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  1. This is my first attempt at a technical illustration on a computer. Prior to this I spent over 30 years using a drawing board, technical pens and ellipse templates. My previous experience with vector graphics was Serif's DrawPlusX5-6 on a PC. I acquired Adobe Illustrator but found it difficult to use and I was too old to learn new ways. I then moved over to a Mac and was delighted when I was offered the Beta version of Affinity. This was very similar to DrawPlus which made it easy for me use. Since Affinity does not yet have a perspective drawing feature I used Adobe Illustrator to constr
  2. Thought I'd share a character or two from a commissioned interactive story I'm working on this month. Illustrations are created in AD, however I have to complete the slides in Illustrator as I NEED artboards and bleed.
  3. I was making a icon to use as a replacement for the one automatically displayed on the desktop when I plug in my kindle paperwhite and it turned out quite well. So, I thought I'd make it even more accurate and make a marketing-type poster. All vector and all done in Affinity Designer, including all the text, lines and icons on the display. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, mainly because its really a lot of rounded rectangle shapes, but that's what makes vector art (and AD) great :) I'm hoping to make a more 3D-ish one that appears to be rotated around 20~30 degree
  4. Just trying out AD... Have been drawing maps for twenty years in FreeHand. As now on OSX 10, no FreeHand :( . Can't get on with Illustrator and hate the idea of paying Adobe every month so thought I would have a play. So attached my first quick draft. Really like AD, very quick to pick up. Somethings that did not jump out at me, a quick look on YouTube and job done. So far, only a couple of items missing that are essential to allow me to migrate fully: Text on a path. Essential for road names going around a curve especially if inside the text is inside the path. Dotted lines - wante
  5. Just played around tonight doing a bulb. Wanted to make some matt metal and high gloss glass with transparent effect. Not super real, but OK I guess? Could be fun to try and make the same but with light in it :-) Hope you all like it! Update: Added original AD file. Not cleaned up so well in the naming of layers. Bulb.afdesign
  6. Hi, Just wanted to share my first try at Affinity. Think it work out OK :rolleyes: I set myself the task to make a render of the HTC M8 Smartphone. Looking forward to try and get it even more real :) Great software, easy to use and understand. Effaces a few things missing, but I will write them in the request forum.
  7. We just posted our review of Affinity Designer - http://www.redbilby.com.au/affinity-designer-review/
  8. Hi all. Here is my very first piece done in Designer from back in August I think. It was done with the initial free beta before the app store version came out. I wanted to test drive the app after stumbling across it and checking out all of the features and also seeing Jonathan Ball's initial work. It looked pretty promising. So with a sketch I had kicking around of a concept that didn't get beyond the sketch, I dove right in. This idea was one of several I had for a local brewery's new brew called "Full Kilt" a high octane Scottish Ale. I got hooked almost immediately and found the workfl
  9. I'm trying to make a painting brush, to create a painting in AD. It looks as if I'm going in the right direction. I'll make another to do more detailed work, we'll see what we need later on For the moment I'm only doing b&w paintings, I will dive in later to make them mix colors. This is actually fun to do !
  10. First of all, great job with affinity designer! Kudos to everyone involved! Today I needed to open and make some alterations on a PSD file which I had sent to large format printing last year. I noticed after saving it in .afdesign format that the selective colour layer reverts back to "relative" mode. I unchecked the "relative" checkbox, saved and closed the document. Upon reopening I saw that it reverted back to relative mode again. Seems like it doesn't save the selective colour adjustment layer in what is called "absolute" mode in adobe products. It's a tiny bug, but it becomes a b
  11. Here are a couple files I'm working on. One is a drawing of a dwarf I made some 20+ years ago and AD finally let me bring it digital in a satisfactory way. (Been trying for 11 years. 1 hour in AD and I finally had it. Take that Adobe!) The other is my company logo on a lock screen I'm working on. The planet atmosphere isn't where I want it and the space aurora is missing. Pure AD except the startled, which is a stock image. Making all those white circles in AD is an overwhelming notion to me.
  12. I could not help myself....I keep noodling around in the pixel personal. I think I am getting antsy about getting my hands on the Affinity Photo ;) Ohnmmmm, patience. Anyway, all done in Affinity no third party tools required. :)
  13. Just a couple Vector Images i've done since I got Affinity Designer Last week :) hope you enjoy! Kanye West Head.afdesign My Face Flat Design.afdesign Xavier Shaw Face.afdesign
  14. So, a potential client contacted me about doing some motion graphic work for a conference. They want to go with this true detective type of look. If your not familiar with the show check out the title screen found here Anyway, I probably will end up doing this in apple motion if I get the job. I decided, before I commit to the project, let me try and execute the look or get some what close to it in a still frame sample first. This what I am going to present to the client since I do not have a lot of sample work that reflects this sort of style. Most of the stuff I have done isn't anythin
  15. “Coffee Time” I’m really not very good with hand drawing (stick figures only!) so I really like the concept of vector drawing in which I can make changes after the fact and tweak to my hearts content. To learn how to use Affinity Designer (I have played with some vector stuff before in Inkscape but nothing much at all), I decided to make something look as real as I could that wouldn’t need too much raw drawing skill and I came up with “Coffee Time” : 100% created from scratch vector drawing (no brushes or pixel layers except for the use of the fx “Layer effects"). I did use a photo fo
  16. So, I created this owl as part of one of recent class lectures update on compound shapes. I had a "hoot" while creating him in AD!
  17. Hi all, here is a recent client project and my first logo/illustration piece done in Designer. It's for the CD cover of the Derwent Brass, a brass band in the UK. The title of the disc is "Diversity" The idea here was to try to suggest or display some of the many instruments in a stylistic way that are included in the band as a grouping that forms the backdrop for the CD's title banner. My usual process was adhered to here, approved sketch followed by vector buildup of elements on separated layers. See below for screenshots. I made use of the "erase" blend mode to hide certain areas which
  18. hello, I tested affinity designer, a true wonder with a bright future without a doubt. Monster.afdesign
  19. I think my first attempt to post failed, sorry if I double posted. I'm looking forward to the symbols tool and a tool to adjust the amount of correction the software applies to your line. This software is very fun to use, fast and intuitive. http://f.cl.ly/items/093p100f1a0i381D1B3i/haardkoor.png A link because I couldn't upload. :v
  20. other test with affinity... :D
  21. Just bought Affinity Designer and so far I am really impressed. Whipped up this logo to test it out. ADAPT-Logo.pdf
  22. This is my fist post... not sure how to make the images smaller. hope it works out. Any way, this is my first experience with Affinity Designer. I'd like to share with you! Jake Zhang website: jakeanime.com instagram: instagram.com/jakeweirdpower
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