 DPI) - Bleed left/right: 9.3 mm (110 pixels) - Bleed top/bottom: 7 mm (83 pixels) Thus, the size of the document in APub is: (465,4-(9,3x2)) x (288-(7x2)) = 446,8 x 274 mm. However, if I try to set the units of the document to pixels, in APub I get the following size: 5277,2 x 3236,2 px but instead it should be (5497-(110x2))x(3402-(83x2))=5277x3236 px (I don't know if this is related to the problem that I'm experiencing). However, upon printing the result is the one shown in the picture below, and it is clearly visible that the text is not on the centre but it is slightly moved to the right (in the picture towards the bottom). I tried to contact Saal Digital but they were of no help. Do you have any suggestion to avoid this issue in the export process? Thanks a lot for your help! Davide Cover_Export_Issue.afpub
  13. I have a book consisting of 9 chapters, 90 pages total. Each chapter/file passes the pre-flight, and I can export each file individually as a pdf. But if I try to export the book as a whole, the export dialog appears briefly, then poof, the dialog and Publisher disappear! 😱 🥵 I exported each one separately, then used other software to merge them into one pdf, but that's not a great workflow. Publisher 2.1.1 Windows 10, 32G RAM.
  14. Hi, This is probably a silly question but I'm getting all these 'Missing dictionary for language (en-ES)' warnings in Preflight. They are probably harmless, but my Preflight is flooded with them to the point that I cannot find the few other warnings and errors that are sprinkled among them. How can I make these 'Missing dictionary for language (en-ES)' warnings go away? Thanks!
  15. Hi, As you can see from the image, footnotes does not follow orphan and widow rules. InDesign moves the line(s) with footnote reference together with the footnote on the next page. Please, let us decide how many lines we can consider as orphans and widows -- not only 2.
  16. Hi! I recently updated to Affinty Publisher V2. I've used linked .ai files in Publisher V1 before with success. The files only contain outlined text, no effects and no pictures. Now after updating to V2, placing the ai file makes it rasterized. It stays the same after exporting it as pdf. Any ideas on how to solve this?
  17. Hi, I am working on a book layout for the first time using Publisher instead of Indesign and I came across a confusing case of how masterpages are applied. Say, I have two masters, one contains the chapter titles and the other uses regular text only. Now, if I apply the text master to the document page on the left and the master with the titles to the document page on the right, you can see that there's something odd happening with the numbering. That is because the Titlepage master also adds masterpage content (albeit invisible) to the document page on the left. Why is this happening? And is this a bug? Though it also happens in Publisher 1.10.6.... See how the document is structured in the vid below: 2023-09-24 12-48-06.mp4 And the file: Master page item is applied to spread.afpub The reason I am using masterpages for this is so that I can still add and remove pages during the process without having to worry whether a page is left or right facing. Doing so, I noticed many issues when I had first applied a master to a spread and then overwrote it with a master applied to a single document page (leading to double items on page and content migration issues). While the problem is obvious in the example below, it really wasn't with completely different masterpage designs. 2023-09-24 13-09-36.mp4
  18. Hi; I have a 710 page book that I am trying to export as PDF and in V1 it crashes 3/4 of the job - I packaged it and reopened in Version 2.2.1 and pretty much the same issue - While it does not crash, it gives an error and is unable to continue. I desperately need to get this file to the printers so your help is appreciate it. I have included the reports. I am hoping you can shed some light on this as I am desperate and the printers are waiting for it. Cheers 0a4fa748-e8f4-4d1e-a6e4-de477526da3f.dmp
  19. A feature to hide (but not delete) pages in an Affinity Publisher document is much needed. This should take into account proper page renumbering (or the ability to include "disabled pages" in the numbering). When exporting, the hidden pages should of course not be displayed.
  20. This is an old need, since the publisher beta version was released, almost 5 years ago, with 10 pages of comments here on the forum, how long will the affinity team ignore users on this issue? I created this new topic so that the other one does not continue to be forgotten, since it is in the feedback archives of version 1, but it remains a necessity in version 2.
  21. I'm not doing something right, it's maybe a bug or a preference I need to activate, but when I make a background on Affinity Designer with Bleed, it does export fine to a Print Format showing the bleed area, but when directly imported the Designer File to Affinity Publisher, it imports it trimmed to the page format and disregards the bleed area. Anything else I can do differently to fix this? I'm on V2. Thank you so much in advance.
  22. Hi, I reported this in the past, but I see this has not changed, and I will request again for the new version. When opening IDML files, pictures frames containing composite images are shown with a cross inside. I guess this should mean that this is a picture frame. But, contrary to an inserted image, the cross remains there even with some content. This is extremely annoying when editing, both for the interference between the cross and the content, and for the sense of something going wrong caused by the crossed frame. I would like an option to avoid this behavior, and make the cross disappear. Paolo
  23. - starting with a 312 page document, just text flowing in two columns - use "document -> add pages" to add two empty pages (no master page) at the beginning of the document Result: - the two empty pages are added - text disappears from all other pages (master page is still assigned) Expected result: - for the text to stay in the document System: macOS Sonoma (14.0) Affinity Publisher 2.2.1 disappearing-text.mp4
  24. Hi! i worked on a file with some pictures in it. As I wanted to use this file again with some different pictures I had the following workflow: Duplicating the (unsaved) file in publishers main overview window. Open the duplicate and head over to the resources, than changing the linked picture files to new ones. In my opionion the result should be: two collage files with same look but different picture content. But: when reopening the first „mother“ file again, all pictured where also linked to the duplicated file! my mistake or a bug into affinity?
  25. If you drag an image (eg: *.png) from a .ZIP file onto a document in Publisher v2.2.1 the application will crash. NOTE: Worked in v1.0. ***Also crashes in beta Publisher 2.30 (2114) MacOS: Sonoma v14.1.1 (23B81)
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