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  1. Hi guys, I created a logo with Affinity Designer and then decided to improve it by adding some outer shadow effects to the layers and groups that are part of the logo. I exported the logo as svg file but when I uploaded it to my site the shadows were not displayed and on top of that part of it got blurred. I opened the svg file with Affinity Designer to check whether it was a problem related to my browser or not but it happened the same. Then I checked that by deselecting the outer shadow effects the problem disappeared. Do you guy
  2. Hi guys, Many, many thanks for your super fast answer! I will definitely have a deep look at it in order to customise my box as I need. Thanks, Pedro
  3. Hi guys, I would love to edit this box mockup to replace the content with my design. I found tricky to replace the lateral layer as it is at an angle and I do not really know how to do it with Affinity Photo as I am a newbie This is the box I am taking about: http://moneytuts.com/articles/free-killer-product-packaging-cover-photoshop-psd Many thanks! Pedro Please see attached the file product-cover-moneytuts.psd
  4. Hi all, I just want to apply a color filter to an image with Affinity Photo to get something like this: : I´ve watched this video but I don´t know neither how to change the color of the filter nor this is the right approach to do it: Many thanks in advanced! Pedro
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